Free Love

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    Last episode before the Season Finale!!

    By LII2, Apr 13, 2010

    While the team solves a case close to home,Lilly solves a cold one with the FBI. It's clear that the FBI is trying to reqrute her into the FBI, but we don't see Lilly taking the Appilcation form with her in the end.

    However both she and agent Cavanaugh continue to work the case of a vietname soldier killed during woodstock. However both Rush and the FBI agent had a moment of romance, but nothing comes from it, just a brief fling between them. While that is going on, Stillman is there at the hospital with Yates, after her mother has a stroke and dies at the end, he's there to comfort her.

    We also learn that Vera's old girlfriend's husband has been cheating on her, which was the cause for the break in.

    All and all it was a different episode, but I can't wait for the two hour season finale coming up in Maymoreless

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