Clutch Cargo

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Quotes (6)

  • Hiram Biggs: (villains'punishment) They're down to picking up pebbles and rocks off the runway. It was that or go to'll take 'em six months.
    Spinner: (laughing at the villains) Look at Ace Thunder and Tubb - they're crawling down the runway on their hands and knees!

  • Spinner: (when asked what he is going to do with his trophy) Goll-ee! I'm going to fill it with the biggest ice cream soda anybody ever had, and get a long straw for Paddlefoot!

  • Spike: (sees Spinner is going to use Tina's boat in the regatta) Spinner is a sissy! Gonna drive a sissy boat for a girl!

  • Announcer: (when Toad unleashes the buzz saw on Clutch) It's a buzz saw! Look out! Look out!
    Spinner: (in second place to Spider) We're gaining on Spider, Clutch!
    Official : (Toad's capture) Why, that's Toad Jensen, the slipperiest underwater pickpocket in seven harbours!

  • Clutch Cargo: (re going back into the race after the setback from saving Spinner and Paddlefoot) Sure, Spinner, there's always a chance!
    Announcer: (re Toad's first trick on Clutch) Someone's tied Cargo's boat to the dock! That was a dirty trick!
    Spider Black: (re Clutch's comeback) That guy Cargo's tougher than I thought. He's gaining on me!
    Official: (presenting prizes to Clutch) And here's another trophy for breaking the water barrier, and a trophy for unusual courage in the face of danger...and as for that blackguard Spider Black, he's banned from further competitions because of sneaky sportsmanship.

  • Spider Black: (while spanking Spike) You mean little kid!

Notes (1)

  • The Producers’ suggested format was to show one chapter per weekday, with a recap of all 5 chapters on Saturday mornings. The series was released to general syndication on March 9, 1959, and, though the format probably varied, among the various local affiliates who broadcast the show, the broadcast day, air time, and program length are based on the Saturday morning recap showing.

Trivia (1)

  • There is a hint of romance in this story with Spinner becoming friends with a girl, Tina.