Comic Relief Does Fame Academy

Wednesday Debra Expelled

Season 2, Ep 9, Aired 3/9/05
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  • Wednesday 9th March 8.00pm – BBC One Tonight according to Cat: Its intense, it's passionate, it's live. It's Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. Tonight expelled students Dawn, Nick & Jon were all back in the audience cheering on their new found friends. Cat and Paddy had tissues to blow their noses about something that was to be coming up later on. The Judges, the Grants, Kevin and Jeremy were all given introductions. So straight up its Debra singing Stop – Lesley "I truly think that Debra is the student you should be most proud of David and Carrie" "She has made enormous strides while being here" "we've always had the top of your voice, always flexible and lovely and that's still there but now we've got this amazing rich lower sound" "often when you change a voice you loose the good but you've kept the good and only added to it" "all that and you do a wicked impression of me lady fantastic" Richard "They do quite a few impersonations, but I have to say that was extremely poor, you started really badly, you never got off the ground, I've got a good vantage point from here from the side of the stage, I do know that your talented" Lesley tries to speak again but Richard refuses to let her speak, he continues "I thought in the first 30 seconds and getting into the high notes" Paddy then tries to speak but Richard says "Do not interrupt me Patrick" Carrie is heard shouting "Interrupt him Patrick from the other side of the studio" Richard says "Even the national press have picked up that you're a Wally" Patrick then tries again to speak but Richard begins to get angrier and shouts "Shut up, Shut up" So Patrick says "bye bye lets go to Carrie" Carrie "I think we have to remember that this girl had to take comments a few nights ago like you sound like an eight year old girl, like a choir girl" "that is not an eight year old choir girl singing" Next its Edith Bowman. In honor of Coldplay's Chris Martin she had "Make Votes Fair" written across the back of her hand – Trouble - Craig "I think you had one little fluffed note, I really loved your voice and I would really love to see you go through to final" Lesley "What really moves me about your performances is that you love the music, other music does suit you better" "it was a very moving performance" Richard "It got better as it went along Edith, it had a disappointing start" "at the end you came through" "Totally well done" Reggie is seen having a down day in the Academy and he had a very brief cry, when it cuts back to the live show Cat says she just has to…(she gives him a hug and he puts on a cheeky face when she has her arms around him) she says I just had to! - Zoom – Craig "Reggie I really admire your courage to get up there and try stuff like that" "I can't lie that was excruciating and painful" Carrie "excruciating should never be said to describe a performance, excruciating is what we see in Africa. Secondly anyone out there who likes to sing knows that it's all about confidence and Reggie's performances will be remembered outside this Academy, all you will be remembered for is crushing someone's spirit" Craig "Of course you'd say that you're his teacher" "I am here to judge here" Carrie "You criticize, that's not the same as critique" Reggie speaks up "I think us as students, the one thing that we really want from you as judges is good points, bad points and instruction on how to do better" "Every single night since we started this competition you've come and you've tried to crush people" Paddy then says "He hosts Top of the Pops, he doesn't actually sing on it" Richard "As he moved around on that stage and as he tried to command the audience he was at his very best, and as a performance he actually passed muster, it was good. The voice is not there, we can't pretend it's there, the bar has now gone up everybody is sounding poorer than I've heard them sound tonight Reggie and you're in a telephone race to see who gets the votes, you've come on leaps and bounds" Kim is shown crying in a class earlier in the morning with David & Carrie – Born to try – Paddy tells her he had goose pimples while he listened from the side of the stage – Richard "That is what I call giving a performance, we've waited ten days for that, at last power, precision, great singing, some character, a tear, some thought. Delta Goodrem couldn't do it better than that" Lesley "I've been longing to see you do this, its another level now, you've always sung really beautifully, That's the best performance" Craig "Your born to sing, absolutely amazing" Cat is up on the balcony with Mr. & Mrs. Medcalf, Kim's parents who are very happy with their girls achievements – Adrian – had been advised to stop drinking to save his voice - with Cat he is seen in a straight jacket that he will be wearing for his performance – Ade comments that Cat has forgotten to wear a bra for tonight's show to which she replies "I don't really need one, they stay up their on their own" Ade says "I'm enjoying looking at them" Cat replies "I'm glad your hands are tied behind your back!" Fame – Craig "I don't quite know what you were trying to achieve with that; It was an interesting concept" Lesley "I was expecting a leotard and legwarmers [for the Fame theme]. Actually I think I've worked it out you mean anybody would be insane to become famous, is that it?" Ade replies "She's sharp isn't she" Lesley "I'm seriously worried about your voice" Richard "I think tomorrow night you'll be singing "Red, Red Wine" that reminded me as One flew over the cuckoo's nest" "If your going to win the competition your going to have to try and improve the voice" A shout is heard from up in the balcony from Dawn French who is joined by Cat who asks what she thought of the comments "Cruelty Relief really, idiots" Cat asks which has been her favorite Ade performance "That was pretty good, very subtle, he's a fabulous performer, wonderful singer, marvelous dancer and wonderful at love making" Cat tells her that Edith is performing a duet with him later and asks have [Dawn] and he ever made sweet music together? Dawn says "that's for Adrian and I to know and you to wonder" Dawn out of the blue then asks Cat "I'd like to know Cat, Actually are you wearing any pants?" Cat answers "I have pants on yes, I'm not commando down there but I am up top" Dawn enquires "Is it a thong?" Cat says "Yes" to which Dawn comments "She's thinging a thong" to roars of laughter from Cat and the audience in the studio. Finally asked why the public should vote for Ade, Dawn replies "He's a fantastic guy and he's entertaining everybody" Cat "Now that we've established my underwear situation back to Paddy" Paddy "Thank you very much Cat and I'm wearing a leopard print g string!" Next to the group songs, the soap sisters Kim and Debra are joined by soul boy Reggie – Just a Little – Craig "Debra I had no idea you could move like that, and great singing from you two" Lesley "This is my favorite bit of the show, you all had such a good time" Richard "After some nervous individual performances you've got yourselves back into the running for tonight" Now on to one of the most unique performances of the series Edith and Adrian from a bed on the circle of fear singing I've got you babe, for the judges comments Paddy joins them in the sack – Richard "After the tense night we're having that was just what we needed, that was a good old fashioned belly laugh, that forty year old song was probably never sung male wise worse than we just heard" Craig "I loved the staging and I loved the characters you guys were playing, fantastic" That was the end of the show for now, phone lines were open and the result were to follow later. Tonight show drew an audience of 6.7 million viewers making it the most watched programme on UK television at that time. The Results 10.40pm – BBC One One of the final five are about to loose their place at the Academy. Tonight alone nearly 1.25 million votes had been made for this show, which meant that £900,000 had been raised by the show so far for Comic Relief. Lurking upstairs in the Academy was BBC Three host Claudia who had her face lodged in a facial steamer which was given to the students to help with sore throats; Ade tells the others about the Comic Relief single living doll with Cliff Richard that was number one for seven weeks. Debra, Kim, Edith Ade and Reggie went through some fan mail that had been delivered that morning from the CBBC fans. West End dance troop Stomp was invited that morning by Kevin to show the students how it was done, rhythm and co ordination. Phone lines had now closed. Paddy asks Reggie about the tears from earlier that day. Reggie brushes them off as "man water" Adrian is asked by Cat if he has anything else to give "I've got bugger all left" Edith is asked by Paddy what it would be like to be back again in the outside world but no answer is given as his pronunciation is made a joke of and he calls them all racists. In no particular order, the two students with the most votes and defiantly keeping their place in the Academy is Kim, the final person joining her Edith. It's not over yet for Reggie, Adrian and Debra. The judges vote: Craig "I want to see this person fly again, my vote goes to Debra" Lesley "Cause I want his babies, Adrian" Richard "Well I give the casting vote on this occasion to Adrian" Reggie and Debra's fates were now in the students hands. Reggie "I've been here longer than I ever thought, do what you've got to do" Debra "I glad I'm here and not over there voting" The Student vote: Kim – Debra, Edith – Reggie, Adrian – Reggie. With two votes to one and once again returning to the Academy it's Reggie. Debra purposely goes down on the stage floor and has to be pulled back up by Cat, asked what her highlight was she says "It has to be Adrian's performance when he jumped on Lesley" Debra was gone and Kim was in tears. McFly were going to be in the studio tomorrow night for the Fame Academy Semi Final. This edition brought 5.5 million viewers to BBC Onemoreless

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  • Ruby Wax

    Contestant (Runner-Up)

  • Adrian Edmondson

    2005 Contestant [3rd Place]

  • Jon Culshaw

    2005 Contestant [4th Expelled]

  • Paul Ross

    Contestant (1st Eliminated)

  • Jo Brand

    Contestant (3rd Eliminated)

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