Paranormal Parentage

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  • 9.0


    By JamesCampbell, Jul 05, 2013

    Always a good time with the Community gang on is no Zombie invasion, but the character development of Jeff and Pierce while showing the similarities between them and how Jeff will be Pierce if he doesn't embrace change reaches its climax starting now up until episode 9.

    Troy's sweet innocence of Pierce's "special gym" and Shirley's continuing reaction throughout the episode was gold.

    And how about a rare "Britta FTW" She deserved one

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  • 8.5

    "Halloween" is always fun

    By FX, Apr 26, 2013

    Community does Halloween episodes right, even in on Valentines.

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  • 10

    Great episode! more like this

    By dstrazdas, Feb 15, 2013

    Brilliant, Dan Harmon is an ass and he is not missed by me

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  • 9.0

    Keep it going!

    By JaJosoft, Feb 15, 2013

    Did anyone else throw up when they saw the dean in that ring girl outfit?

    Another great episode, keep it going!

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    Cool. CoolCoolCool

    By Cmdralfredo, Feb 15, 2013

    Best one yet. Even though the season just started this episode just amaze me on how well it's written and it may be the best halloween themed episode on any show ever

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    Yes!!!! Community is back

    By majd333, Feb 15, 2013

    finally after waiting almost a year we have our first AMAZING episode of season 4 this was great and whoever said this show couldn't work without Dan Harmon please (shut up) this episode showed you how Community works

    oh and by the way Community Rocks sixseasonsandamovie !!!!

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  • 8.0


    By MatthewMurphy4, Feb 15, 2013

    this site is broken!!!!

    to anybody using this site do yourself a a long review or comment here then copy and paste it on note pad then submit. this thing removes random words from what u have written, my grammar and spelling is this makes me seem like a ape.

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