Wasting Time

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    Strong development!

    By amazing_race, Mar 03, 2013

    Continuum is instantly becoming one of my favourite shows! I think it has so many different complex layers to the storyline, and when you meld them all together, it really makes for a very intriguing plotline and a very interesting story to watch.

    Today we had interesting scenes within the Liber8 organisation themselvees. A few clashes between the members in various capacities means that I think their plans could fail if they can't keep themselves together.

    Interesting development with Kiera and Carols and those action scenes in the kitchen were really brilliant!

    There were definitely some really great interactions between characters, such as Kellog and Kiera making an interesting deal.

    Overall, a superb continuation and I hope Continuum can keep up this terrific form!moreless

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