Class of the Titans

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  • Imprisoned thousands of years ago by his son ZEUS, CRONUS, the god of time, has found an extra second to escape from the Underworld. Now history is about to repeat itself as CRONUS heads a legion of mythological MONSTERS in his quest to regain control of the world...But there is a PROPHECY... Seven TEENAGERS stand in his way. The unknowing descendants of great mythological HEROES, protected by the OLYMPIAN GODS, and the only ones who can stop this BLAST FROM THE PAST.moreless

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  • S 2 : Ep 26

    Phantom Rising: Part Two

    Aired 8/2/08

  • S 2 : Ep 25

    Phantom Rising: Part One

    Aired 8/2/08

  • S 2 : Ep 24

    Golden Boy


  • S 2 : Ep 23

    The Deep End


  • S 2 : Ep 22

    Face Off


  • Cast & Crew
  • Garry Chalk


  • Kathleen Barr

    The Horae/The Spring

  • David Kaye


  • Tabitha St. Germain

    Additional Voices/Aphrodite/Persephone

  • Bruce Greenwood


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  • Quotes (495)

    • Jay: Where are we? Looks bleak. Hermes: Canada.

    • Jay: They have to have made a mistake. I'm no hero. I mean, you know who you are! You're fast, (indicates Atlanta) and you're strong (indicates Herry) but I don't have anything special. Atlanta: I don't know about that. I mean, you saved me from those giants. Jay: Yeah, but that was... Atlanta: (interrupting softly) Instinct?

    • Cronus: Poor fellow... oh well.

    • Chiron: I have bad news--- Hermes: (shoves past Chiron with difficulty and interrupts) Hey I'm the messenger, I'll deliver the message!

    • (Cronus spots Jay lurking nearby) Jay: (talking to himself) Come on Jay, it's only a couple of giants and an immortal god--- Uh, I don't think so, not today.

    • (After Hera tells Herry he is a descendant of Hercules) Herry: I'm related to you? Hercules: Just think of me as your great great great great great great great...uh...great great great great grandpa.

    • Hera: And you're Herry--- (Herry puts on an innocent "I didn't do anything" face after playing with the portal) and you're Atlanta.

    • Atlanta: Could you be any louder? Can't you see there's a... (turns around and notices giant behind her) giant monster behind me!?

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    Notes (70)

    • Orion - (Greek mythology) 'A giant Boeotian hunter who pursued the Pleiades and was eventually slain by Artemis; was then placed in the sky as a constellation.' In the show, it was portrayed that Artemis and Orion had been in love, and that she had killed him accidentally when challenged to strike a target with an arrow. It wasn't until later that she realized it had been the back of Orion's head, and actually was shown as trying to preserve Orion in some way so that she could always see him.

    • In this episode, the first three descendants are revealed. Jay, descendant of Jason, is revealed to enjoy gazing at the stars through his telescope, and he seems to be the only one that notices time goes back, even just a second. Herry is shown to be living on a farm, which seems to fit nicely with his character considering his love of food, which on a farm there is a large supply of freshly grown goods. Atlanta on the other hand is revealed to already be hunting, with two boys, presumably her brothers, or stepbrothers, generally in relation to her although exactly how I don't believe it has been confirmed.

    • This episode (along with the other Chaos episodes) were usually shown on Teletoon as Cinetoons or special presentations as a mini-movie. However, it was first shown as an individual episode on August 28th, 2006.

    • Chiron is supposed to be dead, having given-up his immortality when he couldn't stand the pain of one of Hercules's poisoned-tipped arrows. As he was immortal, he couldn't be killed by them like the other centaurs were.

    • This Episode was first aired on the 31st of December on teletoon.

    • Everyone else seemed to be a little more accepting when it came to their destiny, but in this episode we see that Archie originally doesn't want anything to do with being a descendant of the great Achilles, or saving the world from an evil god--- even if he's the one of the only ones that can. He doesn't believe it's true, but even if it is, he planned to just walk away and forget it ever happened--- whatever happened, or what he was thinking, we never find out, but he finally decides to join them after all, and just in time.

    • Archie is shown falling into water but has no reaction to it. This appears as strange consider Archie's irrational fear of water he shows throughout the series.

    • Theresa is immediately attracted to Jay; she checks that Atlanta is not already going out with Jay herself, so that she's not stepping on anyone's territory.

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    Trivia (64)

    • Archie reads and writes classical poetry.

    • If Herry is a descendant of Hercules, then technically he is also the descendant of Zeus. The same is with Odie. If Odysseus is his ancestor, he is also a descendant of Hermes.

    • When Hermes first rescues Herry and introduces himself, watch his caduceus. The copulating snakes that are traditionally wrapped around the staff appear and disappear briefly.

    • Jay's mother is Greek, and has taught him all about Greek mythology.

    • Archie's "wonky heel" is almost entirely a reference to his ancestor Achilles' one vulnerable body part (in some versions of the Trojan Saga), which, when shot with a poisoned tip arrow by Paris in the Trojan War, got him killed.

    • When Atlanta opens the weapons storage, a part of the pendant moves out of the socket

    • In real Greek Mythology, Hermes made Apollo's lyre out of cow's intestines and tortoise shell, but in this episode, the lyre is made out of gold.

    • When Theresa enters Elysium, Jason (Jay's ancestor and the legendary leader of the Argonauts) walks past her. He also happens to be wearing the same costume Jason wore in 1963 film 'Jason and the Argonauts'.

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    Allusions (39)

    • When he first escapes from Tartarus, we see that Cronus' weapons of choice are scythes. This is most likely an allusion to how in Greek mythology, Cronus overthrew his father, Uranus, by castrating him with a scythe given to him by his mother, Gaia.

    • The 'Chaos' part of the title has two meanings. The most obvious is a reference to our modern definition of the word, ie. a state of confusion. However, it is also an allusion to the ancient Greek mythological concept of 'Chaos', which was the empty void of the universe from which the world as we know it was created from and therefore had its beginnings in (like this show).

    • The name "Class of the Titans" is a reference to the 1980s movie "Clash of the Titans".

    • I believe that the icy rings around earth is a reference to Cronus' role in Roman mythology. Saturn, which we named the planet after. The planet Saturn has icy rings around it.

    • Pan: "God of Shepards and Goatherds". Pan is goatlike both in appearance and the way he acts. Pan in this episode seemed like a big flirt--- and had more than just Atlanta as a girlfriend. In the actual legend about Pan, he was chasing after nymphs, naiads, and dryads constantly, any beautiful woman. But other than his habits with women, Pan came in handy for Zeus, as he had a war cry that paralyzed whoever heard it and used it in the Titan war. The fear this cry gave people is how we get our word "panic". Reference: Gods, Demigods and Demons: An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology, "Pan".

    • This episode may have been titled after the famous David Suzuki's show, 'The Nature of Things.'

    • When Hermes was controlling the bear using his staff, he joked by telling it to find a picnic basket or park ranger. This is most likely a play on the popular cartoon "Yogi Bear". Yogi (the main character in the series) frequently bothered the park ranger by stealing picnic baskets from guests.

    • In the scene at the Museum of History, Neil is disguised as Starsky from the 1970's American TV series 'Starsky and Hutch'.

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  • A great show, that gives you the Greek Mythology, and adds the cartoon romance and adventure; great for people of all ages.

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