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  • 9.0

    Okay, must say something about this episode!

    By CrystalBowman0, May 12, 2013

    Okay, this episode is probably the first one I've really, really, liked and actually thought was pretty funny. The villain is great and the costumes at the Halloween Party were good but the sandworm?! lol! It was looking a little like something else. lol! I'm sure that was intentional. I would be freaking out too if I had a new friend who turned out to be a crazed genius who wants to blow up the world. Still felt a little sorry for him though. If his parents didn't give him up to the government, things might have turned out different for the guy. Then that last part. Haha. Poor Casey. He has nothing better to do than listen to Chuck and Morgan at the Halloween party that he should have gone to! Casey needs a life! Great eppy. :)moreless

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  • 9.7

    Chuck meets the evil version of him. Morgan needs to grow up. Chuck and Sarah are a different couple. Casey feels left out. Captain Awesome is awesome!

    By allaboutmoxie, Sep 08, 2008

    This episode was just a delight. There were so many small things that I loved about this episode. Like Jayne- Casey's Firefly reference. You know you caught that. And the constant talk of the costume. A sandworm costume? I don't even want to know. Also, Chuck's aphrodisiac music? I haven't heard the songs before, but in the situation it just made for awesome moments. Lazslo really makes an interesting addition to this episode. He is someone Chuck can really relate to, he is the Q of our times, and he doesn't even know what that means. He's making Chuck a little less trusting, especially in everyone at the agencies. And guess what? They have been spying on him all along. However, that guy is seriously paranoid and increasingly creepy. Did I say creepy? Yikes. Genius gone evil is always pretty scary. Did I mention before how much I lovelovelove Captain Awesome? Well, I'm saying it again. The scene in which he shows Morgan it's time to be a man, made me giggle so much that I had to rewind it to listen to what was being said. I still need to watch that scene over and over again. We all need more Captain Awesome in our lives. Grown up Morgan makes me laugh. He makes a good speech, and is a dang loyal friend. Plus, the outfit makes me laugh. Thank you for this Captain Awesome! And thank you Chuck for torturing Casey! Awesome!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Chuck is thrusted into another "who-to-trust"-crisis.

    By nofeartina, Jul 31, 2008

    Was it just me, or was it just sooo obvious that that guy couldn't be trusted...?!? Chuck is so trusting, which I guess isn't a bad thing, but hasn't the last 5 epis been about him learning to trust Casey and Sarah?

    I thought that Morgan learning how to be an adult was hilarious, and I loved how he protrayed being an adult, all dressed up, and calling people by their real names... :)

    I'm glad there finally was some sort of conclusion with the Morgan missing Chuck-thing, but I'm sorry that Chuck didn't get the job. It isn't going to be too fun working under Harry Tang... :(moreless

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  • 9.5

    Good episode.

    By vishus1990, Jun 21, 2008

    This episode was quite good overall. It definately didnt contend for best episode of the season so far, but definately wasnt bottom of the barrel like some early episodes of the season.

    The story was good, with Chuck facing the challenge between what to do with the guy he meets, which was kind of a morale dillemma, between what is right and wrong.

    Plenty of action and humour which is what you expect to see.

    This episode is a 9.5/10, simply because it wasnt the best I have seen of the season, but it was still up the top for a good quality episode.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Another Decent Episode

    By vman85, May 29, 2008

    Chuck and Morgan are at the fair, Morgan is playing the Guitar Hero at the arcade when he soon flashes on his opponent, Lazslo whos escaped a government lab.

    Chuck reports to Sarah that he Identified him Sarah assures him she'll check it out, Lazslo is a genius weapons designer who's been with them since he was 17. He's so dangerous, they can't afford to lose him.

    Lazslo bumps into Chuck again and they start bonding, he soon surprises him again by turning up at his place. Chuck then takes him to Buy More. Meanwhile an agent visits Sarah, he informs her that Lazslo is mentally unstable, off his meds, and looking to make a bomb. They need to bring him in.

    Chuck starts getting nervous so gets out into his car where Lazslo has got in as well, Sarah and Casey give chase but to avail has he gets away. However the next day The GPS on the car has been turned back on and Caseys on his trail.

    Chuck flashes on Lazslo's napkin, and realizes that he's at the pier. Chuck blows off his job interview, races outside, steals a bike and rides for the pier, Morgan (Such a good friend) steps into Chuck's interview to speak on his behalf.

    Chuck finds the car and catches Lazslo he tells him how to disable the bomb, Job Well done in the end.moreless

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  • 9.5

    best episode so far

    By exterminator25, May 15, 2008

    chuck meets an agent like him, named lazlo. chuck finds out the goverment are looking for lazlo, but lazlo tricks chuck into thinking that the goverment have tricked lazlo. lazlo and chuck become friends, but chuck finds out the truth. Casey and sarah were right, lazlo IS evil! oh yeah, chuck is gonna have amn interview to see if he gets the assistant manager position, but leaves it at the last minute to save the world. cmorgan tries to get chuck the job, but harry tang gets the job. chuck finds out his room is bugged. chuck annoys casey by having him listen to chuck and morgan discussing sandwiches lol!moreless

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  • 9.3

    Another decent episode.

    By efc91, May 15, 2008

    Chuck accidentally runs into a runaway government agent who seems to be living a similar life. It turns out this agent is a gadget whiz, whose brain makes him a national security asset and a dangerous liability, much like Chuck. Chuck faces a predicament: either try turn this agent in to Sarah and Casey or help him escape his handlers. Meanwhile, Halloween, a holiday that means a lot to Chuck and Morgan as buddies, proves to be a little different this year as Morgan feels that Chuck is neglecting their childhood and friendship. They reconcile and wear a two-man Sandworm costume (based on the creature from the Dune novels) to the party. Also, Chuck gets an interview for the assistant manager position, but is forced to miss it. This was another decent episode of Chuck, series is just very consistant and cool.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Great episode. If you are an OC fan like me you will love the ending.

    By gabo160390, Feb 03, 2008

    Another well-made episode of this series. I loved the action in this episode cuz it was like sort of Alias vibe but of course It's Chuck so imagine... Great action sequence and really funny moments my favorite part must be when Chuck was going to see Morgan at the party in slow motion with an OC classic song, I almost pee myself when I saw that part and of course another moment was Sarah with the Leia costume (HOT) lol.

    Chuck really has potential to make a 2nd season. John Schwartz is making a good job with Gossip girl and Chuck.moreless

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  • 8.4

    A great show!

    By sosoCraig, Jan 26, 2008

    Chuck meets someone just like him. Well, a more evil version of him. Chuck isn't all too keen on trusting this government agent and it is with good cause that he doesn't! Things seem to be heating up between Sarah and Chuck despite their "fake" relationship. He wants to and she doesn't. When he catches back up with our government agent man it turns out to be another bomb and Chuck deftly stops it and saves Halloween, Worm costume and all. The best part for me was watching Chuck flippantly tell Morgan to grow up. It's high time for it. Great show, as usual!moreless

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