Blackmail and the Fourth Estate

Season 3, Ep 5, Aired 6/1/92
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  • Episode Description
  • This week's murder victim is David Stringer, a visiting author who was a smidgeon too curious about Arlington Grange and its denizens and offended most of them.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Madeley

    Presenter (1992-93)

  • Dudley Sutton

    David Stringer

  • Kevin Lloyd


  • Jenny Powell


  • Christopher Biggins

    Reverend Jonathan Green #4

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  • Sir Hugo Hushpuppies is found dead!

    By azureboy06, Jun 22, 2005

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  • Quotes (8)

    • Professor Plum: (his confession) Yes, I killed him. He came here so full of conceit, not looking for the truth. He would lie, cheat and threaten for a lurid headline. He would destroy honourable lives for the sake of one moment's titillation for his readers. He upset us all- and he blackmailed me. It is true that a project I worked on had been used without adequate safeguards. Regrettable, but... Stringer was going to ruin my reputation. So I decided to poison his wine. I knew he'd be back for the bottle. What was it? Oh, a cocktail of insecticides. It seemed somehow... appropriate.

    • Mrs White: (during cross-examination) I don't have any memory of a bottle of wine. I mean, that man had bottles of wine everywhere. I'm glad someone stopped him before he drank the house dry, quite frankly.

    • Nigel Dempster: (during cross-examination) It was hinted by Stringer that you'd had an affair with Reverend Green. Would you kill for love? Mrs White: (shocked) Please. I can't believe that's a serious enquiry to find out who killed your colleague, Mr Dempster. Simply looking for salacious gossip as far as I can see. Richard Madeley: I'm sorry, Mrs White. I have to step in here. Would you kill for love? Mrs White: A woman of my age has no need to kill for love.

    • David Stringer: Doc, fancy a drink? We can have a chat about research and United Agriculture. Professor Plum: Why? You've already made up your mind. David Stringer: Oh, sure. I've got an expert who'll say you recommended an unsafe product. 'Mad Prof Kills Thirty Thousand'. It's a nice headline. What was it? A compound of arsenic and dioxin? Professor Plum: You wouldn't dare to print lies!

    • David Stringer: Funny finding you here. Mrs White: Don't know what you mean. David Stringer: Your former mistress died in that fire. Arson, wasn't it? I was court reporter. Mrs White: I was innocent. David Stringer: That's not what the police thought. Mrs Peacock know about the fire, does she? Insured, is she? Mrs White: I was innocent! David Stringer: Of course you were. Still, you know what they say, don't you, eh? There's no smoke without fire. I'm sorry. Tactless of me. Everybody at church? Mrs White: Except the Professor. He doesn't believe. David Stringer: Does the vicar? Mrs White: I beg your pardon? David Stringer: Bit of a gambler, I hear. Up to his ears at the bookies. Mrs White: Do you take delight in upsetting people, Mr Stringer? Liars and scandalmongers have made his life hell in the past. David Stringer: Now, now, calm down. I've heard something else about the Reverend and his... shall I say, penchant for the mature ladies of this parish. Wouldn't want that little story to come out now, would we?

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    Notes (5)

    • Winning team: Jenny Powell and Nigel Dempster.

    • Of the panellists, Kevin Lloyd was an actor, Lisa Aziz a newsreader, Jenny Powell a children's TV presenter and Nigel Dempster a newspaper columnist.

    • The six potential weapons are knife, billiard cue, curtain cord, insecticide, carving fork and gun.

    • max payne writes - David Stringer is such a hideous, obnoxious man, that you have no sympathy for him when he bites it.

    • Solution: Professor Plum with the insecticide in the library

    Trivia (3)

    • List Of Suggestions: Team 1: Miss Scarlett with the Knife in the Kitchen (0) Team 2: Professor Plum with the Insecticide in the Billiard Room (2) Team 1: Professor Plum with the Insecticide in the Dining Room (2) Team 2: Professor Plum with the Insecticide in the Library (3)

    • The body is found by Miss Scarlett.

    • Dudley Sutton, who plays David Stringer, is best known as Tinker Dill in the show Lovejoy.

    Allusions (1)

    • In the title of this episode, the term 'the fourth estate' is a traditional British term for the press, the first three 'estates' being the Lords, the Commons, and the Clergy.

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