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  • Hayden: She [Kelly] is a girl. What do I know about having a girl? I'm 45 years old and it's like I'm starting my life all over again.

  • Hayden: Did you get Kelly's class schedule? Dauber: Oh yeah, Coach. It wasn't easy. You know they don't just give you this stuff for nothing. To get this I had to ask the girl in the registration office out on a date. Hayden: Quick thinking Daub. Dauber: Well, actually it was her idea. She's real sharp, Coach. Hayden: Well, I hope you have a good time Dauber: I don't think so. She's real ugly too.

  • Hayden: Everybody wants to be honest nowadays. I remember when I was growing up, nobody was honest. You weren't honest with girls; you weren't honest with your parents. Everybody knew that. Everybody was happy. Now everybody wants to know everything and nobody's happy.

  • Hayden (about Luther): Why fire him when it's so much easier to just run him over with a car?

  • Hayden: Dear Lord, I'd give my spleen to go to a bowl game.

  • Luther: What's the matter now? Hayden: Well, the door's locked! Luther: Well, don't you have a key? Hayden: How silly of me! Of course I don't have a key!

  • Hayden (after arriving to the graduation ceremony): I would have been here sooner, but I was washing my truck.

  • Luther (after Hayden's dog has sex with Mrs. Rizendough's dog): I told you he had a lot of love to give.

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Notes (51)

  • Although it aired first, this is actually the second episode of the series.

  • Shelly Fabares (Christine) does not appear in this episode.

  • Although it aired second, this is actually the pilot for the series.

  • Kris Kamm makes his first appearance in the recurring role of Stuart Rosebrock.

  • Nick Toth, the salesman, also plays in three other episodes of Coach: Christmas Brains, I've Got a Secret, and A Jerk At The Opera. He's also the airline announcer in the epiosde of Roseanne: Vegas Interruptus.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Pam Stone as Minnesota State women's basketball coach Judy Watkins.

  • Charlotte Stewart is best known for her role as Miss Beadle on Little House on the Prairie.

  • This marks the first appearance the team makes on ABC Sports. Minnesota State loses to Penn State (a real-life football team), 31 to 7.

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Trivia (32)

  • Hayden states that he is 44 years old.

  • The Minnesota State mascot is cast as the Screaming Eagles. The real Minnesota State mascot is the Mavericks.

  • Christine's mother lives in Kentucky.

  • In this episode, Minnesota State loses 44 to 3 to the University of Iowa. At the time this episode aired, Iowa's real-life coach was Hayden Fry, and that name inspired the creation of "Hayden Fox."

  • In the scene where Hayden confronts Luther, who is working as a waiter in the restaurant, Luther can be seen holding a pot of coffee with both hands. His right hand is holding the handle, while his left hand can, at times, be seen supporting the bottom of the coffee pot. If the coffee were actually hot, Luther would have burned his left hand.

  • Kelly Fox turns 19 in this episode but Clare Carey is actually 22.

  • Trying to learn to fly fish Christine reads from a "how to" book on fly fishing written by Dick Louden. Dick Louden is the character played by Bob Newhart in the show "Newhart" who is a writer of "how to" books who buys an inn in Vermont.

  • Luther's speech to Hayden is nearly word for word from a TV commericial for Lowenbrau Beer.

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Allusions (46)

  • The title alludes to an Elvis Presley song with the same name.

  • When Hayden says, "Hey, take a break Ronald," he alludes to Ronald McDonald, the mascot for McDonalds.

  • The title alludes to the 1984 movie Sixteen Candles.

  • The episode title alludes to the philosophical conundrum, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

  • The title alludes to a 1952-62 TV game show with the same name.

  • Although he did not appear, it is mentioned in this episode that Lou Holtz was having a big party in his hotel room. At the time this episode aired, Lou Holtz was the head coach at Notre Dame. Lou Holtz would personally appear on the show a few seasons later.

  • The title alludes to the 1967 film "Doctor Dolittle."

  • The episode title is derived from the John Denver song, Sunshine on My Shoulders.

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