Columbo Likes the Nightlife

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    Columbo Fades into the Night

    By DannMichalski, Sep 04, 2013

    The Columbo murder mystery series comes to an end with the mediocre thriller Columbo Likes the Nightlife. When a freelance journalist is found murdered, the case leads Lt. Columbo back to a nightclub owner who's involved with an actress that the journalist was doing a story on. The acting is rather poor, and even Peter Falk seems to be phoning in his performance. The storytelling is also particularly weak, as the clues are extraordinarily obvious and the characters are underdeveloped. Additionally, the soundtrack is amateurish and uses generic club music that's extremely cheesy. Columbo Likes the Nightlife is an underwhelming crime thriller that tries to coast by on the old Columbo charm, but it's not all that compelling.moreless

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