Continuum Season 3 Finale Review: Kiera in Control

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jun 28, 2014

Continuum S03E13: "Last Minute" 

Word has yet to come down from America's funky hat as to whether or not Continuum will be renewed for a fourth season, which makes us all a little nervous about the cliffhanger ending "Last Minute" left us with. (My bitterness over the way Dark Angel wrapped up is still a constant and yes I know it's been over 10 years and no, I don't really care.) Continuum's finale, however, left us in a much better place than the dearly departed Dark Angel, painting a more complete picture of the world(s) Kiera Cameron and the other time-travelers have accidentally (and not so accidentally) created over the last three seasons. Kiera herself has changed with the landscape, finally coming to terms with the reality of her situation and finding a kindred soul in fellow displaced time-traveler, Brad. 

It's never been hard to get behind Kiera in the past despite her role in the machine that perpetuated the troubled world she left behind in 2077. Kiera is heroic at heart and strived to do the right thing. Her perception of right and wrong has long been skewed by influence of the Corporate Congress and her time in the Protectorate, to the point that at times, she's come off as a little blind, a little naive and maybe even a little bit dumb. The third season of Continuum saw Kiera's eyes finally opened to the vastness of time, its infinite details, and all the wibbly-wobbly stuff. We saw her make some unlikely partnerships and we saw her relationship with Alec tested and strained—possibly irreparably so—and it's the loss of what they once had that marks Season 3 for the turning point that it ultimately is. The goals and motivations of the entire group have been altered. 

Kiera Cameron's primary mission for the last several seasons has been to return to her own time and reunite with her son and her husband. We all sort of figured it out awhile ago that the timeline has already been changed extensively due to Kiera and Liber8's presence in the past, that Kiera's family probably looks very different in the future, or (more likely) doesn't exist at all. Other characters have implied as much to Kiera in the world of the show. Season 3, and specifically, "Last Minute," revealed that Kiera herself has finally accepted that reality...and she's okay with it. Or rather, she's at least okay. There were no repeats of last season's nervous breakdown. There wasn't even any weeping. Maybe that'll come later or maybe Kiera just decided she's all weeped out, but she acknowledged her loss in the most honest way we've seen her be about it—still optimistic, sure—but realistic about the fact that she's probably never going to see her family again and she can either adapt to her new life or go crazy. 

Alec's ascension and sudden termination from the top of PIRON also presented a new direction for Continuum, but one that feels like it was always meant to be anyway with Kellogg finally scheming his way to complete power and casting Alec out in the cold. It seems that the bleak future built by Old Alec will never come to pass, however, its replacement doesn't appear to be much better. This presents an interesting concept for Continuum as we move forward, given what we now know about the creation of the different timelines and possibility of "orphaning" lost time-travelers. Kiera and her cohorts aren't quite as stranded as they once were, but nor are they completely free to travel through time until they find the perfect place to stop. I don't believe that there is a perfect future for Continuum's characters. They've lost too much, changed too much, and distanced themselves too much from their own respective worlds. Even if Kiera were to miraculously return to her own original, unaltered timeline and slip seamlessly back into the life she lost, she knows too much now. She would never be happy working in the system, for "Big Brother," now that she's fully aware of the truth behind her world's glossy facade. 

This presents an interesting possibility for a series resolution should Continuum be renewed: Is a happy ending even in the cards? Even a future featuring a global utopia, perfect in every possible way, would be imperfect to Kiera without her family. Could the hardened fighters in Liber8 accept a new world or would the movement evolve? Does Alec have a place in such a world? 

Continuum's third season has moved the series way past its origin story—which was never a simple one to begin with—toward something with a much broader focus. This is no longer a show just about Kiera Cameron trying to get home. It's about that and it's about the nature of time—and the nature of people—and how time can do both terrible and wonderful things to individuals who, in turn, make good and bad choices with, often enough, surprisingly good intentions. They say time heals all wounds, but the thing is, on this show, it can also deal some fatal ones. 


– Soooo, Evil Alec's death was pretty gruesome. Loved the symbolism of the bloody time machine though. 

 What did you think of Season 3 as a whole? 

– Kiera and Bradley sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I... I'll stop. 

– Now what's Alec supposed to do? 

– Any Season 4 predictions? Hopes/dreams/demands? 

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  • marvinjajo Jan 07, 2015

    loved season 3 soo much!! it moved and developed soo much and it kept me on the edge of my seat!! im just soo SHATTERED that theres ONLY 6 episodes lefts DD': i hoped this show would go on up to 10 seasons :'(((((((

  • nickcarney7927 Oct 10, 2014

    I've been trying to wade my way through Season 3 but it seems to have gone bonkers and terribly confusing and confused - I watched S01 and S02 back to back and loved every minute of it and was hoping for the same in S03 but I'm not so sure - I'll watch ep3 tonight but I think I may abandon it - bit sad really - what were the writers thinking of?

  • bond-r Oct 03, 2014

    Continuum today!
    text with russian (Google translate),
    see slides "Continuum" serial with textіj-majdan/page-2

    Against the background of our Maidan (Ukraine, China) and would like to see a continuation of the series "Continuum."
    Like he stopped in the voice translation into RU, ... on the 3rd season 13 series ....
    I wonder how the show resolves the issue combat uniform (a) Mega-corporation in the state to be "free from the system."
    And where the truth, in the series and have not resolved the issue.
    The series so far focused on the fact that in the past has teleportnulas second group, both groups together all settled. And then there was already militarized - the third group, this time "Troopers from the future" but rather of a third embodiment of the future of their "corporate present." In the future, from where teleportnulas third group - already there is no food, and even global corporations, have gone so far that involved mutual annihilation of the population, food is not enough, the constant wars, and even corporations - it is a group of paramilitary "idealists their needs and ideas . "
    It is not known how the show will be a decisive event, but our planetary events of the real world, while there are precisely the course, as it should.
    Conditional communism collapses, as there is no absolute equality (now Ukraine, now China, Russia more CFM). World capitalism and politics (summarizing how the "power of the rich" direct action), also suffer from social unrest justice.

  • chieftan1213 Aug 07, 2014

    They could very easily rig up a happy ending. I predict that if the show DOES get a renewal season, what we'll eventually see is another time jump. And I think the time jump will be Kiera back to the time when she and the Liber8 group first arrived. That would be just one way to reset the future to the one that she left.

  • julienappi Aug 01, 2014

    For everyone who says Syfi renews the series it does not it's Showcase Canda. The series went were it needed to go by changing her future cause a change happened in the continuum hence the name. Most shows on Syfi now are from Canda and Showcase makes that choice same as for Lost girl, Haven, helix, defiance, just to name some.

  • marciecorral Jun 30, 2014

    All I can say is who is this Time Traveler. I want to know more. Please come back for a fourth season.

  • vcivi Jun 30, 2014

    Alec killed Alec...that was nicely done..
    Loved how good and bad worked together to stop this maddness with the braceletes...and loved the rest too...yaddie yaddie yaddie...
    THe most perfect part of the finale was the last minute, when all went dark and some nasty killing machines appeared with very big guns...
    My mind started to work like a madman from that moment, imagining the whole complete next season...
    But you know what i thought about too....because of this, they have changed their entire future....meaning, that Kiera's family maybe doesn't exist anymore at all...or worst, maybe she doesn't either if the future changes rapidly????Very cooly done...can't wait for the next one...

  • dh4645 Aug 01, 2014

    yeah i thought it was weird that the reviewer didnt mention the ending. seems kinda important. ha

  • JohnPeterson5 Jun 30, 2014

    America's funky hat! I just got that now. Damn, I'm slow ...

  • peterspoor33 Jun 30, 2014

    Can't see another season for this show, I mean is it Brad, Kiera, Liber8, Alex and Theseus vs. the terminators from the future now?

    Loved the show up to this point but with all the latest timeline changing, freelancer zombie ninjitsu and discount Kyle Reese I'm going to lament the loss of those intros set in Kiera's future where she goes all Protector (Judge Dredd) on a situation or the future criminals, even some of the more sympathetic stories like Travis and Sonya (who I thought was a cold fish) put me in tears before the show started.

    I loved the gizmos, like the protector suit lighting up and moving toy soldiers
    I want to know more about the battles Kiera was in
    I want more protector academy training and Kiera dealing with her CMR
    I want more stories of inequality where corporate managers get priority over children in burning building or Theseus unplugs enslaved workers
    Gimmie Gimmmie Gggiiiimmmmeeee!!!!

  • steveclaflin7 Jul 02, 2014

    Sad to say, I don't see this getting renewed either. It's just too good, and SyFy don't play that way. Not when they could use the hour to show more cruddy fake-reality ghost shows, or costume/makeup shows.

  • Team-Liber8 Jul 16, 2014

    The Corporate Congress of NBC-MSNBC-CNBC-Universal-Comcast-Bravo-SyFy cancelled in England after season 2. Too much anti-corporate rabble-rousing stuff. So far the Corporate Congress of Shaw Media Showcase is cashing the checks from their top show and probably like more of them.

  • peterspoor33 Sep 12, 2014

    Haha! Gold! So Sao Tech and the corporations win the future and Alex is the supreme TV executive with his finger on the cancel button

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