Corner Gas

CTV (ended 2009)
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  • S 6 : Ep 19

    It's Been A Gas

    Aired 4/13/09

  • S 6 : Ep 19

    You've Been Great, Goodnight

    Aired 4/13/09

  • S 6 : Ep 18

    Get The F Off My Lawn

    Aired 4/6/09

  • S 6 : Ep 17

    Happy Career Day To You

    Aired 3/30/09

  • S 6 : Ep 16

    Crab Apple Cooler

    Aired 3/23/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Brent Butt

    Brent LeRoy

  • Gabrielle Miller

    Lacey Burrows

  • Fred Ewanuick

    Hank Yarbo

  • Eric Peterson

    Oscar LeRoy

  • Janet Wright

    Emma LeRoy

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  • show Description
  • Corner Gas is about the lives of the people who live in Dog River and hang around the only gas station and restaurant in town. The cast of characters includes Brent LeRoy, the owner of Corner Gas and chronic comicbook reader; his assistant at the station, Wanda Dollard, who is just a little too well educated to be stuck where she is, but doesn't seem to mind it; Hank Yarbo, Brent's friend from his school days whose hobbies consist of hanging out at the gas station and drinking coffee; Lacey Burrows, a big-city girl who's a little out of place in small town Saskatchewan; Brent's parents, Oscar and Emma LeRoy, who bicker all the time, but when push comes to shove, they're there for each other; and the town constabulary, Davis Quinton and Karen Pelly, who seem to get into more trouble than they stop. The show has been a favourite in Canada since its inception, and has constantly hit high marks in the ratings, making it the number one comedy in Canada. It has garnered numerous award nods and wins, including the Canadian Comedy Awards, the Directors' Guild of Canada, Writers' Guild of Canada, Gemini Awards and an Emmy nomination. Opening Theme Not A Lot Goin' On, by Craig Northey and Jesse Valenzuela You can tell me that your dog ran away And then tell me that it took three days I've heard every joke, I've heard every one you're sayin' You think there's not a lot goin' on Well, look closer, baby, you're so wrong And that's why you can stay so long Where there's not a lot goin' on. Closing Theme My Happy Place, by Craig Northey I don't know the same things you don't know I don't know, I just don't know It's a great big place Full of nothin' but space And it's my happy place I don't know Yes you do You just won't admit it I don't know the same things you don't know I don't know I just don't know.moreless

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  • Quotes (1248)

    • Emma: So, do you still carry baker's yeast or do I have to go all the way to the co-op? Oscar: Emma, tell your idiot son to get his head out of the clouds. Brent: And tell my crank of a father to go home and look up the word "retired." Emma (to Wanda): So is there baker's yeast or do I gotta go to the co-op?

    • (upon seeing inside of coffee shop for the first time) Wanda: Looks like Martha Stewart blew up. Brent: I feel mildly violated.

    • Hank: Brent, this coffee tastes terrible. Brent: Oh, well, let me refund your money. What'd you pay for it, zero?

    • (after Oscar rents a video for the first time) Wanda: Do you really think your dad will like Jaws? Brent: He might, if he owned a VCR.

    • Brent: So, here we are, the finest drinking establishment in all of Dog River. Lacey: Nice. Kind of homey. Brent: I suppose, if you grew up in a home of pickled eggs and pinball.

    • Brent: (about Oscar) He doesn't know how it works, but he's against it. It's the touchtone phone all over again.

    • Brent: But he's never even rented a video. He doesn't know what he's talking about. Oscar: I don't want to know what I'm talking about.

    • Emma: Now Oscar, when Brent took over the business, you knew he was going to make some changes. So butt out. Brent: Thank you. Emma: And you. Your father ran this business for nearly 40 years, so I expect you to show some respect for his opinions. Oscar: Yeah. Brent: Geez, you're asking a lot, Ma. Emma: Well pretend to show some respect for his opinion. Oscar: Yeah. (glares at Emma)

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    Notes (52)

    • Janet Wright was nominated for a "Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series: Best Performance or Host" Leo Award for this episode.

    • This is the only episode where the diner is called the "Cafe". At the end of the episode it is changed to its final name "The Ruby."

    • Mark Farrell & Brent Butt were nominated for "Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program or Series" Gemini Award for this episode.

    • Revealed in this episode: Brent Leroy's middle name is Herbert.

    • Director Henry Sarwer-Foner received a Canadian Comedy Award nomination for this episode.

    • The full title for this episode is 'All My Ex's Live in Toronto'.

    • Rob W. King was nominated for "Best Direction in a Comedy Program or Series" Gemini Award for this episode.

    • Fred Ewanuick was nominated for a "Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series: Best Performance or Host" Leo Award for this episode.

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    Trivia (68)

    • The car at the beginning of the episode is also seen at the end of the first season, as the car with Alaskan plates.

    • The Pilates Method is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

    • In the first scene in The Ruby, Hank's sweatshirt is completely off his right shoulder when he starts talking. In mid sentence, the angle changes and it is up on his shoulder.

    • When the Howler is shown with the "Grad '68 Solved" headline, if you pause the show on the text that follows, you will see that only the start of the two paragraphs make sense. The rest is all just random letters.

    • Davis said, after he came out of the bathroom, that the bathroom "smells great" but he doesn't have his sense of smell until the second season episode Smell Of Freedom.

    • At the first book club meeting, Emma slaps Oscar's hand with a book when he tries to take one of the little sandwiches. She uses her right hand to slap him, but in the next shot the book is in her left hand.

    • Hook, Line, and Sinker are characters in Marvel's Transformers comics.

    • Lacey tells Brent about a theory that putting a frog in boiling water will kill it, but putting it in tepid water then raising the temperature slowly will make the water boil but the frog will live. The correct theory is that dropping a frog in boiling water will cause it to try to jump out, but if you put it in tepid water and raise the temperature slowly it will just sit there until it boils to death—it certainly does not survive. (This happens because the change is too gradual, so the frog does not notice the danger.)

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    Allusions (153)

    • Brent: Maybe I have an inner-ear disorder. A disorder in the inner-ear can cause a person to be unable to maintain balance or orient the body. Since Wanda is the second person to criticize Brent's ability to hang a sign straight, he suggests he may have this problem.

    • Brent: Jaws. It's a classic. Steven Spielberg's 1975 horror film Jaws was the story of a series of attacks by a great white shark on a New England community.

    • Hank : Different? We're in the seventh circle of Hell here. “Seventh circle of Hell” is a reference to Dante's Divine Comedy, the first part of which is Inferno and describes the various circles of hell.

    • Hank: I'm standing by my principles. Brent: Your principles? Who are you? Lech Walesa? Lech Walesa was trade union and human rights activist; a founder of Solidarity, the first trade union in the Soviet bloc; and eventually became President of Poland.

    • Oscar: Who do you think you are, Ed Sullivan? "We got a big shew, we got a really big shew!" What are you thinking? Brent: I'm thinking your Ed Sullivan needs work. Oscar is imitating Ed Sullivan, who opened his weekly show by telling the audience and viewers that "We've got a really big show!"

    • Brent (referring to Hank): The desert fox? "The Desert Fox," is a nickname for World War II German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

    • Brent: "Watch a lot of M*A*S*H, do you?" Hank's plot to get Marvin the Tax Man drunk and blackmail him reminds Brent of the TV show M*A*S*H (1972-83) because Hawkeye and comrades were sometimes known to solve problems by getting people drunk and blackmailing them. Later Hank gets drunk and suggests that he and Marvin run down the street with their pants off. Marvin is confused, and Brent's explanation is, "You ever watch M*A*S*H?"

    • Brent: I always get my Al Pacino movies mixed up. Oh, I saw Serpico. Plays a cop, fights corruption on the force. Karen: How does it end? Brent: I think he gets shot in the head.... or he turns into a blind guy who smells women. Either way we don't have the movie. Seripco, (1973) starring Al Pacino, is the true story about an honest New York cop who blew the whistle on rampant corruption in the force only to have his comrades turn against him. The movie where Al Pacino plays a blind guy who smells women is Scent Of A Woman (1992).

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