Bon Voyage Troy, Here Are Your Best Community Moments

By Tim Surette

Jan 22, 2014

Thursday night is going to suck, because that's when we say goodbye to Butt Soup, the Disco Spider, and Butts Carlton. That's when Troy Barnes, Community's innocent and ignorant fountain of dim-wittery, appears in his what is likely his last episode of the NBC comedy (at least as a series regular). We've known about Donald Glover's departure for some time, since July actually, but now that it's thiiiiis close to actually happening, the sting of his exit is renewed.

To commemorate and celebrate both Donald's and Troy's contributions to one of our favorite comedies, we've compiled this collection of several of his best moments. Share your own favorites in the comments!

Ed. Note: We kept these mostly Troy-centric, as our servers don't have enough space to hold all of the great Troy-Abed scenes.

That's Racist!

This exchange between Troy and Britta:

Britta (looking at a Scantron test sheet): "Alright. Who did a butt?"

Troy: "They're boobs. And I don't know."

The Forrest Whitaker Eye:

This exchange between Troy and Pierce:

Pierce: "He thinks all dogs are boys and all cats are girls."

Troy: "There's no way to disprove that, have you ever seen a cat penis?"

All of "Introduction to Mixology," but especially this part:

Ditching Greendale's Air Conditioning Repair School and requiring it to start acting like a real school because it was weird: 

This sad realization: 

"I was gonna be the first person in my family who graduated from community college. Everyone else graduated from normal college. Now they're really going to give me a hard time."

When Troy met Levar Burton:

This other exchange between Troy and Britta:

Britta: "Thanks, but I think I'll find something more grown up to do."

Troy: "Fine. Enjoy eating fiber and watching The Mentalist."

The Spanish Rap:

This exchange between Troy and Annie:

Troy [rides into the study room in an ATV] "Good news, I spent all my money."

Annie: "Troy! You can't bring that in here!"

Troy: "Yes I can, it's all-terrain, dummy."

Troy in the chloroform scene:

This exchange between Troy and Jeff:

Jeff: "Any other meaningless conspiracy theories?"

Troy: "Yes. Did you know Go-Gurt is just yogurt?"

Market price:

This observation about Britta:

"You're the AT&T of people."

Magnitude's death scene:


And finally, in a bit of eerie foreshadowing, it seems Troy may have known his destiny all along:

"A black person on a sailboat? I gotta see this. I'm in."

—Troy Barnes, Season 1's "Beginner Pottery"

Be safe out there, Troy Barnes. We'll miss you. And best of luck to you, Donald Glover, you extremely talented genius.

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  • Espi Jan 23, 2014

  • yrahcazchrist Jan 23, 2014

    "I'm not Ripley, Abed! I'm a cool, sexy Dracula. I make love to ladies and I survive."

  • badeligio665 Jan 23, 2014

    First time I got punched in the face, I was like oh no, then I was like this is a story.

  • pebermynthe Jan 26, 2014

    ...And a good one.

  • greygirl1404 Jan 23, 2014

    Two of my steadfast favorites are from the episode with the "That's racist!" exchange (which is probably my favorite moment of the series still):

    Annie: Troy, I've been waiting for an hour!

    Troy: It's all right, I'm worth it. Hip, hop, body don't stop, Riverside got the broom, don't need a mop. Put your team in a box, put a ribbon on top, we're not John Kerry 'cause we don't flip flop. Say ohhh...

    Annie: Troy. Why are you doing our politically conservative high school's shamefully outdated fight rap?


    Troy: Oh bing, bong, sing along. Your team's Al Gore 'cause your views are wrong.

  • LucyBarker Jan 23, 2014

    "I don't have to know which dracula I am to be a dracula."

  • LucyBarker Jan 23, 2014

    "I don't get history. If I wanted to know what happened in Europe a long time ago, I'd watch Game of Thrones."
    "May your dreams be spooky monster scary and not grandma died scary."
    "I attack him with my... additional notes."
    And when he looked up "haha" in Italian, and it was "HA-HA!"

  • LucyBarker Jan 23, 2014

    Troy: What's with the lava lamp?
    Pierce: It's not a lava lamp. That's my mother.
    Troy: OH SNAP! ... Wait, what?

    I don't even know how he does it but Donald's delivery is so perfect all the time that he makes simple exchanges like this brilliant. I'm going to miss him so much :((

  • kevekev302 Jan 23, 2014

    Set phasers to love me! When he's screaming in the room about "you can't disappoint a picture" is my all time favorite scene

  • Thanatos101 Jan 23, 2014

    This is one of my favourites. Just that last few seconds, priceless.

  • slipknot1485 Jan 23, 2014

    Goodbye Troy!! Will miss you.

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