Episode #6: The Last Episode Ever

Season 1, Ep 6, Aired
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  • Episode Description
  • Randal and Dante visit a comic con, where people encourage them to be more true to the movie. Back at the store, Dante prepares for a date with Caitlin Bree. A fair springs up across the street and Jay and Silent Bob can't keep themselves from rushing in every 2 minutes to bring news while Randal and Dante must man the Quick Stop all night.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jason Mewes


  • Brian O'Halloran

    Dante Hicks

  • Jeff Anderson

    Randal Graves

  • Kevin Smith

    Silent Bob

  • David Mandel (I)

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • A fair across the street from the Quick Stop delays Dante’s date with Caitlin Bree.

    By GameraTrekkie, Nov 26, 2006

  • The Last Episode Ever

    By wbfreak54, Jun 30, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (8)

    • Randal: Can I ask you a question? If you were Steven Tyler from Aerosmith for one night, and you could pretty much get any woman alive, who would you pick? Dante: Oh, Caitlin. Randal: Her? See me, I'd pick Liv Tyler.

    • Morpheous: We don't have to talk about the Matrix. We could talk about bands we like, chicks who've broken our hearts...uh, the Matrix. (Dante hangs up)

    • Dante: Open the shutters. Randal: No way. Those steel shutters are the only thing standin' between us and certain doom if that Ferris Wheel breaks loose and crashes into the store. Those rides are put together by junkies and alcoholics. Dante: No they're not. (A junkie and alcoholic enter the store) Alcoholic: Do you guys sell Elmer's Glue and thumb tacks? We're trying to put together a Tilt-A-Whirl. Junkie: Do you guys sell black tar heroin? Dante: No and no. Alcoholic: Well, rubber bands it is.

    • Jay: I wanna get in line for that Caitlin chick's kissing booth. Dante: What? Caitlin has a kissing booth, like for charity? Jay: Yeah, only it don't cost nothing and it's not for charity . . . and there's no booth . . . and it's more than just kissing . . . and you don't have to be a guy . . . Dude, she's cheating on you.

    • Dante: I think I hate her. Randal: You know what I hate? Soccer. Hockey is so much better. Dante: What does that have to with Caitlin? Randal: Everything. Like it's so stupid how they use nets in soccer. Dante: Hockey uses nets. Randal: Yeah but in soccer, the object is to get the ball past a goalie. That's so dumb. Dante: There are goalies in hockey too. Randal: Dude, Caitlin's cheatin' on you.

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    Notes (8)

    • The pinheads are voiced by Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney of "Kids In The Hall" (a Canadian sketch comedy group).

    • At the end of the episode, a parody of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire comes up. One of Kevin Smith's proudest moments was when Regis said "and coming up next, Clerks."

    • LOOK HARD: On the final scene behind Jay & Silent Bob, you can see J&SB Action Figures, A Bluntman and Cronik comic book, and a rough draft from an original artist of what they were going to animate Dante and Randal like.

    • The original cut of Clinton asking if they could "still see him pee" had a sound clip of him pulling down his zipper and taking a long leak. The network had them remove it.

    • The cartoon writers in the room are all drawings of the actual writing staff!

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    Trivia (8)

    • A cameo is made by Tootie from "Facts of Life" during the convention scene.

    • This episode contains 2 of the same messages, first, Dante is worrying about being canceled when Randal holds up a newspaper which states; “ABC loves Clerks,” under the headline it states; “Also Sports Night.” Then, in the unaired final episode, Dante worries that ABC will cancel their show while at Comic-Con. Randal insists that would never happen, then holds up a trade paper which declares, “ABC loves Clerks, Also Sports Night.” Both series were canceled that year.

    • The sixth episode they had written was prophetically titled "the last episode ever". However they didn't even get to the sixth show.

    • Kevin and the rest of the writers intentionally set out to make an episode that takes place entirely in the Quik-Stop, with Dante and Randal only hearing about what's going on outside from Jay and Silent Bob.

    • Dante & Randal hold hands, then quickly stop with Jay and Silent Bob walk in. But after whipping their hands, they go back to holding hands again.

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    Allusions (15)

    • Pinheads The pinhead sisters shown in this episode are based on the real life sisters Elvira Snow and Jenny Lee Snow, "The Snow Twins", AKA Pip and Flip, among other names and titles, who suffered from microcephaly, characterised by abnormally small craniums.

    • Josie & The P*ssycats. The suits that Dante & Randal get painted into are a parody of the cartoon Josie & The P*ssycats.

    • Freaks Pin Heads: One of us, one of us! This is a reference to the 1932 cult horror movie Freaks.

    • Ellen Outraged Fan #3: And when will Ellen be guesting on your very gay show? He was referring to Ellen DeGeneres, a very popular openly gay actress. Ellen came out of the closet in her own sitcom Ellen and then got her own talk show.

    • Caddyshack Dante: Hey, check it out, Caddyshack! A reference to the Caddyshack films.

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