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    And Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michaelangelo himself. hahaha

    By mmmshuddup, Nov 15, 2011

    This was a fantastic episode. One of the more intense ones from the first season! If you think about it many important things happened in this one: Ellie's life was put in danger, Sarah spent the night with Chuck, Tang moved to Ohahu, and last but not least: Chuck broke up with Sarah! Well.."broke up."

    I love the part where he says to Sarah, "God you're so pretty!" hahaha The truth serum was awesome!

    I have mixed feeling about Lou, though. On one hand I like her simply because she was Summer in The OC, but on the other hand it's obvious that Chuck has feelings for Sarah. Not to mention it's becoming more obvious that Sarah does too. =)

    Another classic episode from this amazing series. And I do mean the U.S. version of "series"...that being show not season. hahamoreless

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  • 9.8

    And when I say revealing, I mean everything. Sarah's pretty, Casey's jaw was sculpted by Michelangelo, and Chuck really, really loves his sister.

    By allaboutmoxie, Dec 26, 2010

    Oh my lanta, this episode blew me away. I mean, I was expecting that I wouldn't like it because of OC-girl (I hate the OC, I'm sorry) and truth-serum. I thought the plot was going to be lame and only Captain Awesome could save it. But I was wrong. This episode was captivating, hilarious, and touching. We got to see how much Chuck loves his sister, and wow, I was so touched. I knew those two were so important to each other, but it was still played out well. Even in a humorous way, because Chuck is on truth-serum after all. I like Lou, which is surprising. I hated the OC and everyone related to it (Adam Brody gets a free pass because he was on Gilmore Girls first). But in this role, yeah, I like Rachel Bilson. She was funny and you could really see why Chuck likes her. The funny things said while under the influence made me giggle - I don't think Captain Awesome will ever be the same. Chuck was hilarious and so was Casey. Sarah, not so much, but we did find out the reason for that. I'm sad to see ship SarahChuck sail off, but I have a feeling that it'll come back to me. Overall, an excellent episode.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By Sarah_LOST, Dec 26, 2010

    Chuck battles with his cover love life and real love life when he meets a girl named Lou (Rachel Bilson), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, his relationship with Sarah heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie and Devon and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist (Kevin Weisman) is trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities and is using a "truth" poison to help get his answers. After all are exposed to the truth, Chuck soon discovers a lot about his partners. Two many cure girls. Chuck's attraction to a cute brunette names Lou complicates his relationship with Sarah. Okay, I love Chuck and Sara - boviously and I don't really like Lou but I like the storyline to be honest. I love the scene with Chuck in his room and then Sarah comes in - laugh out loud moment. I love Awesome and Ellie - I love every scene they are in and especially this episodes one because of the way Ellie is acting. I also love the way the poison makes them tell the truth - so good!moreless

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  • 9.5

    One of the best episodes so far in the series.

    By nutcrackr, Oct 18, 2010

    I've only just started watching Chuck but this episode had me laughing harder than the rest. Although toward the end it loses the majority of the excellent humour. The first half and in particular the middle section is a great example of good comedic acting, writing, directing and timing. The basic episode revolves around a posioner who uses truth serum to get answers for nuclear launch codes. And later in the episode this naturally posions Ellie, Chuck, Casey and Sarah. Results are reasonably humourous for all. The best part of the show has to be Sarah and Chuck planning to sleep together in order to maintain cover. Starting with Chuck lighting some candles and putting on music before the big night things spiral into one perfect joke after the next for a good 5-10minutes.

    Hoping they can maintain the quality shown in this middle section. Well done Chuck.moreless

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    "Truth serum" followed by death has got Chuck and everyone around him in a huge mess. Can Chuck somehow save the day? In his own way, of course. Plus: a new love interest for Chuck, much to Sarah's dismay.

    By Buymore123, Jan 08, 2009

    This episode was amazing, revealing a lot about each character involved. Ellie's true feelings came about as she was the first to be infected with the serum, and the hilarity just continued as Chuck, Sarah, and Casey all were dosed with the serum, to no one's fault but Chuck's of course. This was the first episode to leave me feeling a little less than happy, but very eager to see the continuation of the Sarah/Chuck/Lou situation. I was angered that Sarah had said "no" to Chuck's "will this go anywhere with us" question while under the truth serum, but her phone call to Casey at the end turned it all around, explaining her actions while also breaking my heart for her. I probably should have known that Sarah and Casey's past included "how to protect oneself from truth serum side effects" training. By the way, the song at the end by The Eels is amazing, and i listen to it constantly and think of Chuck and Sarah's heartbreaking moment each time. Fabulous episode with lots of humor and action. Probably my favorite of the first season.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Great epi!

    By nofeartina, Aug 17, 2008

    This is one of my favourite episodes so far! There were so many twists in this storyline, and I loved them all! I thought it was about time that there was some more focus on the relationship between Sarah and Chuck, it's kinda been on a standstill too long. Lou seems awesome, and very much into Chuck, so it's only natural that Chuck wants things to change... The truth-serum thing was amazing and I couldn't stop laughing. They were just blurting out what they really thought about eachother and I thought it was perfect! And poor Alli, getting mixed up in the spy-business without even knowing it. I'm glad she survived... :)moreless

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    Another great episode.

    By efc91, Aug 14, 2008

    Chuck battles with his cover love life and real love life when he meets a girl named Lou (Rachel Bilson, "The O.C."), who seems interested in the real Chuck. On the other hand, his relationship with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) heats up as they go on a double date with Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and try to explain their sex life. Meanwhile, a poison specialist (special guest star Kevin Weisman) is trying to obtain codes to nuclear facilities and is using a "truth" poison to help get his answers. After all are exposed to the truth, Chuck soon discovers a lot about his partners.moreless

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    Very very good!

    By vishus1990, Jun 21, 2008

    This is the type of episode that is diffrent but in a good way. The episode was well written and had a good story.

    Its nice to see that the viewers can finally see chacracters developing such as Sarah, as we find out more and more about her, the more we want to keep watching this show.

    The mission was done well and had a great story, which hasnt been a problem with Chuck episodes, but this one was above average.

    The episode went very quick, due to the fact that so much was put into a 20 minute show. 10 out of 10.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Chuck is poisoned with a truth serum

    By exterminator25, May 30, 2008

    Chuck, Sarah, Devon and chucks sister see a man die on the street. the villian who killed him injects her with a truth serum that's also poisonous. in order to save her, chuck sarah and casey go up again st the villian/. they all get poisoned and chuck gives his sister the antidote. chuck meets a girl named lou thsat he loves. them 3 meet the villian and find the antidote eventually. then chuck decides to fake break up with sara. harry tang stumbles upon the meeting between the spys and casey manages to get harry tang to move away. yay!moreless

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  • 9.6

    The Truth is out there.

    By vman85, May 30, 2008

    Chuck and Sarah are on a double date with Ellie and Caption Awesome and he suggest that they relationship ridiculously slow. A man collapes outside and Ellie and tends to him, Chuck soon flashes on Mason's ID and freaks out. Sarah informs Chuck that it's time they spent the night together.

    Lou (Rachel Bilson guess Stars) comes into Buy more and asks Chuck to fix her phone, she comes back the next and they Interact until Sarah comes in to the Picture, Elsewhere Big Mike tells Morgan to get a gift for Harry's Wife.

    So it's time for Chuck and Sarah to make Love, a man with a truth poison visits Ellie and puts a listening device behind her ear, Ellie starts getting the full affects of it and spills some beans about Chuck, she soon collapes.

    Ellie now needs an antidote, Chuck graps the device and tells that the codes are still on Ellie at the hospital, so Riordan will come to them. Sarah and Casey hatch a plan in catching him but to avail has gets away, the poison falls to the floor and the fumes spreads and Truth comes out.

    Sarah graps the anitdote and wants Chuck to take it but he gives it Ellie. The three of them get to Riordan loft and take him out, before taking the antidote Chuck asks Sarah if their relantionship is going anywhere, she says No.

    Chuck goes to see Sarah the next day in which he ends their fake relationship and hangs out with Loumoreless

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