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    Hey Sarge....

    By JimC39, Aug 14, 2015

    This was a very good show. The main characters went thru some combat training to ensure realism and they hit the mark. This show was fabulous and I watch it still on MEtv.

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    Flagship Series Of A Bygone Era

    By RabbitEars54, Nov 02, 2014

    The Untouchables, The Man From UNCLE, I Spy, Garrison's Gorillas, The Rat Patrol, and of course-Combat! The early-mid 1960's were a television dreamland for ten year old boys. Political correctness had yet to rear its prissy head (there were parental protests over the violence, but eh-who cared?). The only vampires were on The Munsters or Dark Shadows.

    I remember Vic Morrow playing Sgt. Saunders as a very low-key character. He always seemed on the edge of exhaustion (fair enough). Each episode would highlight a different squad member, and there were even sympathetic war-weary Germans. I was almost afraid to watch this again, fearing it wouldn't hold up-WRONG.

    Keep in mind this was only twenty years after WWII, so a lot of the equipment/personnel were authentic; and looking back now, I imagine the series was aimed at veterans, so they had to keep it realistic. Just the best.moreless

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    COMBAT! The Best of the Best!!!!!!!!

    By Chewo3, Sep 07, 2014

    This show is one of the greatest shows of all time. It should be on everyday at a normal time so all can watch and get to know Saunders and squad. I would rather watch Combat! 10 times a day than watch some of the crap, yes I said crap, they have on now.

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    By JeffWilliams4, Jul 11, 2012

    What can I say that everyone here,hasn't?Stands alone with all-time best productionsit is for history what comedy was for M*AS*H,and fanatsy for Star Trek.

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    By Baseballed, Jun 04, 2012

    As a little kid in 1962, I was only allowed to watch TV till 8 O'clock, so

    I couldn't watch long but we did get a little extra time during the summer!

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    I have been a loyal fan of COMBAT! since 2001. I think the whole cast was terrific, and they were all talented. The storylines were fabulous! I think who watch COMBAT! will be come an insist fan!

    By Juliet1972, Aug 18, 2010

    Vic Morrow is 100% talented!

    Rick Jason is 100% talented!

    Dick Peabody is 100% talented!

    Jack Hogan is 100% talented!

    Tom Lowell is 100% talented!

    COMBAT! is 100% excellent to watch!

    COMBAT! is 100% exciting!

    You will totally be amazed!

    Well, I cannot say enough about this 1962-1967 television series. You will be the next fan! All you have to do is turn the television onto a channel, station, or network that airs COMBAT!.

    You will see sexy and handsome men in action. They fighting World War 2, and they have heart and tenderness. They put their lives on the lines for all human kind. The sergeant is Chip Saunders portrayed by gorgeous Vic Morrow.moreless

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    This is a well put together television series about a troop of soldiers in Europe, mainly Germany, during World War II. It consists of the first season or two in black and white and then proceeds in color for the rest of the seasons. There are 6 Seasons.

    By larbeau03, Aug 18, 2010

    The TV Series Combat! is by far the best TV War Series ever put on national television and probably the most underappreciated also. For anyone who has never seen this show, do yourself a favor and view it and I assure you that you won't be sorry that you did! It is very interesting, full of suspense and you'll even learn some life lessons in the process. I was never in the Army, so I learned a few things about what they went through back then in World War II myself. It is perfect for the entire family to watch and yes, even females will like this show. So go ahead and watch it. Don't just watch one episode and make your opinion on it. As with any show, sometimes it takes a few episodes to learn what the show is about and the objective of the show itself. So view a few episodes and then you'll know how you feel about it and most people will like it, not everyone, but most. If you decide that you like it, then your in for a 152 episode treat, so sit back and enjoy. You won't be sorry that you did!moreless

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    Combat,one of the most realistic shows to hit the airwaves. Lt.Hanley and Sgt.Saunders and the King Company were hard core.Show took place during WW2 in Germany. The producers wanted the last episodes to move to the Pacific,but didn't pan out.

    By donz55, Aug 18, 2010

    I watched Combat every night when I was a kid. The episodes were all fantastic. Realistic and very entertaining. Most true war veterans deem this show as real as they come. One of my most favorite episodes was the two parter called Hills Are For Heroes which was directed by Vic Morrow. Vic had a knack for using camera angles that weren't used at that time in film making. A matter of fact some of his camera shots are seen in some of the recent war movies such as Saving Private Ryan and others. Vic had a true eye, a real vision in film making. Anyway as to this episode ,it shown the futility of wasted life and limb to take a hill and just walk away with no real glory. As Hanley says "Come Down", I remember Kirby's words.."NO! We're not coming down! This one, I don't even know his name, he can't come down. Enstine can't come down." Of course they died taking this hill without any significant reason. I can go on about the other great episodes however the bottom line is any war buff should check this series out. It's a true masterpiece. I rate this a 10 all the way.moreless

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    A truely Classic TV series, about the lives of the men and women living within a war, on both sides, as well as those caught in between.

    By karstcaveman, Aug 18, 2010

    Combat! was way ahead of it's time [when you speak of war stories made by Americans, about Americans, for Americans].

    It not only showed the American G.I. and their Allies as human beings [with real feelings, and families back home], but it also showed the enemy in the same light.

    It was created with much the same technical and artistic skills as one would expect from a feature length film, that took months to create.

    IMHO, in many ways it far exceeds many feature films of today, and each episode only took six days to shoot, and cost just over $125k [mid-60s dollars] to make.

    I remember watching it as a kid, and my memories were of a good ol' WWII TV show. But, now after all these years, I would never have expected that it had such good writing, acting, filming, an editing.


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