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    By JamesCampbell, Jul 05, 2013

    Nice prison movie montage, but it was Jeff finally standing up and facing something rather than running and telling his father the story of his brokenness that resonated with fatherless grown ups like me .

    A great, classic or not, also makes you think about yourself. This did.

    His step brother was good the first three lines, then got

    annoying real quick

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    Adam DeVine made the episode

    By FX, Apr 26, 2013

    DeVine is crazy funny and it's his appearance, imo, which made the episode worth while. I would pick workaholics over community any day.

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    Episode was for all purposes Meh....

    By JamesLeyva, Apr 16, 2013

    The only thing I have to say about this episode is that Brolin being revealed to be Jeff's dad was kind of a let down after his amazing appearance on castle

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