Clifford the Big Red Dog

Dog House Rock / Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell

Season 2, Ep 26, Aired 2/24/03
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  • #22401"Dog House Rock"T-Bone is watching TV with Sheriff Lewis. Sheriff Lewis is about to switch it off to read T-Bone a book, but he sees that T-Bone is enthralled by the music playing on the music station that he has on. T-Bone gets up and dances. He fantasizes about being part of his own band. The next day, T-Bone is over with Clifford's. He tells Clifford about how great the music is and how he wants to form his own band. He's even started writing a song. Clifford says that sometimes Emily Elizabeth has that music channel on also and he likes the music as well. Cleo comes also and they all start working on the band. Clifford wants to play drums and Cleo is dancing. Then, Mac comes along. He wants to join in too and T-Bone, Clifford and Cleo are more than happy to let him in. He even comes up with a name for the band: the "Pack Street Dogs." (A parody on the name of the Backstreet Boys.) At first, Mac tries to join in as a singer. But he's bad at singing, really bad. He claims he's just not suited to sing the type of song they're singing. So they try moving him over to the drums with Clifford. But he beats the drums completely out of tune and that doesn't work out. Then, everyone has to go home for dinner. The next day, they start work on the band again. This time, Mac tries to join Cleo in dancing. But he's not matching Cleo's moves and his trying to do his own dance and it's just not working. He's beginning to think he doesn't fit into the band and suggests maybe he shouldn't be a member, but Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone aren't about to let him out that easily. If he wants to fit into the band, they'll find a place for him. As it turns out, T-Bone's been having trouble writing more lyrics for their song. But it turns out that Mac is great at lyrics and so he becomes their songwriter. They practice hard and then give a concert for all the dogs on the island. All sorts of dogs have turned out, including K.C., Rexington and Artie. Even kittens Billy and Betty are there. They sing a rather long song about caring about your friends and everyone loves it.#22402"Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell"T-Bone is at the beach, working on a sand castle. Clifford and Cleo are there too and in Clifford's enthusiasm to fetch something, he accidentally buries T-Bone's sand castle. Fortunately, Clifford is able to blow away the excess sand, saving T-Bone's castle. But then, Mac comes bounding up and nearly ruins it again. He's holding a poster in his mouth. He exlains that world-renowned dog champion Oscar Owens "Bright Like the Sun" is coming to Birdwell Island. When nobody even knows who he's talking about at first, Mac elaborates. Oscar Owen is a big-time show dog who's won all sorts of awards, including best-in-show five years in a row. Now everyone realizes who he is, or at least seems to. They'd all like to meet him, but Mac saws that Oscar isn't any ordinary dog. If they want to meet him, they have to be special. Everyone goes along, except T-Bone, who doesn't understand why they aren't special just the way they are. So everyone except T-Bone starts doing different things to try and make themselves special. Cleo thinks that her fluff is special and so she works at making herself especially fluffy. Mac thinks his best attribute is his award-winning smile, so he works on an over-exaggerated grin to show to Oscar. Clifford's not sure what's special about him. Cleo says that she doesn't know any other dog who's close to two-stories tall. So Clifford decides to work on accentuating his tallness. The ferry comes with Oscar aboard it and Cleo, Clifford, T-Bone and Mac are at the docks waiting for him. They all try to get his attention, but only T-Bone seems to be able to do it, just with some friendly barking. Mac says that he heard Oscar would be staying at Dr. Dihn's, so they all head there, hoping to meet him. When they get there, they all try impress him, all except T-Bone. Cleo asks if he wants to meet her groomer, Mr. Kibble and maybe get a free bath. But Oscar doesn't want to, he doesn't need a bath. Mac wants to invite him to see all of his trophies and medals, but that doesn't interest Oscar either. Clifford, trying to make his voice sound really deep, says that he'll show him all the tall places around the island. But Oscar doesn't want to. Then, to Clifford, Cleo and Mac's shock, T-Bone comments on the ball that Oscar has and asks him if he wants to go to the beach to play with it. Oscar says that he'd like that, but he wonders if T-Bone's friends would be interested in that. T-Bone explains that they were just trying to impress him. So they all go to the beach and play ball. Cleo, Clifford and Mac admit that they were just trying to impress him and Oscar says that they did impress him, once they started being themselves.moreless

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  • John Ritter


  • Ulysses Cuadra


  • Cree Summer


  • Kath Soucie

    Jetta Handover

  • Cam Clarke

    Machiavelli and Mr. Mark Howard

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    • (Mac plays the drums completely out of tune.) Clifford: Uh, that was really... original! Mac: Oh, thanks. But you know, I'm not sure drumming is really my thing either. Cleo: Ri-right! You probably have some more other talent that's an even more talented... talent!

    • Sheriff Lewis: So you like the music channel, huh, T-Bone? T-Bone: Ruff ruff ruff!

    • Cleo: I might not have won best-in-show five times, but I'm definitely the most fluffy-uffy-docious dog around.

    • T-Bone: Gosh. I think we're pretty special just the way we are.

    • Mac: You don't play at the beach with someone like Oscar. He's way too... uh... special for something like that.

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    Notes (4)

    • "Dog House Rock / Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell" also appears in online listings as "Doghouse Rock / Guess Who's Coming to Birdwell Island."

    • Mark Hamill receives the coveted "Special Guest Star" credit. Cynthia Harrison is credited for both writer and "Teleplay By" for "Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell."

    • Clifford's Big Idea: Help Others

    • Speckle Story: Speckle and the Beautiful Boat

    Allusions (3)

    • Title: Dog House Rock

      This is a reference to the Elvis Presley song, Jailhouse Rock.

    • Mac's Dance When Mac is dancing with Cleo, he briefly stands up on his hind legs, dancing on the spot and holding his front legs out, with his head pointing upwards. This is similar to the way Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy dances in the Peanuts comic strip.

    • Title: Guess Who's Coming To Birdwell Reference to the movie Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?.

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