Clifford's Puppy Days

Finders Keepers? / You're Famous!

Season 2, Ep 2, Aired 9/13/05
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  • #20201"Finders Keepers?"Emily Elizabeth, Nina and Shun are out playing kickball, while Jorge is teaching Clifford how to bury a bone. When the three friends lose the kickball, they end up finding a basketball and Nina declares that they can keep it, saying that it's "Finders Keepers." Clifford and Jorge consider this and Jorge especially seems to agree with this logic. When he finds a shark-tooth necklace, he keeps it, even after finding out that it actually belongs to Shun. Clifford feels this isn't right, but wonders how to tell his friend that's he wrong.#20202"You're Famous!"While attending a carnival, Nina and Jorge unwittingly strike a great pose and before they know it, their picture is in papers around the nation. Suddenly they're the "hot dog duo" and enjoying all the benefits of fame --- free hot dogs, adoring crowds and signing autographs. Jorge even manages to enlist Clifford as his "assistant," depsite loud complaints about this from Daffodil. Nina and Jorge become completely absorbed in their fame, cutting off ties to the activities they used to enjoy. Then, one day, they head out and find that nobody seems to be noticing them anymore.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alan Oppenheimer

    Mr. Solomon

  • Peter Bakalian

  • Joey Ahlbum

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    • Daffodil: Jorge, Cliford isn't your servant. He's your friend. He's not going to fetch one more thing for you.

    • Daffodil: Uh, why is Clifford fetching your toys? Jorge: Because Clifford is my assistant. Everyone who's famous has an assistant and Clifford is mine.

    • Jorge: When they take your picture, always look right into the camera. That way, your snout won't look so big. Daffodil: If you ask me, it's his head that's getting a little big.

    • Hank: Attention, everybody. Hank's Franks is proud to be the official hot dog of the hot dog duo. And, look, here they are!

    • Mr. Solomon: All the newspapers ran that photo. Shun: You're more than famous. You're a star. Emily Elizabeth: No, I'd say a superstar!

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    Trivia (4)

    • Peter Bakalian is the writer for both stories in this episode.

    • Real Life Doggy Friends: A boy named Shovani talks about his dog Diamond and says that he learned about dogs from his Dad and by reading books. A girl named Natalie talks about her dog, Sunshine, and says that she wants to be a vet some day.

    • Clifford's Idea to Grow On: Play Fair

    • Speckle Story: Speckle Gets Well

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