Codename: Kids Next Door

Operation: T.O.M.M.Y. / Operation: C.H.A.D.

Season 1, Ep 10, Aired 2/7/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Operation T.O.M.M.Y.: Numbuh 2's little brother will do anything to hang out with him, even if that means forming an alliance with the Common Cold. Operation C.H.A.D.: When operatives from the KND international organization are neutralized by Mega Mom and Destructo Dad, The KND team up with the legendary operative Numbuh 274 to ground the powerful parental enemies.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Cree Summer

    Numbuh 5

  • Benjamin Diskin

    Numbuh 1/Numbuh 2

  • Tom Kenny

    Common Cold, Numbuh 16, Numbuh 67, Numbuh 68

  • Jeff Bennett

    Destructo Dad

  • Grey DeLisle

    Mega Mom, Numbuh 66

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (22)

    • Tommy: Well, (sniffs) at least we get to hang out now, huh, Hoagie? (The KND groans) Numbuh 2: Ah, shut up, Tommy. Common Cold: (imitates) "At least we get to hang out now, huh, Hoagie?" Bah!

    • Common Cold: (to Tommy; after betraying him) And now, for you pesky big brother!

    • Numbuh 2: Is that the Common Cold? Common Cold: Not anymore! Thanks to this contraption, I've been transformed into the Flu Bug!

    • Numbuh 274: (after realizing who Mega Mom and Destructo Dad are) Mom? Dad? Destructo Dad: That's right, Chad dear. Mega Mom: Here, you got a little smudge on your ...(274 slaps Mega Mom's hand off) Numbuh 274: Get off! I can't believe this. This is so embarrassing! Did you know what you just did?!

    • Mrs. Gilligan: Less sass and more soup Mister Common Cold!

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    Notes (12)

    • First time a sibling of the KND join forces with a villain.

    • T.O.M.M.Y. stands for Totally Obnoxious Moronic Meddling Youngster. C.H.A.D. stands for Charming Hero Avoids Destruction.

    • First appearance(s): Tommy Gilligan, Numbuh 2's little brother and the Common Cold in Operation: T.O.M.M.Y. Numbuh 274, Mega Mom, and Destructo Dad in Operation C.H.A.D.

    • Villains: The Common Cold (in "Operation T.O.M.M.Y."), Mega Mom and Destructo Dad (in "Operation C.H.A.D.").

    • The top of Numbuh 2's house opens up to reveal a chicken soup cannon, or something. His mother uses it to stop the Common Cold.

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    Trivia (6)

    • If Mega-Mom and Destructo Dad zapped all the KNDmembers but 274 did they get the ones on the knd moonbase?

    • Numbuh 274 plays the violin, even though these instruments are classified as "kids' torture devices" by the KND (as seen in "Operation: P.I.A.N.O.)

    • It's odd that Numbuh Two's mom approves of him being in the KND, seeing as their existence is to oppose adults. Addition: She probably thinks they're playing a game!!! If you're gonna ask that, then ask why Numbuh One's dad doesn't mind the giant clubhouse in the tree in their back yard. They don't care. Besides, it's a cartoon. Other Addition: Besides, the Kids Next Door fight EVIL adults, not their own parents.

    • In C.H.A.D. right before Numbuhs 1-5 go into the vehicle to save Numbuh 274 they all slide down tubes and then doors with numbers printed 1,2,3,4 and 5. However Numbuh 4 isn't behind his door.

    • If all the villains that fight the kids next door are after the same goal as all the adults (getting rid of them), then why would numbuh Two's mother go against the common cold? Addition: Two words: Parental Instinct!

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    Allusions (1)

    • All of the KND's names are allusions to their numbers; Numbuh 2's full name is Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr., and as we all should know, you only name someone Jr. if their parent had the same name.

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