News Briefs: Community's Season 5 Premiere Hit a Record Low in the Ratings

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jan 04, 2014


It's not like we expected Community to return for Season 5 and become a ratings success—in fact, Tim predicted poor ratings in his review—but we didn't expect the series to achieve record low ratings, either. Last night's "Repilot" and "Introduction to Teaching" brought in only 3.7 million and 3.0 million viewers, respectively. Among the coveted adult 18-49 demographic, they managed a 1.3 rating and then a 1.2 rating, down 32 percent from its Season 4 average. 

Now, it's possible that there are a few contributing factors at play here: First, the show premiered on January 2, a day that most people probably don't even consider to be real, given that they spent the entire previous day hungover and/or sleeping. Who airs new episodes on January 2, you know? What? CBS did? Well, thanks for the segue: Second, CBS aired brand-new episodes of its comedies last night, which means Community was up against ratings juggernaut The Big Bang Theory (which drew 18.9 million viewers and a 5.3 rating), and then Will Arnett's The Millers (11.5 million/2.9). And third, the show's less-than-good fourth season may have tainted its reputation in many fans' minds. Perhaps they were waiting to read what the critics had to say about Season 5 before committing? Whatever the reason, Community's going to need better numbers than this to make it to Season 6, let alone ever see a movie. [EW]


... Netflix dumped a lot of movies and TV series from its streaming library on New Year's Day, but that's okay, because they've added The Dick Van Dyke Show and Murder, She Wrote. And you just can't argue with that. Unfortunately, they've also added Seasons 5 through 8 of Dexter, too. You win some, you lose some. [Buzzfeed and Huffington Post]

... Speaking of Netflix, House of Cards fans can now watch the director's commentary for the series. It's available as an option in the subtitles menu. Don't forget, Season 2 premieres February 14, and anyone who can tell me what this new teaser means will win a prize. [Netflix via press release]

... Sister, sister, you'll never know how much we won't miss ya. Ugh, that was painful. I'm so sorry. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that E! has decided not to renew Tia and Tamera, the reality series starring twin sisters Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housely. It previously aired on the Style Network, but that's dead now, and E! would prefer to keep it that way. Hmmm, maybe the girls shouldn't've hyphenated their last names? Yeah, that's probably why the show tanked. [The Wrap]

... ABC's The Assets premiered to a 0.7 rating, to no one's surprise. The network did almost no marketing for the limited-run series, and as Cory pointed out in his review, the premiere was perfectly fine, but certainly not the greatest thing to air on TV yesterday. If the rating holds, it will be the lowest-rated drama debut in the history of the four main broadcast networks. Yikes. [THR]

... Yesterday, we told you about several catch-up stunts that will air on the TV Guide Network (TVGN) to help you stay current on The CW's newest series. And now The CW's older brother, CBS, is getting in on the TVGN rerun action, too: This weekend, TVGN will surrender to a Hostages marathon to get viewers up to speed before next week's two-hour season finale, rebroadcasting every episode of the "high-octane suspense drama" back-to-back on Sunday, January 5 beginning at 1pm. [CBS/TVGN via press release]


... No one was cast in anything today. TV as we know it is over!

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  • Sanity_Bleeds Jan 06, 2014

    All networks, not just NBC, need to really learn how to strategize what times and days they air their shows. You don't put a quirky group comedy on at the same time as another network, you don't put a show targeted to men age 18-35 on during a major sports event, and stop trying to compete with the exact same kind of shows at the same time as another network. And learn how to examine DVR, TiVo, and online viewing numbers instead of just live views!

  • hollaatchaboiy Jan 09, 2014

    DVR and TiVo (Wait...isn't TiVo a brand of DVR? That's like saying 'smartphones and Androids'...anyway...) don't count because people who DVR and bootleg skip the ads and ratings are based on ads..

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jan 09, 2014

    People who watch live TV skip ads too, its called a bathroom break! Your logic is as flawed as the networks is on viewing.

  • Romano338 Jan 06, 2014

    They need to stop trying to compete with The Big Bang Theory! It's not news that they have NO chance! They have years of confirmation before this season.

  • ztollison Jan 06, 2014

    A Million people watched Community!? What! That sounds good or am I pulling a total Troy right now.

  • numberonecubsfa Jan 06, 2014

    What the hell is NBC thinking putting Community up against The Big Bang Theory?

  • Romano338 Jan 06, 2014

    Completely agree

  • flyPBA Jan 06, 2014

    so the last 6 episodes of Season 2 of Unforgettable have started to air ... at least episodes 8,9, and 10 may be found on the internets if you look

  • marmall Jan 06, 2014

    I wish they could account for how many people recorded it on dvr, it's the playoffs for gods sake, I would have watched Breaking bad the next night to watch my Saints game!!!

  • ToddMurray Jan 05, 2014

    I finally watched the first two episodes of Community on Hulu and they were brilliant! Welcome back Dan Harmon! Hey guys, does this feel weird without, you know.... Magnitude?

  • MandySCG Jan 05, 2014

    I wish NBC would stop trying to compete with The Big Bang Theory. Try something different! I don't want Community to be canceled.

  • MrShotShot Jan 05, 2014

    It also premiered against the Sugar Bowl.

    If folks didn't watch Community, it was their loss. Those two episodes were the best the show has been in at least a year.

  • Romano338 Jan 06, 2014

    No, it was everybody's loss, and more importantly, Community's fans loss. NBC won't order an other season if ratings are record-low. And if Community is cancelled, it's not the people who don't watch that will be affected.

  • Styxinator Jan 06, 2014

    Don't blame the viewers because NBC raped and murdered this show Season 4

  • Romano338 Jan 07, 2014

    I don't blame anybody but saying about the people who don't watch that it's THEIR loss, I can't understand. They don't care if the show is cancelled because not enough people watch. The only people who have something to lose are fans.

  • Spoontown Jan 05, 2014

    It's going for real this time, shit happens, it's not as good as the tvtome hype machine says it is. Don't worry Archer is back next week, proper comedy.

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