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    Every pot his its lid in this hilarious show about two odd ducks that hit it off on an accidental blind date. Unjustly canceled after a first season of just 13 episodes.

    By piekid, Oct 29, 2007

    Unlike most comedies I've seen, this one is actually laugh out loud funny, without the embarrassment humor* that everyone seems to rely on these days. I like fresh, new ideas in the television shows I watch, and this definitely fits, in my opinion. I like the quirkiness of the characters, which was obvious, but not overstated. Nate has phobias and quirks of genius while Marni is friendly to a fault and says what she's thinking, no matter how weird. If two odds make an even, they are an even pair of oddballs. But it works.

    The supporting characters are also odd and hilarious, the entire cast is wonderful. Tess, the boozing, highly irresponsible nanny who lives across the hall from Marni is (to me) a fresh take on the comic relief friend with no inhibitions. I don't know what it is, but I just love her. Bowie, Nate's friend and coworker is funny because he's so different than Nate, so their interactions are funny. He eventually becomes friends with Tess and they are a good (friendly) match. Clown's deadpan humor and odd behavior is also a welcome addition to the entire group of oddballs.

    The show was unjustly canceled after the first season, apparently for low ratings, but it doesn't seem to have been given a chance. It's a shame, really. Of course I don't expect it to ever come back, but I'd love to see it on DVD.

    *Embarrassment humor (my term) puts a character in a situation that embarrasses them severely, just for the humor. I hate this because for some reason I relate, and keenly feel the embarrassment with them. This is done a lot on Frasier and Ellen, usually because of a misunderstanding.moreless

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    Committed: Ahead of it's Time.

    By Klarax, Apr 10, 2007

    If you think you've seen one sitcom, you've seen them all... Think again! Committed is a absolute breath of fresh air to that of the standard sitcom that plauges our TV screens today. The characters are lovable the Storylines are great and best of all, it's actually funny.

    There are two main characters in the Show, Marny(Jennifer Finagan); a lovable dippy girl with a happy outlook on life, and Nate(Josh Cooke), a quirky guy with a charming personality. ach bring something brilliant to the show. As it stands, Committed has been cancelled after only just thirteen episodes and many people cry for its return, will we ever get to seen it make a return, you're guess is as good as mine.

    Committed brings a smile to my face everytime i watch it, the jokes are fantastic even if they are on the silly side. I'd advise anyone to give this show a watch, you won't regret it!moreless

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    Pleeease bring it back!

    By theoneknownasaj, Jan 27, 2007

    This show was one of my all time favorites. I wish it hadn't gotten cancelled. :( The show was so great, and to me was the funniest series on tv. This show was a good example of NBC pulling the trigger to early. Given enough time, it could have been their next big hit. At times it seemed the writers were trying to hard to be funny. A good example was the clown in the closet. However, it still was funny. It was a bit much but it worked. It made the show unique and made me lmao. Committed won't come back but I ask NBC to PLEASE release it on DVD!moreless

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  • 9.5

    I miss this show! It was cancelled way too soon.

    By delachusa, Oct 26, 2006

    One of the best comedies I had seen in a long time. I was extremely disappointed when I heard that the show had been cancelled. The only positive outcome of the show’s cancellation was that the final episode didn’t leave the audience hanging. I loved the characters on the show and the off-the-wall situations they got into. I think the show would have taken off if it had been given the opportunity to and had more publicity. This show was absolutely hilarious and I found myself cracking up often. I looked forward to watching it every week and have yet to find a new comedy that has me laughing the way this one did.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By tvlvur007, May 28, 2006

    This show is, I guess you can say, "stupid" funny. That is what is so funny about it. The jokes were funny, and you just had to fall in love with the craziness of Marni. This was a comedy that you thought would be so funny, just like all the other NBC comedies. It is ashame that NBC did not renew Committed for a second season, even though it really did deserve a second season. When this show comes out on DVD, if it will ever, I will definetly get it. Committed is very funny and it will always be known as a funny NBC comedy, even though it only lasted for one season, unfourtunately.moreless

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    Amazing show, extremly funny. Even more amazing that it got cancelled

    By falderich, Apr 25, 2006

    This is by far my favorite show that only lasted one season (the number 2 would be firefly), so its definetly in the top 3. It was hilarious. Not all the characters were very good, but to say the least we all were in love with Marni, she was just the right amount of crazy (it may be too much for many, but to me it was perfect).

    The day it was decided not to give it a second season, was a very, very sad day to we all, lovers of fine commedy. I wish at least it comes out in dvd soon, but I haven't seen anything to make me think that it will.moreless

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    Boy oh boy, I miss this show.

    By DerekSTL, Dec 15, 2005

    Boy oh boy, I miss this show. Thank goodness I videotaped them all. I thought it was the first new series in a long time that was original and very funny. I recently read that it was cancelled because of yet another religious group protest (over the communion episode) , and that drives me CRAZY. It never ceases to amaze me that a group of people who seem to hold claim to being the most 'patriotic' seem hell bent on taking away the rights of others. These days, I spend more time changing the channel from things I don't want to watch than finding something I do. Finally, there's something new I want to watch and some people haven't figured out how to change the channel. Argh!!!! Well, at least Josh Cooke is back in "Four Kings" this January, which I'm looking forward to checking out.moreless

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    This show should get 10 just for Jennifer Finnigan.

    By Ralphecution, Nov 16, 2005

    If only NBC wanted to be number 1 in Ratings. they should bring Committed back. NBC is already number 4 and going down the drain. They should Bring back this show and beat "According to Jim" and "King Of Queens". Orale holmes, Committed is one of the greatest sitcoms I've ever watched next to "Everybody Loves Raymond". Jennifer Finnigan is so hot and exquisitely cute.

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    Great show i so glad the finished the season at least the did where i live..I hate they didnt bring it back..They should have keeped it on after Joey.that was a great combo...

    By phoenixranger, Oct 21, 2005

    Great show i so glad the finished the season at least the did where i live..I hate they didnt bring it back..They should have keeped it on after Joey.that was a great combo...I think both shows would keep people watching...Why they put it on tueday nights who knows..Hope they bring it back one day.

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    this show was really funny i dont understand why the people became butholes and take it off the air i mean they should have at least give it a full season these people come up with shows to take it off just to piss us off it should come back.

    By gundamman666, Oct 13, 2005

    from what i saw in this show it looked like it had a great future it was funny dramatic and much more to me i love to see these kind of shows because they sometimes give hope that u can find happines no matter what.

    i say bring back the show

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