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    Not Covrnced

    By jeffrey40, Jun 16, 2015

    i started watching i thought it be pretty good as watching this show i really don't think sarah was really in love with chuck it seemed to me that i would do anything to get out it and now there no way to prove me wrong cause they end the series

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    funny,romantic,thrilling,action, everything is there in this

    By jwalakpradeep35, Apr 24, 2015

    I have watched it 2 times .really loved it .Please Producers bring the show back want more seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Funny & entertaining even if you prefer serialized shows

    By natesjokes, Dec 31, 2014

    I'm not a fan of procedurals but this show was able to keep me watching even with the case-of-the-week format because of the great characters and comical aspect of the show.

    It started to get pretty stale by season 4 but the second half of season 4 turned it around and worked really well and could've ended the show a perfect note. Then, for some crazy reason, in the last few seconds of season 4 they pull a very obscure twist out of their asses to keep the show going for another season.

    While I believe that the show could've ended very well at the end of season 4, I actually like the direction they took in season 5 and it's actually one of the better seasons. Either way, it's a good watch for first time viewers or even repeaters.moreless

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    One of the best comedies ever!

    By OneFunCaptain, Dec 15, 2014

    The chemistry between the characters was some of the best I have ever seen. Chuck at the BuyMore with Jeff, Morgan, and Lester were some of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. I watched the entire show live and twice on DVD and will probably watch it again (and again)

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    I wanna watch it again

    By Chuck-Sarah, Dec 10, 2014

    Okay so i just finished season 5 for the 2nd time, the first time i finished Chuck was for about 2 years ago, but now i wanna watch it from the begining again only 2 days after i watched season 5

    Should i Watch it again or wait?

    i really wanna Watch it again

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    funny, nerdy, and addicting.

    By samoctavianus, Jul 08, 2014

    just finished watching the final season. Funny show, really addicting, i recommend it for everyone! a bit disappointed with the ending though... :(

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    we need more

    By humoudaldelaimi, Jun 01, 2014

    there should be more in the story. it shouldn't finished like this

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    By marcussvensson, Mar 15, 2014

    Zachary Levi has started a project called "I Want My Nerd HQ 2014" He is using his NerdHQ as a kind of a test for future and bigger things. Big things! As a CHUCK MOVIE!

    Zachary Levi said in a interview 13 mars 2014.

    "Alot of fans keep asking me, does this come with a Chuck movie? Well look, my plan has always been to make a Chuck movie. But a Chuck movie will cost 5 million at least, so I need to be able show the people in power that own Chuck that, hey I can at least raise 1 million so can you trust me with trying to raise 5 million? If i can't raise 1 million now, I don't now if they ever can believe that I can go and make a Chuck movie so if you are out there and wonder why you should donate, just donate and help me".

    So take out your money and start donating! And don't forget to spread the word! Because if this project is a success it's A HUGE PROOF for Warner Bros that Zachary Levi can make a movie too. 2014/x/6678810?c=pledgesmoreless

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    As good as it gets

    By Alinstlouis, Mar 06, 2014

    From time to time you find a movie or show that is not only worth watching, but truly entertaining. Enter Chuck. This show puts it all together just right. Exciting and funny, Chuck puts an outstanding cast with a great story, complements them with great soundtracks and great characters. Want a show that is fun to watch but doesn't leave you with that dark or negative feeling from all the negativity and darkness? See Chuck and let me add my vote to all of those asking for more. Bring more of the series or at least a movie!moreless

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    Amazing Show Bring Back!

    By xiigruntiix, Mar 06, 2014

    i have seen many tv shows, but this is by far the best. the endings were the worst, i am very unhappy with the last 2 episodes because the relationship that chuck and Sarah built has been destroyed, hopes and dreams and plans they have, just ruined, To be honest, the ending of the tv show should have been of them getting a divorce because that is what it is like, the writers seriously messed up. But i will continue to watch chuck Seasons (1-4) until they either bring out season 6 or create a movie. i know it may take years but i am a hardcore chuck fan. I have watched chuck a total of 5 times and will continue to re-watch it again and every time i get "emotional" because its just such a great tv show, no idea why nbc decided it was best to cancel the show, but then again its on them. So Please BRING BACK CHUCK!moreless

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