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    Clerks is Snooch to the Nooch!

    By DannMichalski, Feb 06, 2015

    Kevin Smith adapts his cult hit comedy Clerks into an irrelevantly funny animated television series. The show follows convenience store clerks Dante and Randal as they get into wacky hijinks, and of course the lovable rapscallions Jay and Silent Bob pop-up from time to time. Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, and Kevin Smith reprise their roles and are joined by recurring guest stars Alec Baldwin, Charles Barkley, and Gilbert Gottfried. The writing is especially clever, with a lot of witty satire about sitcoms and hilarious TV and movie parodies. Additionally, the animation style is quite unique, with a rugged design scheme that has a simplistic sort of charm. However, Clerks wasn't really given a chance and was cancelled by ABC after 6 episodes (of which only 2 airedout of order).moreless

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    "Hi. I'm everybody's favorite NBA star Charles Barkley."

    "Get outta here, snoogans"

    By RadSnake, May 11, 2010

    This show was awesome, but I think it was far ahead of its time. People couldn't handle the fact that Dante's girlfriend cheating on him a lot, or the fact that everything looked like a giant bong to Jay was funny. "Why are we walking like this?" was repeated many times as the two CLeRkS reminesced on the first episode, while locked in the freezer. Keep in mind that this show was the second episode and they were remembering the first! Hilarious! This show ended after a very short 3 episode run, but all 6 episodes live on in my heart and DVD player.moreless

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    It's funny.I mean really.

    By woahwoah678, May 17, 2009

    I can say that it's kind of funny.Well,I know that it's better than Back At The Barnyard or Wolverine And The X-Men.It's based on the movie and the second movie was funny.But the only problem is that Dante looks very disturbing.Adult Swim had the right to show this show on their,but why don't they have new episodes of it anymore.Why?Why?!WHY?!It's a bad idea to do for a show since of what they did to The Oblongs or The Drinkey Crow Show,I grade this show a B because it's a random funny cartoon since that very funny show The Critic and it's very funny.moreless

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    Haha! so random

    By SunDestroyeur, May 06, 2009 is so gay they just put ''Clerks''

    instead of "clerks the animated serie".

    i don't really care though...

    Based on Keven Smith's movie called, Clerks.(not a rip-off you dumb-ass)

    That show is awesome but the only thing that sucked is ''Leonardo Leonardo'' the billionaire guy.

    too bad that Abc banned that show, i don't know what they gonna do now about the serie...

    F*CK YOU, Jay and SilentBob are hilarious!

    even if that show is a little lazy, that is great...

    Randal was a little gay in the pharaoh ep....


    Then: Comedy Central (i think)

    Now: Adult-Swim

    There are such moment that i won't forgot from my f*cking head like when the judge dreamed that he was with axel f...

    My Lazy review just had over 100 letter count now :D see ya lmaomoreless

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    Animated series based on Kevin Smith's cult classic debut film.

    By amasingfatass, Jan 16, 2008

    Am I the only one who wants to see this brought back and on a totally different network. After canceling this could be classic show after only two episodes they don't deserve this awesome animated series which could be on par with Family Guy. So if anyone out there wants to see this show brought back please say your praise. Go out and duy the dvd hell go out and buy one for your friend who has no idea what the hell Clerks is I mean they need some learnin anyway. In retaliation to this let us rise against all celebrities and kill them.moreless

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    This was fu*kin gud!

    By TheDiggin, Aug 04, 2007

    Hello the clerks cartoon was a very gud idea but no one watched it on tv.

    The reason it is not runin anymore is cause people wanted it to be like the movie but it was not!

    Very good show, watch it from time to time no fu*ks,whor*s

    or b*tchs where aloud to be said cause it was on tv or some thing like that. Jay and Silent Bob where not aloud to sell weed they sold fireworks instead.

    Do not get me wrong now it sounds like i am bit*hin about the show but im not its one of my favorites.

    Watch This Show Now.

    TheDiggin 8/10.moreless

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  • 8.1

    Surprisingly good.

    By starman100, Jul 03, 2007

    I have only seen one episode, the first episode in fact, and I was quite surprised.

    One thing I noticed straight away with Clerks, is its animation. The bold outline animation style is unique, and I think it looks great. It's similar to how Spanky Ham from Drawn Together looks. This show is funny. A lot funnier than I had ever imagined. With humour of its own.

    The only problem I see with this show (so far), is that the characters have got to be the most unlikable characters, ever.

    They are just so arrogant and self-centered. Surely one bearable character wouldn't hurt.

    But I don't know, I have only seen one episode, maybe the characters had a change of heart in a later episode, maybe a character was dropped, I don't know yet, what I do know is that there are no good characters in the first episode.

    The creator(s?) of this show are clearly very skilled, I'll give them that. The only show that comes close to Clerks: TAS, would be The Critic. Both funny shows that deserved more.moreless

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  • 7.3

    A "blink and you miss it" animated television show from Kevin Smith and company, based on the 1994 film Clerks

    By eac8885, Jun 27, 2007

    In 1994 a low budget, black and white film named "Clerks" was released, surprising audiences with it's unique plot and frank dialogue. Most of us know that film as the one that made Kevin Smith a household name. Some six years later Smith would try to recapture the magic of Clerks with "Clerks: The Animated Series." Lasting a total of two whole episodes on ABC before being yanked, the series was released on DVD a few years back, which is where I was initially exposed to it. The series contains Smith's trademark witty writing, and the animation itself is top flight. The voice cast is outstanding, as Dante and Randall are both voiced by their movie counterparts, and Alec Baldwin absolutely owns as Leonardo Leonardo. Even with these positives, I have to say that overall the series left me feeling a bit empty. Due to the fact that the show was cancelled so quickly, only 6 episodes were actually produced. These episodes make makes for a good afternoon of entertainment, but they are a lot like cotton candy. Even though it's sweet, and you like it, at the end of the day you find yourself wanting something a bit more substantial. I would have liked to see where this series would have gone given additional episodes, I think it could have progressed beyond being just decent to become something truly memorable. I suggest checking out this underappreciated work from View Askew, but it's best to temper your expectations a bit while viewing.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Clerks was great, but it's not the movies.

    By ssimonds1, Apr 22, 2007

    Clerks is a prime example of network idiocy. In the television business there are dozen examples of this. Some exec greenlights a project. The production company does a short order (4 to 10 episodes) and brings it back to the network. Then the network screws the pooch and the excuses here are numerous. It didn't test well, we had a change in management, some exec has a problem with the creator, ect. ect. ect.. This has happened over and over again. Police Squad, Sammy, God the Devil and Bob, On the Air and Clerks are just a few that met this assinine fate. Buried somewhere during the summer scheduled and left to die. Why do the networks continue to waste time and money like that.

    Clerks was a great show and the DVD is worth owning. Kudos to View Askiew to keeping the origanal cast together.

    Be cautioned. If you haven't seen the cartoon series, it is differnt from the movies. I have friends who love the movies and don't like the series. They are two differnt beast.

    On the DVD commentary they (Kevin Smith & Scott Mossier) make reference to the possibility of straight to video Clerks animated movies. Let's hope we see those soon.moreless

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