Clifford the Big Red Dog

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  • 8.0

    Remember it to be pretty decent

    By anastasia1243, Aug 30, 2014

    Various ep (01-05) PBS

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    One of my favorite shows when I was little

    By lootlimo, Jan 18, 2014

    This show teaches many good lessons like being kind, fair and friendship. It is for younger kids and I still sort of like it. These episodes are well written and relatable. This show is heartwarming, the characters are lovable, and it is a great show for younger kids!

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  • 8.5


    By xxxxxxxxx, Dec 07, 2012


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    Can I keep him? Please? :)

    By metamorphstorm, Oct 20, 2012

    Clifford was one of the shows I always enjoyed. (Whoever dislikes the show based on the dog's size, you should stop looking to children's cartoons for accuracy on the world.) He's a big, lovable dog with a loving owner, a young girl named Emily, and his slightly-goofy friends, Cleo (a spoiled poodle) and T-Bone, a meek and clumsy bulldog. The episodes teach all kinds of great lessons - sharing, telling the truth, obedience, trying your best, and never giving up, as well as being nice to everyone.

    The drawing is great, and the plots are wonderful - always exciting and fun and even funny sometimes. I can relate to many of the characters and situations they end up in, and their personalities and traits are realistic. Their voices suit their characters, and their traits suit their bodies. Clifford, for example, is a gentle and generous giant, while Cleo is bouncy and slightly prissy, while T-Bone is shy, awkward, and usually the one who has to try the hardest to keep up. I think kids (and many adults) can relate well to the characters and their problems, and like me, will root for the characters to work things out in one way or another.

    So, long review short: This show is definitely worth watching!moreless

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    Great show!

    By patrickpritt48, Mar 23, 2012

    A very nice good show.

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  • 8.0

    I have always love Clifford the Big Red Dog:-) !!! Here is my review.

    By LucaColosimo, Sep 17, 2011

    I love Clifford the Big Red Dog:-)He is so cute and looks very lovable along with his two friends Cleo and Tbone. I love how this show teaches kids very good lessons and also is very funny at the same time;-) Great job will always love this show.

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  • 9.0

    A heart warming show. About friends and our family.

    By CyclopsBoy, Aug 29, 2010

    OK Clifford is about a Girl and her best friend Clifford. They go on all sorts of adventures like in the book.the only diffences is that there are 2 friends of Clifford. Cleo and T-bone. They are pretty cool. So I love the relationship of Emily and Clifford and Emily Elziabeth. They have a great relationship and They love each other so much. So I love this show . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .moreless

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    Dreadful and horrible. EVen when I was younger....

    By angela435231, Jul 26, 2010

    I did not like that show at all when I was younger. It was dreadful and terrible. I changed the channel so I won't get tooo enraged about it. Who will make a show about a stupid giant puppy?? I was just like "I don't really like this show" so I changed it. The songs are stupid, and this came out 2000 really?? I doubt it, I think it's much older than that. It has like the weakest artwork for 2000 even the animation. I even know a stupid movie called "The Adventures Of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina" and it has worst drawings badly sketched and worser animation. Like that's a movie to "Clifford The Big Red Dog" and I didn't like it so that's why I don't like this one. Why do so many of you love this show very much? It's not heartwarming nor wonderful.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Possibly the last watchable show ever to premiere on PBS.

    By CDCB, May 24, 2009

    Well, I don't really watch that show all that much anymore, mainly since I'm older, but occaisionally I might go back and watch a recording I made of it years ago, or something like that, and remember the good days when I watched it and almost everything on TV was good.

    This show is like the book series, but it adds a whole new set of characters like Jetta, Mac, T-Bone, Cleo, Charlie, and Vaz. And who could forget the Bleakmans, the next-door neighbors of the Howards'?

    The stories are simple, yet watchable anyway. Although the humor is aimed for little kids, it's not so bad that it's a Dora-style joke you've just heard/seen.

    The last couple episodes aren't my favorite, but that happens with most shows--the writers run out of ideas. They aren't all that bad--just different, if you will.

    So, if you have a kid or kids, you may enjoy it if you watch it with them.

    Final Words: A decent show that can still be enjoyed.moreless

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