Sorry, But Donald Glover Is NOT Returning to Community

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 06, 2014

There's a nasty rumor going around the interwebs today claiming that Donald Glover is returning to CommunityOriginating at UPROXX, as far as I can tell, it started with an e-mail that fans allegedly receive when they sign up for info on a SXSW "hackathon" that Glover is participating in as Childish Gambino (which he tweeted about here). The e-mail ends with the line, "p.s. I am returning to Community, because the internet. Signed, Gambino." 

But before you get your hopes up, let me stop you right there, because it indeed—probably! Okay, I'm pretty sure?—an apparent hoax. First, a Childish Gambino fan club said so on Twitter:

Plus, there's plenty of evidence:

– First and foremost, Community has already wrapped filming on Season 5. The final day of shooting was December 9, 2013. The cast even tweeted about it

– Community has yet to be renewed for a sixth season by NBC, and even though its chances seem good, given its track record, we probably won't know the status of the series for a little while longer.

– "Because the Internet" is also the name of Glover's second album as Childish Gambino. That's a little too obvious, no?

– The e-mail address that delivered the message was childishness69. No one over the age of 12 uses 69 in anything, guys. No one.

– Only about four percent of the internet is telling the truth on a daily basis. In fact, I'm lying to you right now because I just made up that statistic. 

So no, Donald Glover is not returning to Community, at least not according to any credible source as of this moment in time. And while I'd love to see Troy Barnes grace the hallowed halls of Greendale again (I wanna hear about his experience with pirates in the Gulf of Mexico!), I've also made peace with his departure. And how could you not after that excellent farewell episode? Also, I'm sorry to be such a dream killer, but it's basically the reason I was put on this earth. 

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  • rachelacapps Apr 05, 2014

    I'm going to have to disagree with you comment on 69. To quote Gambino himself "69 is the only dinner for 2"

  • tellyboy Mar 20, 2014

    I don't think this show will make it to Season 6. Without Pierce, and without the Troy - Abed partnership, it's just not there. Least interesting person for me is Shirley.

  • torque_smacky Mar 07, 2014

    When is the site going to report on this? It's hilarious.

  • DirgeNovak Mar 07, 2014

    So he's not returning *this season*. That doesn't mean he can't come back in season six and/or the movie.

  • mattdeegan391 Mar 07, 2014

    If they can find a way that does not feel like a total cop out to bring him back, then I would love it. That however seems pretty impossible, but if anyone can do it, Dan Harmon can. PS to those of you Human Beings out there who have not yet done so, I recommend watching the earlier seasons again on DVD with commentary. The cast are all genuinely hilarious and you can tell they all love and get along with each other(Chevy Chase excluded but his commentaries are funny too.) Either way it is like watching it again for the first time with all new jokes put in. #Troyisnowkingofthepirates!

  • MandySCG Mar 07, 2014

    Aww, well I guess it was silly to hope it was true. Maybe if the show gets a 6th season he can come back for a visit.

  • Huvan Mar 06, 2014

    Somewhere out there
    beneath the pale moonlight
    Donald's thinking of Community
    and coming back sometime.

    Somewhere out there
    fans are saying a prayer
    that we'll get another
    season out there.

    And even though we know how far we are
    It helps to think we might get sixth season there
    And when the network starts to see our side
    It makes me think Donald might be coming by

    Somewhere out there
    if NBC can see us through
    Then Troy will back forever
    somewhere out there
    Out where Abed's dreams come true...

  • jamiemacbeth108 Mar 06, 2014

    Dream killer! You've killed my dreams!

  • fweak Mar 06, 2014

    That would be annoying for a show to spend an entire episode with the departure of a major character only to have them return a few episodes later.
    *cough*Family Guy*cough*

  • Ossie Mar 06, 2014

    Is it possible they filmed say his final scenes for the season 5 final before he left? Has happened before....

  • akyag Mar 07, 2014


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