Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (2)

  • Tony Logozzo (driving to the Abbot home): Sixty minute commute. Next time we drive out here, I'm going to bring a change of underwear.

  • Larry Iredell: (watching McCormick on television) Can you believe this broad? Donovan Bailey with tits.

Notes (1)

  • Gabrielle Rose's performance in this episode garnered her a nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Dramatic Series in the 13th annual Gemini Awards.

Trivia (4)

  • Although this was the third episode aired, it's actually the pilot, in which the characters and the concept of the "Cold Squad" are introduced.

  • Stone (whom Logozzo refers to as Jill Jr.) is doing her doctorate in Abnormal Psychology at University of British Columbia. She and McCormick met while McCormick was doing Homicide and had asked her for her help.

  • McCormick (a sergeant) recently transfered to Cold Squad after three years of being partnered with Gallagher in Homicide.

  • Logozzo ended up in the basement (where Cold Squad works) after years on the force sent him on a downward spiral into the bottle. He has three children (Ben, Lisa and Carmen) with three different women. He's a smoker, and is bitter because he failed the sergeant's exam and McCormick was put in charge of Cold Squad.