Cory in the House

Disney Channel (ended 2008)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Mad Songs Pay So Much

    Aired 9/12/08

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding

    Aired 8/30/08

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Macho Libre

    Aired 7/12/08

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Sittin' Pretty

    Aired 7/5/08

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    Model Behavior

    Aired 6/14/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • John D'Aquino

    President Richard Martinez

  • Rondell Sheridan

    Victor Baxter

  • Kyle Massey

    Cory Baxter

  • Jason Dolley

    Newt Livingston

  • Madison Pettis

    Sophie Martinez

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  • show Description
  • This spin-off show of That's So Raven finds Cory Baxter's mother attending law school in England and his sister Raven going off to college, while Cory and his father, Victor, pack up their things and move to Washington, D.C. In this new location, Victor must deal with the pressure of working as the chef for the President of the United States, and Cory must adjust to life at a new school and endure the annoying attention of the President's eight-year-old daughter.moreless

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  • Quotes (113)

    • Newt: It's gonna be a rockin' horse party! But not a rocking horse party, so don't bring your rocking horse. I made that mistake once.

    • President Martinez: Cory, let me tell you a little story. When I was growing up, there was a young boy who was the object of scorn because of the shape of his head. They called him...Pumpkinhead. Basketballhead. MELONHEAD! (awkward pause) Well, eventually, his body caught up with that head. Of course, then people started to call him "Pumpkin Body," but that's another story. Anyway, the point is, he made something of that head. He filled it with knowledge and passion and ambition, because you see, Cory, that big-headed boy grew up to be...(proudly) the President of the United States! (an amazed, open-mouthed Cory smiles as the President puts his hand in the air) Up top! (Cory slaps a high-five to Pres. Martinez)

    • PA Announcer: (over the intercom) Good morning, students. Welcome back to Washington Preparatory Academy, educating presidents, royalty, and future leaders of the world.

    • Cory: (to Sophie) You are too cute! Look at you. What do you like to play? Sophie: I like tea parties, dress-up, and playing with my dollies. Oh, where are my manners? What do you like to play? Cory: Well, I like video games, basketball, playing the drums--- Sophie: (forcefully) No, you like tea parties, dress-up, and playing with my dollies!

    • Cory: (looking at the book Sophie gave him) Horses for Dim-Wits. This is exactly what I need! Sophie: I thought so.

    • Victor: You told them you were a steeplechase champion? Cory, you're afraid of horses. You threw up on the merry-go-round! Cory: No, Dad, that's not fair, 'cause that thing was going fast and up and down. Why you had to put 2 quarters in, Daddy?

    • Samantha: Chef Victor! I need to know your status. Victor: Well, I have a lovely wife, who's studying law in England. And my daughter Raven is going to college... Samantha: Okay, not your personal status! The sundae, man! The sundae!

    • (Victor answers the phone) Victor: (to Cory) Don't be a wiseguy! (on the phone, to the President) Uh, no, not you, Mr. President. Uh, yes, Mr. President. Uh, of course, Mr. President. Yes, I will get right on it, Mr. President! (hangs up, to Cory) That was the President.

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    Notes (48)

    • International Airdates: UK: January 26, 2007 Canada: March 12, 2007

    • This episode was available to download on iTunes before the episode actually aired.

    • The first two minutes of this episode were shown on

    • This episode premiered along with the Disney Channel Original Movie, "Jump In!" as part of the special, "Kick It! With Corbin and Kyle".

    • This episode was originally suppose to premiere on November 10, 2006.

    • This episode was first shown in the UK on February 3, 2007.

    • This episode was first shown in the UK on February 17, 2007.

    • This episode played on before airing.

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    Trivia (28)

    • Newt's personality (supposedly ditziness) somewhat correlates that of Chelsea in That's So Raven.

    • Stickler says his dad is the head spy at the CIA, 001. In reality the head of the CIA is the director. Also 00 numbers are allocated to field agents, and usually used by the British.

    • Victor mentions Tanya is away in England to finish law school, and Raven is off to college. In other words, this would be the first reference to the show's predecessor, That's So Raven.

    • When Meena's father enters the room, you see that the microphone stand starts to go down slowly. Then it goes to a close-up of Meena's dad, but then it goes back to the shot of the stage with the microphone stand all the way up.

    • How could Cory have his own CD already? In That's So Raven he always said he could only play one song.

    • Cory says that he left his drums in San Francisco, but where? With Tanya in England and Raven at college, Victor would have to sell the house. The only explanation would be there are with his friends.

    • The bathroom stalls in the bathroom of The Purple Lobster are the same bathroom stalls from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in the episode Going for the Gold.

    • Cory's laptop computer is an Apple MacBook Pro, which has a built-in web cam (iSight).

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    Allusions (43)

    • Horse-riding for Dim-Wits is an reference to Horse-riding for Dummies.

    • The New Kid in Town is a play on the Eagles song New Kid in Town.

    • Episode title: Ain't Miss Bahavian. The episode title is a pun on Ain't Misbehavin', which was a popular jazz song in the 1920s.

    • Cory playing in a band together with his two best friends is just like his band with Larry and William from the show’s predecessor That’s So Raven.

    • Messing up the Bahavian banquet: The way that Cory messed up the Bahavian banquet is similar to the way in the That's So Raven episode The Royal Treatment when Raven messed up the Shakobian wedding.

    • The name Purple Lobster, is a spoof of the Red Lobster, another seafood restaurant.

    • Abraham Lincoln's comment about the Purple Lobster having the "best bread" is a throwback to "That's So Raven", specifically the episode "Adventures in Boss Sitting", when Raven screamed, "The Purple Lobster?! They have the best bread."

    • Title Pun: Everybody Loves Raymond

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