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    A disappointment

    By tdasher, 3 days ago

    I thought this would be a really interesting Sci-Fi series and was looking forward to it. But, with each show it just becomes more unbelievable and convoluted. Now, Kira is dealing with two of herself and Andy. What a joke. They had people stuck in "jails" with a guardian for the future? Sorry, I couldn't even watch the entire last episode. I'll admit that I'm totally lost and have no idea what is happening, anymore.

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    a intellegent thriller like no other, that evolves from one spectacular plot to another

    By andrewferris7737, Apr 01, 2014


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    Just Gets Better

    By nbgooner, Mar 18, 2014

    Season 2 was pretty tight and ended strongly, having seen the first episode of season 3 this show is only getting stronger.

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    Bad acting the main problem among others..

    By TonyMutu, Jan 18, 2014

    Well, I' ll go out and say it. I don't like this one. When I first read the plot I thought it was pretty interesting, being a sci-fi fan myself but after two episodes (I know it's not much but I just don't like at all and I want to watch so many other shows) I was totally turned off by the wooden acting, especially from Rachel Nichols, and the convenient events happening to progress the plot. That's that then, moving on to other things. .moreless

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    great story with little time

    By NidhinNaresh, Jan 14, 2014

    the continuum is an amazing series but does not have any time they have to keep the viewers interested save the story from butchering and say the story to its fullest with this complex story and only 10 to 13 episodes come on what can survive that but let me say this continuum have to survive because there is not much good science fiction with a long story this complex and wonderful in tv now days and did i said its amazing


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    LOVE this show!

    By dsam798, Oct 30, 2013

    One of the best shows on TV. Love it! So glad that shows like this one are created and available on Netflix.

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    Can't wait for next season!

    By Momsternator, Oct 15, 2013

    We just discovered this series and are look forward to seeing where they go with season 3. Could be good, but could be great! Wish they would quit having her cry so much, give Carlos more lens time. Yes, there are holes in the plot, but it's good, interesting fun anyway! Good crew! Lots of possibilities here. Big corporations vs. big government? -Both equally bad, but it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Might give all of us a better understanding about which way we really want to go.moreless

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    Rocked me from inside!!

    By pkuttam, Oct 08, 2013

    The story is not only about the time travel but It is a indication of how future will become more and more controlled by corporations that are controlling today individual privacy. The corporations, who are distributing day to day life technologies and playing with the social engineering of human life, are only creating back door in those technologes for using human as a tool for collection of so many information and market in product world. It is seemed to be right at some instant we will become addicted and dependent on those technogies who are great for our life and improve this too. But, these will be the main source of exploiting these technology as their own benefit. And the black box of technology that has some backdoor, we will not able to modify. This is the social engineering --playing with our mind. That is we!!moreless

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    Wasted potential

    By Jouze, Sep 18, 2013

    Being a sucker for time travel stories and a huge fan of shows like Fringe and Dr. Who, I gave Continuum an excited try. Unfortunately, what is a pretty interesting story at the core is wasted on moments of cringeworthy dialogue exchanges, huge plot holes, personality traits changing to suit the story's flow, threads swept under the rug and multiple deus ex machinas (Kiera's suit and implants combined with Alec's mad hax0r skills and technology at disposal).

    I really wanted to give this show a chance as there's good potential, yet all of the aforementioned has made me adamant about passing on season 3. That, and the Matthew Kellog character - he is just unbearable.

    And somebody could finally come up with something new instead of the usual, over-boring and corporate-driven dystopian future (although the CGI here is executed really well).moreless

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    good song

    By coreyzeimen56, Sep 05, 2013

    Good song "Continuum. Review :

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