City Homicide

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Quotes (46)

  • Stanley: In the hands of giants, ever are the children, and grateful should be the man who has in his quiver two of them.

  • Bernice: Honestly, if you three had half a brain between you it would be lonely.

  • Matt: It's my responsibility. Matt Ryan. Simon: Bond. James Bond.

  • Matt: (to David) We ran through a burning house and you got bounced by a kid.

  • Larry Klein: I wanted to see him burn! I want to smell the crackling! I want him dead!

  • Duncan: Not the tattoo. See this tan mark on his finger? This guy wears a ring. Jennifer: A bloody big ring! Matt: Not a ring, a knuckleduster. (Shot of Duncan rubbing the cut he sustained from the earlier altercation with Booth's son)

  • Stanley: (To Jen and Simon, after the shooting) If you feel any need to talk to anyone other than the counsellor, my door is always open, home included.

  • (Duncan walks in after taking a few hours off to talk to his girlfriend) Jennifer: Well that was a long four hours. Duncan: Sorry guys. Things got complicated. Coffee? (Hands the team each a cup of coffee)

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Notes (26)

  • The Writer's Blog for this episode.

  • Featured music: "Alala" - CSS "Hello" - John Butler Trio "Beautiful Storm" - Greg Johnson "Overflowing World" - Richard Pleasance "Small Town Junkie" - Pleasantville

  • "In The Hands Of Giants" had 1.68 million viewers on Channel Seven, peaking at just over two million. It won its timeslot, and helped in providing Channel 7 with its most successful Monday night for the year.

  • The double episode pilot was watched by 1,648,000 people Australia Wide.

  • This episode was re-aired on 4th August, 2008 on Channel 7.

  • Featured music: Music "Authority" - The Lazys "Put Yourself in My Shoes" - Celebrity Drug Disasters "Lip Service" - Rephrase "On and On" - Little Birdy

  • "Lie Down With Dogs" had 1.72 million viewers on Channel Seven, up 4.2% from the previous week.

  • "The Return" had 1.72 million viewers on Channel Seven.

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Trivia (1)

  • The guest stars of Andrew S Gilbert (Detective Sergeant Jumbo Watson), Jan Friedl (Rebecca Bernstein) and Cameron Nugent (Paul Winston) were all stars of the Australian children's show Round The Twist, though none of them appeared on the show at the same time.

Allusions (3)

  • The detectives refer to one of the suspects as "Clark Kent". "Clark Kent" is the alias of comic book hero "Superman."

  • In this episode Duncan talks about the father, Michael, being like Frankenstein.
    Victor Frankenstein was a scientist in the novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley. The scientist created a creature which he brings to life, but the scientist deserts the creature, and because no one cares about it, it turns to a life of murder.

  • This episode has numerious allusions to the 'indescretions' of AFL players including a fight captured on CCTV and a player having an affair with his best mates wife, ala Wayne Cary.