Clean Sweep

TLC (ended 2005)
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  • S 2 : Ep 61

    Digging Out the Man Room

    Aired 9/27/05

  • S 2 : Ep 60

    Sigma Alpha Messy

    Aired 9/26/05

  • S 2 : Ep 59

    Out of the Clutter

    Aired 9/24/05

  • S 2 : Ep 58

    Clothing Explosion

    Aired 9/17/05

  • S 2 : Ep 57

    Clutter Under the Bridge

    Aired 9/10/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tava Smiley

    Host (Season 2)

  • Eric Stromer


  • Peter Walsh

    Regular Organizer (Season 2)

  • Stacey Dutton

    Host (Season 1)

  • Valerie Bickford


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  • show Description
  • The clutter is out and organized, new rooms are in on TLC's Clean Sweep. Two homeowners are given two days to sort their clutter that has taken over their homes and pitch what they don't need, while two rooms in their home are redesigned by professionals. The two homeowners, who could be anyone from a husband and wife to two friends, sort through their stuff by placing it in piles labeled Keep, Sell and Toss. They're assisted in letting go by either organizer Shelli Alexander (Season 1), or Peter Walsh. The items placed in Sell are then sold in a yard-sale on the second day, with anything not sold going to charity. The rooms are redesigned by either Angelo Surmelis, Molly Luetkemeyer, Kelli Ellis (Season 2), James Saavedra (Season 2), or Valerie Bickford (Season 1), with Eric Stromer the carpenter on-hand to design beautiful new furniture, or modify existing furniture. When the rooms are done, the transformations are usually so amazing that they are hard to believe. Please note the following new organization format for cast and crew: Hosts and Carpenter: Stacey Dutton, Tava Smiley and Eric Stromer appear only in the main cast list and not in individual episode listings. Designers and Organizers: Designers and Organizers are credited for the episodes in which they appear. For Season 2, Peter Walsh is credited as a star, since Shelli Alexander is no longer present. Homeowners: Homeowners will only be listed in the rare instance that they either already have an entry on TV Tome, or they have previously done substantial work in the area of television or movies. Unfortunately, Clean Sweep has been officially canceled as TLC moves in a "new direction" with their programming. Repeats of the program still air on weekends on TLC.moreless

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  • Quotes (783)

    • Robin: I'm giong to be hugely successful in my business, thanks to Peter.

    • Dave: It feels big in here too. Wow, fantastic.

    • Robin: Hey, Dave, Mark wants to buy the bunny. Dave: For you, Mark? $50.

    • Robin: I'm doing great. Dave: I never liked that chair anyway.

    • Dave: All right, may the best... may I win. Robin: Well, say goodbye to the chair.

    • Angelo: This wainscoting --- it's kind of groovy, but we need to lose it.

    • Peter: Organized beauty, we're going to get you there. I promise we're going to get you there.

    • Angelo: That's why the darker colors --- I think they're masculine and feminine.

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    Notes (227)

    • The yard sale prizes in this episode were a dirty and creaky for Dave and an old blanket for Robin. Robin sold $133 worth of stuff as opposed to Dave's $99 and kept her blanket.

    • The yard-sale prizes were chosen for Cecil and Korie in this episode. Cecil's was a jacket, while Korie's was a skirt. Korie sold $108 worth of stuff, as opposed to Cecil's $40.55, and kept her skirt.

    • The initial sort in this episode was done with Peter, rather than Stacey.

    • The temperature was in the three digits on the first day and Larry suffered from heat exhaustion. While he was laying down Jessica and Peter did a good part of the final sort without him and Stacy even helped with the final sort. The yard sale pricing was also done the next day for possibly the same reason.

    • There was also no whistle and no timer on the initial sort.

    • There was no yard-sale contest in this episode. The two home-owners sold combined a total of $153 and quarters worth of stuff at the yard sale.

    • John and Annette sold $340 worth of stuff at their yard sale.

    • The first ever episode of Clean Sweep by production order. Those who started with later episodes of the show will notice a number of things that seem weird about this episode: There was a very strange pace to the episode. An unusually low amount of time was spent on the main sort with Peter and the initial sort was done with Peter also, with no time limit. The yard sale had no competition between John and Annette. Absurd pricing on some items: $200 and $600. Instead of going a commercial break after John and Annette were sent off to the hotel, there was a commercial break in the middle of yard sale. Fairly little time was spent on the reveal and the part in which the rooms were discussed was thrown together into one package.

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    Trivia (44)

    • Stacey Dutton's name was misspelled as Stacy on close-captioning throughout the episode.

    • This is actually episode #1-30 in TLC's Clean Sweep Season One line-up.

    • Peter convinces this couple to dispose of the stainless steel kitchen sink - claiming that the replacement of the drain covers can be costly. Unfortunately, he was sadly mistaken in this assessment. The parts he referred to are easily and economically replaceable. In this case, the HO's should have kept the kitchen sink!

    • At one point, when Stacey referred to a cell phone caddy, close-captioning read "sell phone."

    • Poor decision by Angelo to enclose the dog crates!!! The design covered the ventilation screening of the crates on the sides as well as the drape hanging in the front?!?! What was he thinking here? The comfort of the animals should definitely come before the design of the room. Female HO seemed happier seeing the her handbags had a place to live over the concern of how her beautiful dogs were going to be forced to stay when they were crated. YIKES!

    • This episode may have the oddest yard sale. Tava didn't even say the secret item, and when it was sold, she didn't even show the item!

    • Close-captioning throughout the episode credited Tava as "Narrator," even when she wasn't doing voiceover. Additionally, when Tava said "For the yard sale, we're going to play a little game." close-captioning read "art sale."

    • When Peter says "Ellyn made huge strides in purging a ton of stuff," close-captioning reads "purchasing a ton."

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    Allusions (17)

    • Larry: Dr. Evil hats on special today. Dr. Evil is a character in the Austin Powers movies.

    • Stacey: So you've got your Thousand Acre Wood, you know, vibe going.
      And thus begins the recurring role of Winnie the Pooh stuff on Clean Sweep. Pooh and his friends, of course, live in the Hundred Acre Wood, but Stacey is trying to make a joke here.

    • Angelo: Like a shoji screen. Like a Japanese shoji screen.
      Angelo adds in a special design feature, a Japanese shoji screen.

    • Stacey: Thing One and Thing Two? Stacey references The Cat in the Hat when asking about Janine's dog-constructs.

    • Peter: What is it? Alice in Wonderland? At one point, Stacey says that she's reading her life story and Peter asks "What is it? Alice in Wonderland?" Stacey responds that it's The Princess and the Pea. Alice in Wonderland is a series of adventures about a girl who goes into a wacky fantasy-world, written by Lewis Carroll. The Princess and The Pea is a tale about a princess who longs for a simpler life.

    • Valerie: Can we get a witness? With this line, Valerie references the Marvin Gaye song Can I Get a Witness?

    • Nancy: There is a Clutterers Anonymous. I've read about it in the newspaper.
      There is inded a "Clutterers Anonymous" and their official website is here.

    • Tava: These two are cuckoo for clutter. On commercials for Cocoa Puffs cereal, the character Sonny is "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."

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  • Fan Reviews (19)
  • Will the "Clean Sweep " back on the program ??? in W network.

    By gmlathe, Jul 31, 2010

  • Bring back the show that helped people face the clutter in their lives and their homes.

    By djeshort, Jan 14, 2009

  • A good show that showed us that cluttered homes makes cluttered minds.

    By zzbeach, Dec 08, 2008

  • Because of the appauling behaviour of this "producer" when we attended the taping we will never watch this potentially good show again!

    By smc42961, Dec 07, 2008

  • This show has taught us a lot about how to declutter. We did a "Clean Sweep" on our 3 girls not to long ago and managed to sweep out 1/3 of thier stuff.

    By honeybee917, Nov 02, 2008

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