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    Great Classics

    By donnied92, Jul 20, 2015

    Awesome blast from the past detective show. Any generation will love watching this classic police story show.

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    "Oh just one more As LT Columbo always says...

    By elvis-fan, Jun 17, 2013

    I always find myself laughing at the criminal in each episode because little do they know just what they are getting themselves into. If the killer knew that just hours after the crime has been committed a seemingly dim witted police officer would badger them with questions night and day until he finally catches him or her, they NEVER would have committed the crime :P

    Columbo is a truley loveable police lieutenant who will walk into a murder scene with his broken down car, smelly cigar, worn trench coat and almost automatically know who the killer is. He starts by finding tiny details in a crime that (quote) "bother him," (unquote).

    I will NEVER forget the episode where someone asks, "Lieutenant Columbo, do you u have a first name?"

    He only smiles and answers politely, "yes: its Lieutenant"moreless

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    great DVD set!

    By ColtonMiller, May 14, 2013

    I can describe Columbo as a perfect show for me a classic legendary TV series that everybody loves to watch during our era. He is such a great hero in every episode! It really fascinates me on how he solved each cases. Peter Falk always gives his best portraying his role and I do totally miss those days watching this legendary show that's why I tried my luck purchasing a DVD copy of this show online. I read some reviews from many sites that there are lots of scams running around that's why I took time to read more reviews and suggestions. I ordered a copy at memorylanedvd dot com which happens to be a trustworthy company. They have a good customer service and always provide follow-ups on the shipping status of my DVDs. When I received the packaged, I checked the first disc and noticed that the quality is good. It also came well-conditioned. I'm very glad to own this as it will certainly brings back not only the memories but also the enjoyment watching this classic show.moreless

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    I love this show!

    By StephenAtkins, Nov 28, 2012

    I'm definitely a fan of detective TV series and Columbo would probably the best. He's very clever and funny at the same time! This was a brilliant series from our era so I want to own my personal copy of this show. This is a very exciting show and I never missed watching a single episode of it! Mr. Falk did an outstanding job portraying his character in this superb series. I also wanted to share that I recently tried to purchase the complete season of this show as I'm dying to watch all the episodes again. I purchased a DVD copy from . I would have to say that this seller made a good transfer of this show, I received a good quality set and most importantly, it has all the episodes of the entire series. It was a good copy at all. Peter Falk touched so many lives with one-of-a-kind TV show I won't get tired watching Columbo and until now his memory remains on my heart and forever will be.moreless

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    By petenv, Sep 08, 2012

    This is one show that I enjoyed very much. Plus there were lots of great stars who came on the show. Columbo always asked the suspect , Just one more question. Classic.


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    By MLCasellas, Aug 11, 2012

    I love the story, the character, the actor...Columbo forever :-)

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    The one and only...

    By EhsanMomeni, May 31, 2012

    The best show of all times! Great story, great actor!

    I remember the when my and my dad watch Columbo in the 90's on Swedish television. My dad had seen some of the episodes way back in the 70's, so I always tried to guess what mistake the killer did and see if I was right.

    It's a wonder, that in a time where most all crime shows on the air includes blood and violence, Columbo still is number one in my book. You don't have to see the shooting or alot of blood, the show is one of very few that makes you think "what mistake did he make", and to see how Columbo works is brilliant. Peter Falk does the role of Lt. Columbo perfectly, and it's just a shame that they didn't make more episodes in the 70's and 80's.

    I still, to this day, watch old episodes with the same interest as my first time.moreless

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    They don't make them like this anymore.

    By McBurgermeister, Jun 16, 2011

    Who would have ever thought from his first appearance that in the era of technicolor and advanced television graphics and special effects the show from the 70's that has lived the longest, and stood the test of time would have been the one about a cigar smoking, worn out rain coat wearing, 1959 Peugot driving police lieutenant named Columbo. These mysteries which originally appeared as part of the ABC Sunday Night Mysteries, with Macmillan and Wife, McCloud and Banacek featured Peter Falk as the bumbling homicide investigator. Atleast he always appeared bumbling and disheveled. Actually he made a career out of luring the bad guy into a false sense of security before lowering the boom on him or her. He would leave the room, always to return with a quick; "one more thing", causing our villain to squirm. Yes this series of mysteries doesnt feature high fashion, or race cars. No special studio effects or nude scenes. But for must watch mysteries that remind you of a cat playing with the mouse, I personally reccommend Columbo to all! They most certainly do not make them like this anymore.moreless

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    By sdfc87, Jun 16, 2011

    peter Falk does a excellent job as acting the role of LT Columbo who is a most well mannered bumbeling dectective who at nights can not sleep over the smallest details. the great thing about Columbo is that at the biggining of every show you see the murderer and the crime taking place before columbo arrives. this allows the criminal and columbo to go head to head ittle of wits. i believe this is a brilliant show but some episodes do get repetitive after a while ut there are often brilliant ones as well. IF you like monk than you will love Columbomoreless

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