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  • Marni: (sees the milk sitting on the counter) You didn't put your milk away, Clown! (walks to the closet door) Clown! (bangs on closet door) I know you're in there! How many times to I have to say it? Put the damn milk away! (pause) And I know you've been juggling my fruit!

  • Nate: It just sucks! You know? I finally meet this girl who's the perfect mix of sincerity, wit, and nice lips and there is no way I'm ever going to see her again. (Marni walks in the door) Oh no! That's her! (Nate runs into the back room, followed by Bowie) Bowie: What the hell are you doing? You finally meet a woman you like who may actually like you and run? You do this crap, it makes me want to stab you!

  • Marni: My online therapist says you can't live your life in fear. Nate: Your therapist is online? Marni: (nods) Budda88. He also sells shampoo.

  • Nate: So you ready to go? Marni: Yeah. Could you just hold my purse? (walks to the door without him) Nate: Uh, wait! I thought you needed to do something. Marni: No, I just don't like holding my purse.

  • (The clown walks out of the closet and plugs in an extension cord) Nate: Who was that? Marnie: Nobody... just you know a dying clown. You were saying? Nate: I'm sorry... a dying clown? Marnie: Yeah, he's a clown, he's dying, it's not that interesting of story.

  • Marnie: I'm sub-letting the apartment. The clown was already living here in the closet when I moved in. It's one of the conditions of the lease that he gets to live here until.. you know... he's dead. Nate: And he lives in the closet? Marnie: It's a walk-in with a bed and TV. He's use to small spaces... you know the cars?

  • Marni: So then I said, "Hey, you can't touch me there! You're my uncle!" (laughs)... Aaah, family.

  • Tess: (to Nate) I am proving to Marni that our mailman sucks. She has this annoying habit of only seeing the good in people. Nate: Oh my God! I know. And she's so smug about it. Won't believe you, no matter what you say. Tess: Isn't it annoying? Nate: So annoying! Marni: Well, you're lucky I do see the good in people. Because otherwise I'd be standing here looking at (looks at Nate) a headcase who's wasting his life at a record store and (turns to Tess) a borderline alcoholic who complains about her job but never does anything about it. (pause) But I don't. I think you two are super!

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Notes (31)

  • Evan and Jaron's song "Crazy for this Girl" plays twice throughout this episode.

  • The premiere had 10.11 million viewers. It was third in its timeslot behind the Orange Bowl on ABC and the second half of CBS's Amazing Race.

  • This episode had 11.60 million viewers.

  • Tom Poston has appeared in both of Bob Newhart's sitcoms The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, they are the best of friends

  • Aired from 8:30pm-9:00pm ET

  • Originally there was a scene where Marni, naked under the trench coat, tells an older woman on the subway that she's not wearing anything under the coat. The woman then tells Marni that she's not really a woman. This scene was used in early promos for the show but ended up getting cut out.

  • Marni's cellular ringtone is "Mahna Mahna," the famous Muppet song that she attempted to stage as a duet during one of the ill-fated dates shown in the pilot episode.

  • This is the only episode to not have "Episode" in the title.

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Trivia (13)

  • In this pilot episode, Marni tries to get a date to sing "Mahna Mahna" with her. In later episodes, it turns out to be her cellphone's ringtone.

  • In the pilot Todd was Marni's shoe repair guy's cousin, but now he is her cobbler.

  • Various New York City street scenes are shown during each episode, and some must be some fairly old file footage. In this episode you see an NYPD Patrol Car drive by that is painted mostly blue with white stripes. The last time NYPD cars were painted that color was in 1996. In 1997 they were changed to mainly white with blue stripes and the last of the 'blues' were off the road by 1999 or 2000 the latest. For an excellent history of the NYPD and their vehicles, go here: jjr

  • Clown bangs on the window to ask Marni if the card he is holding was her card, and the window is obviously closed. However, when the little terrace starts to collapse, the window magically opens for Marni to jump in.

  • On close up, the "Queen of Hearts" that Tess holds up at the end looks much more like the Queen of Diamonds.

  • That is not actually what the top of The Empire State Building looks like.

  • While Marni and Nate are fighting, and Clown is holding his soup, the closet door is opened, but when he turns around to go in, it is closed.

  • When Marni and Nate are falling over the couch, his coat and backpack fall with them, atop his legs. However, while they are laying there on the floor, talking, you see the coat and backpack back up on the couch!

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Allusions (3)

  • Bowie: Alright, stop talking about your shoes. This ain't Sex and the City. This is an allusion to the HBO show, Sex and the City. The main topics of that show seem to be sex, relationships, men, and shoes.

  • Marni: I'm pretty sure 500.4 is botany. Botany was 581 until 1996 when it was moved to 580. 500.4 has never been used for any subject.

  • Nate: It's Christmas in Whoville over there! This is a reference to the famous Dr. Seuss story How the Grich Stole Christmas, which takes place in the fictional Whoville, gaudily overdecorated at Christmastime, as is Marni's apartment.