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    Having the bad luck of being locked in a freezer and the video store, Dante and Randal has time to reflect on their past and their favorite moments from Happy Days.

    By GameraTrekkie, Nov 26, 2006

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes in this tragically short lived series. There are many moments that have me on the floor laughing hard. One of the examples being when Silent Bob makes statues of frozen Dante and Jay out of ice, scaring the customer into thinking that they were monsters. Another cool thing about this episode is the end when they do a movie parody and an elderly Jay writes in his journal on the computer what happened to the characters the last time he saw them. This is definitely great stuff that has to be seen by every single fan!!moreless

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    Best clip show ever!

    By tubalcane420, Dec 06, 2005

    Dante and Randall get locked in the cooler, and they reminisce about their old episodes. This is the second episode, so they repeatedly flashback to the flowerpot gag, flashback to events that happened seconds ago, and make stuff up. The episode was a continuous twenty-minute belly laugh the first time I saw it, and continues to be funny after watching it a hundred times.

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    not your typical flashback episode

    By zortotron, Jul 25, 2005

    The second/last episode to air on ABC was unfortunately, horribly timed. While watched after the legal episode, this episode was deprived of its main joke, which referenced the original pilot.

    The dvd does the episode justice though, as it can be viewed right after the first episode.

    The entire story is a giant parody of flashback episodes that are basically filler episodes to allow for cheap and innefective writing, which is basically how this episode is written, only it's actually funny, because its the second episode.

    Whoa, I rambled on way to long for this, but you get the idea.moreless

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    The Clipshow Wherein Dante And Randal Are Locked In The Freezer And Remember Some Of The Great Moments Of Their Lives.

    By wbfreak54, Jun 30, 2005

    Having a title like "The Clipshow Wherein Dante And Randal Are Locked In The Freezer And Remember Some Of The Great Moments Of Their Lives" Can only be a sign that this is a great episode. While watching this epiode, even after the hundreth time it is still soo cool because there is alway something you have not seen before because there is so much hidden things in all the episodes.

    This Episode was such a great episode because They really stick it to the shows that run out of show ideas and decide to have a flash back episode. This one was different becuase there was only one episode before it and on TV it was not the episode they were flashing back on. But even better they showed clips to events that were not in the show at all. Things like that made this "Adult Cartoon" great.

    "Quote Nevermore"moreless

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