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  • Leiter: Aren't you the fellow who was shot? Bond: No, I'm the fella who was missed!

  • Man: (on phone) ... but the fact is still indisputable, if you win, she will lose her life. Pardon me for interrupting your game, I only wished to pass on the warning. Goodbye.

  • Leiter: You know you're here to deal with Herr Ziffer, Le Chiffre, he's the same fellow. Bond: Deal with, you mean kill him? Leiter: You won't have to, he'll die anyway, if you play your cards right.

  • Jimmy Bond: Le Chiffre, can I have some water? Le Chiffre: Oh yes, with pleasure. Basil, give him all the water he wants. Get me some water, too.

Notes (91)

  • Review from TIME Magazine: Climax! lost what little connection it had with reality when one of the corpses —unaware that the camera was still on him —slowly got up and crawled away.

  • This was the sixth in the Philip Marlowe series, The Long Goodbye and Raymond Chandler's last book.

  • Based on Bayard Veiller's play THE 13TH CHAIR, (1917; French, 1922).

  • Ethel Barrymore received an EMMY nomination for this episode.

  • Here James Bond is renamed "Jimmy Bond" and Felix Leiter "Clarence Leiter". They're nationalities have also been switched.

  • This was the first appearance of "James Bond".

  • On January 9, 1950, Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster re-created their film roles for the "Lux Radio Program" of Sorry, Wrong Number.

  • The 1943 radio play Sorry, Wrong Number starred Agnes Moorehead as Leona Stevenson.

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Trivia (19)

  • CBS blushingly explained that actor Tristam Coffin thought the scene was over and that he was off-camera when he took his macabre stroll.

  • A photo of another American film star, Richard Conte, provided the inspiration for the image of James Bond on the British paperback cover of "Casino Royale" in 1955.

  • The TV showing was made when Ian Fleming sold the rights of his first novel for $1000.

  • James Bond is now an American agent working for the "Combined Intelligence Agency". He's still a very good baccarat player, but he's known here as "Jimmy".

  • This episode was meant as a pilot but never developed James Bond series.

  • The entire episode takes place at the Casino. Act I: Opening — Opening of Baccarat scene Act II: Opening of Baccarat Scene — Hotel Room finale Opening Act III: Hotel Room finale Opening — Ending

  • The script was initially rejected by the PCA because of its focus on illegal drug traffic. Reacting to an early draft of the script, a March 12, 1947 PCA memo also commented that "the present ending of the story indicates a criminal, the husband, going off scot free and an unacceptable scene in which a doctor urges divorce as a cure for a wife's hysteria.

  • The original story was titled "Murder on the Telephone." Lucille Fletcher published a novelization of her radio play and screenplay in 1948, co-authored by Allan Ullman.

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