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    Great Show

    By jonathanrordway, 3 days ago

    This is one of my favorite shows. It's a must see sci fi.

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    Season 3 was confusing

    By canewell05, Aug 25, 2014

    Had no idea what took place in season 3. Tried to follow but they lost me. I like a good SciFi but season 3 had too many Alexes and Kieras. I started losing interest in the show with the second Alex. Reminded me of when Bobby came back to life on Dallas and his death was written off as a bad dream Pam had. That's was the beginning of the end for Dallas. I suspect same here for Continuum. If renewed for season 4 I may still tune in just to see the ever hot Kiera, Sonya and Jasmin but I'll just bypass the storyline.moreless

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    Paradoxes rule!!

    By tompeters3386, Jun 29, 2014

    Time travel by nature is confusing what with alternate timelines, paradoxes, changing history, loops, etc. Thus season three is more confusing. And that is why I like season 3 so much. It has more to do with paradoxes and timelines than the first 2 seasons had. The 4 afore mentioned reasons are why I like time travel. I can't wait to see where the writers go with season 4. Whatever they do will be fine with me.

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    back to the future.. or at least back to season 1

    By steveorielly, Jun 25, 2014

    The Plot of this show has gotten so murky that even its beautiful star cannot make it work. Season 1 & 2 were interesting in both sci fi time continuum and police investigation .But I think it jumped the shark when they had two kiras and two alexes. The third season is slow and plodding, and even the characters are not as interesting. Bring back the writers of the first seasons. !

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    By par1721, Jun 22, 2014

    The first two seasons were stellar for the most part. Spoiler 3 --with all the time spent on the other Keira's demise and two Alexs was it became tedious. why do they keep disposing of interesting (not to mention hot) characters like betty and sonya? Hopefully season 4 will get back to the origins as there was a lot to explore with just the 2077 and present day timelines. Ok let's reduce role of the Freelancers ( the like Q in Star Trek NG we kmow they're out there and perhaps wouldn't mind a visit once or twice a season). Season 4 should explore the Theuses theme and how coporations in general (not just Alex's) gain control overtime. Let Garza have a bigger role like season two. Sooner or later they'll have to focus on Keira's son and maybe have him travel back as an adult to search for his mother. Still its the best sci fi show on tv because it puts story telling first. On the PC front, I like the show's cast. Kudos to Canadian film makers reach out and incorporate minority actors as part of regular cast... another reason for missing betty and sonya. Would like to see that tall black woman from police internal affairs more in a protagonist role Or another black on keira's side. Great show especially first two seasons.moreless

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    Like a good wine

    By mvyrmnd, Jun 20, 2014

    This show gets better with age. Early on it was a scifi show that was also a police drama that kinda forgot it was a sci fi show. As it's progressed it's ticking off all the good scifi boxes. I can't wait for season 4!

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    Continuously entertaining

    By celoro, Jun 12, 2014

    Season one was outstanding. I loved it! Season two kept up the amazingness too. The whole back from the future cop/terrorist plot is a first, too entertaining to miss. The plot throughout the first two seasons was compelling. Kiera is simply beautiful, smart and kickass!

    Season three is alright but the plot is getting heavy and complicated and i hope the writers fix that! Its an awesome show and i hope it goes back onto the right path.

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    The first season was top notch, the 2nd was mediocre, the third is hogwash

    By ELMarcel, Jun 11, 2014

    When I saw this show in 2012, it seemed to me one of the best sci-fi of the past years. The drop in quality in the second season was huge but the third hit rock botton. I like Rachel Nichols a lot, but at this rate of crapness nothing will remain in the timeline.

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    By supdude124, Jun 10, 2014

    This is a great show to watch. The technology they use in the show makes it look so real. Highly recommended to watch.

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    Season 3

    By ChiliFan, Jun 07, 2014

    I think that this series just gets better and better! I'm amazed by some of the concepts explored in it. I think that Kiera has turned out to be the main villain. Her life in 2077 isn't worth returning to, because it's based on slavery, censorship, and control of the food supply . There does seem to be a conflict of interests with the whole storyline, considering the big companies who own Showtime, SyFy Channel, etc, but don't forget that Star Trek: TNG was shown on a lot of channels owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp, often run as PayTV, although the underlying message in Star Trek is alternative economics.moreless

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