Cop Rock

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Notes (6)

  • This episode drew heavy criticism from conservatives and the religious right for its use of the word "scumbag" in reference to a criminal. The reasoning for the criticism was that "scumbag" was a colloquialism for "condom," although by 1990, the term had already become synonymous with "sociopath," and had, in fact been used in several police dramas prior to the premiere of Cop Rock without ever generating controversy.

  • Although it doesn't appear until the third act, a majority of the show's detractors cite the number, "He's Guilty," as the moment the show lost credibility for them. This IS a particularly disturbing number, as the jury is magically transformed into a church choir, and everyone in the courtroom suddenly turns against the defendant, including the judge and the defendant's attorney, all singing as a church choir against the backdrop of an American flag. Impartiality and "Separation of Church And State" fly out the window.

  • The songs in this episode were composed by Randy Newman, who is featured in the opening credits singing the show's theme song, "Under The Gun." This is the only episode in which Newman contributed songs.

  • Barbara Bosson initially appears in the show in very heavy make-up, intended to make her look hideous. It worked. A future story line will involve her getting plastic surgery to correct a few of "God's mistakes."

  • James B. Sikking (Lt. Howard Hunter) reprises his role in an uncredited cameo from Hill Street Blues.

  • Jimmy Smits (Victor Sifuentes) and Michele Greene (Abby Perkins) crossover their roles in uncredited cameos from L.A. Law.