Clifford the Big Red Dog

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Quotes (811)

  • T-Bone: This is a great toy, Cleo. Cleo: It's even better when you share it with your friends.

  • Cleo: (to Clifford) You always share your new stuff with me. You're the best sharer of new stuff I know. I'm the worst.

  • Cleo: This would be a lot more fun if you could throw yourself, toy.

  • T-Bone: It's a toy! Cleo: It's mine, slobberpuss!

  • Emily Elizabeth: (to Clifford) Like it? Of course you do. Everyone loves a new toy.

  • Cleo: Getting dirty is fun, but having a new toy to myself is even more fun.

  • Jetta: I knew you were going to bring that big, old dog of yours for show-and-tell!

  • Emily Elizabeth: I always have fun with Clifford. Charley: He's a very cool dog.

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Notes (283)

  • Close-captioning throughout "Speckle and the Homemade Toys" has Emily Elizabeth's reading of the story in quotation marks, which isn't normal practice.

  • The Speckle Story, "Speckle and the Memory Makers" also contains references to several past stories, including, "Speckle and the Spectacular Sand Castle," "Speckle and the Balloon Ride," "Speckle and the Indoor Picnic" and "Speckle and the Homegrown Garden."

  • In the many Speckle segments, the Speckle Story book is red when Emily Elizabeth removes it from the shelf and then is its normal blue color when she opens it up.

  • In the Speckle Segment "Speckle and the Really Great Book," the Speckle Story book is red instead of its normal blue color. This is most likely because the book Speckle had was red. (And also had his picture on it, just like the Speckle Story book.)

  • Each Speckle segment is approximately a minute and a half long.

  • "Storytime With Speckle" does not air in some foreign markets.

  • The Speckle Story, "Speckle and the Fun-Filled Dream" contains references to several past stories, including, "Speckle and the Rainy Day," "Speckle and the Old Wagon," "Speckle and the Sky-High Apple," "Speckle and the Windy Day" and "Speckle and the Pirate Ship."

  • "My Best Friend" is also available in book form under the title "Show-And-Tell Surprise."

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Trivia (22)

  • At the beginning of the episode, Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford as she runs out the door. If you look closely, her mouth doesn't move as she calls him.

  • Bizarrely, in "Tummy Trouble" the dogs' favorite snack, which is usually Tummy Yummies, was "Browser Bites": this is the only time in the entire series that kind of dog food has been shown. It is particularly bizarre seeing as the word "tummy" appears in the title.

  • The problems with the play in "Clifford and the Beanstalk" could have been prevented if the class had held a dress rehearsal, which is standard practice for such plays.

  • It seems rather unbelievable that Jetta managed to snag the role of Jane in the auditions for the "Jane and the Beanstalk" play, considering that she apparently didn't really know any of the lines.

  • Mr. Bleakman's first name, Horace, appears incorrectly as "Horice" in the close-captioning for "Stormy Weather."

  • In one of the scenes where the audience is clapping at the circus, you can see that Dr. Dihn's hair is grey instead of black.

  • In the scene where Cliffords shadow blocks the movie picture, the film's images are still seen under his shadow. The images should have been blocked out altogether since there is no way to see a movie while it is blocked by something.

  • In "Welcome to Birdwell Island," when Emily Elizabeth calls Clifford to meet Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman for the first time, Clifford comes bounding out of his doghouse. This is directly contradictory to the events of "Welcome to the Doghouse," which shows Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman (among many others) helping to build Clifford his doghouse in honor of all the great things he's done around the island.

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Allusions (10)

  • The show title Leaf of Absence is like the saying leave of absence.

  • Title: Clothes Don't Make the Dog

    This is a parody of the saying, "Clothes make the man."

  • Character: Captain Birdwell

    He is based on Norman Birdwell, the author of the Clifford books.

  • Character: Captain Birdwell

    He is based on Norman Birdwell, the author of the Clifford books

  • The title, Welcome to the Doghouse, is a possible reference to the song, Welcome to the Jungle.

  • Title: Nothing to Fur But Fur Itself

    This is a pun on the popular saying, There's nothing to fear but fear itself.

  • Vaz: Whacka-Whacka-Doo
    There are a lot of references in "Vaz Goes Down the Tubes" to satellite channels and TV shows. The Brody Brood is a reference to The Brady Brunch, I Love Susie is a reference to I Love Lucy and the "Reruns Galore" channel on which he was watching them is probably a reference to the channel TVLand. Jerry Bouncer is a parody on Jerry Springer. The Learn and Know Channel is most likely a reference to TLC. (The Learning Channel) The Food Fare Channel is a parody on the Food Network and Cooking With Gassy could be a refernce to Cooking With Emeril. "New Boys in the Alley" is a reference to the has-been band "New Kids on the Block." Finally, Captain Larry's Clubhouse is most likely a reference to Captain Kangaroo.

  • Title: Dog House Rock

    This is a reference to the Elvis Presley song, Jailhouse Rock.

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