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    A surprisingly good episode.

    By starman100, Jul 03, 2007

    I have chosen to review this episode before I review the show as its the only episode I've seen of Clerks. This episode is funny. Funnier than I thought it would be, also the disclaimer at the beginning of the episode was quite humorous, and according to that, the next episodes are meant to be a lot better so maybe they are something I should check out.

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    Leonardo Leonardo Returns And Dante Has An Important Decision To Make

    By wbfreak54, Jun 30, 2005

    Having a title like "Leonardo Leonardo Returns And Dante Has An Important Decision To Make" Can only be a sign that this is a great episode. While watching this epiode, even after the hundreth time it is still soo cool because there is alway something you have not seen before because there is so much hidden things in all the episodes.

    This Episode was such a great episode because it started this great show off. Well kinda. This was suposed to be the pilot but as we know it was not. This show was a great show because it, like many of the other episodes is not as cut and dry as much of the modern showes are. Things like that made this "Adult Cartoon" great.

    "Quote Nevermore"moreless

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