Clutch Cargo

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    Clutch Cargo...a cartoon from the early years of animation.

    By Johnracer, Dec 25, 2006

    What else can be said about Clutch Cargo?

    It is truly "state of the art".

    The "living lips" are a stroke of genius.

    (The "Living Lips" are patented by the way)

    Clutch Cargo, Spinner and his dog, Paddlefoot get in all sorts of dangerous adventures that usually end with a "cliffhanger".

    At times, Clutch and company get help from their friend "Swampy".

    At times the artists used real fire in their animation.

    The same is true for real smoke.

    Clutch always got around by use of several modern vehicles...that existed in real life.

    The theme will always be a part of me. You gotta love that wooden flute & bongos.moreless

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