Clone High

Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 11/2/02
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  • Episode Description
  • In the pilot episode, the students of Clone High, who are all clones of famous people from the past, mix at a party. Abe quickly develops an infatuation for Cleo at the party.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Christa Miller-Lawrence

    Cleopatra, Various

  • Nicole Sullivan

    Joan of Arc, Various

  • Michael McDonald

    Gandhi, Various

  • Chris Miller

    JFK, Mr. B, Various

  • Phil Lord

    Principal Cinnamon J. Scudworth, Various

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • The beginning of a series that should still be on the air today.

    By SuperHiro77, Nov 12, 2007

  • The government dug up famous people in the 80's and cloned them. Fast Forward 16 years and you have famous people going through puberty. The 5 main Characters are honest abe, angsty Joan of Arc, Ghandi 90s style, Hot Clepatra, sex crazed JFK. Priceless.

    By Gilmoreism, Jul 19, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (20)

    • (during the next week's episode preview) Narrator:...with celebrity guest star Marylin Manson! Marylin Manson: Hey, kids. I'm Marylin Manson!

    • Abe: Welcome back, Joan. Gandhi: You got breasts. Joan: Geez, Abe, you grew, like, a foot. Gandhi: You grew, like, a pair of breasts. Abe: Luckily, the extra height doesn't feel that awkward (smashes head on tree branches, falls to the ground) Ah! (gets back up) I'm up. Joan: I wish I'd seen you more over the summer but I was at camp. Gandhi: Was it breast camp? Joan: Ok, you get one more.

    • Police Officer: Well, well. If it isn't my old friend, underage drinking. So we meet again. How are you, underage drinking- besides illegal? Gandhi: (acting very drunk) Underage drinking?! Shame on all of you! Shaaame!! Back to you, Kojak! Police Officer: This kid's not sober, is he? And none of you are twenty-one, are you?! And these potstickers aren't made with real crab, are they? (eats one) I stand corrected.

    • Gandhi: Man, I'm tired of hanging out with the geeks! Joan: Gandhi, they aren't geeks... they're... delightfully eccentric! Carver: Hello, cohorts! It is I, George Washington Carver! I spent my summer bioengineering this antropomorphic peanut! Peanut: Hello! I'd shake your hand but, you know, peanut arms! Joan: Okay, they are geeks.

    • Abe: A girl is interested in me and I'm not going to ignore it. Joan: Abe, I want you. Abe: You want me to what?

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    Notes (3)

    • The Get Up Kids lend their talent twice in this episode, the first song being "Campfire Kansas" and the second being "Valentine." Similarly, Dashboard Confessional also has two separate songs in this episode.

    • Music: Several times at the party, Dashboard Confessional's "The Good Fight" can be heard. Dashboard Confessional also had their song "Standard Lines" played twice, once when Gandhi talks about joining the 'Teen Crisis Hotline', and once when Cleo and Abe kiss for the first time. The Abandoned Pools also lend their musical talents twice in the show. One song is the opening theme song, which will be heard in every episode but episode 11. The other is when Cleo gives Abe the note at the end of the episode, "Start Over" can be heard.

    • This episode originally aired in the U.S. on Jan. 20, 2003.

    Trivia (24)

    • This episode is one of two that doesn't have an appearance by the dolphin.

    • Abe buys non-alcoholic beer because he could not find a place (or a means) to aquire alcohol underage. However, you have to be over 21 to buy non-alcoholic beer in some areas since it does have minute amounts of alcohol in it.

    • Abe: (to Cleo) That's me; cool, honest Abe. 'Honest Abe' was a nickname given to the original Abraham Lincoln.

    • Right before Joan realizes that she's giving advice to Cleo, the moon is visible hanging in the front yard. When the camera zooms in on Joan, the moon is also behind her, now hanging in the backyard.

    • The title Escape to Beer Mountain: a rope of sand comes from one of the creators of the show always titled his college essays "what paper is really about" : A rope of sand. A rope of sand is a statement that means nothing but sounds intelectual. It was added after the decision to have all the episode titles have a colon in them

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    Allusions (12)

    • Diane Fossey Principal Scudworth proposes that he should act as Diane Fossey in order to observe the students. Fossey (1932-1985) was a scientist who studied animal behavior (an ethologist). She is primarily known for her study of gorillas, especially because she actually lived among them for years in Rwanda.

    • Got Milk? Cleo's foamy beer moustache is reminiscant of the Got Milk? advertising campaign, where various celebrities get milk moustaches from drinking milk.

    • The Grassy Knoll is the name of the diner where the kids all go to hang out. The grassy knoll is where the second shooter was supposedly spotted during the asasination of JFK.

    • JFK: I invaded her Bay of Pigs, if you catch my meaning. This is a reference to the failed invasion of Cuba known as The Bay of Pigs. It was an attempt by Eisenhower but implemented by Kennedy to overthrow Castro. It was a failure and despite JFK having very little to do he was blamed.

    • Kojak Gandhi calls the cop Kojak, who is a bald cop on the 70's television series, Kojak. Kojak was a chain-smoking police officer, who used lollipops as a substitute for smoking.

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