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  • Kid: Hey, look. Pauline: Oh. What is that man doing? He's breaking in to that apartment. (Later) Pauline: This is not good. I'm looking at myself in the camera and my face isn't symmetrical.

  • Debra: "I know you did it, Ruth. Oh, you just couldn't stand to see me on the cover of Jet, could you, girl? I know that! I know that!" Pauline: "Alright, now, listen here, Miss Red Dress Pulling Up Her Skirt And Jumping On Mr. Rhyming Man. Alright? Now, that is what you get for being all up in your daughter's Kool-Aid without knowing, without knowing what the flavor is! And in closing, I would add, and I am sorry about this, but darling, I think you have as much chance of being on the cover of "Jet" magazine as Lil' Miss Kathie Lee Gifford."

  • Jurnee: "How can you have sex without getting pregnant?"

  • Professor Christo: When I became inflamed with passion for the poetry, Mr. Lucas did not move. There he sat, steady as a stone wall. Hilton: That's what happens when you get old. Many people mistake slow reaction time for courage.

  • Hilton: That's my point. Marriage is a long dance. Once in a while, you're going to step on each other's feet. But you can't keep looking down at your shoes. You've just got to feel the music and go with it. Griffin: And if you can't dance, you can do that thing Mr. Lucas is doing. Hilton: Good one.

Notes (33)

  • The opening credits for "Cosby" feature Bill (Hilton) walking around New York City.

  • The original story of this series was to be a continuation of "The Cosby Show" with Telma Hopkins as Claire Huxtable because they couldn't get in touch with Phylicia Rashad. Then, Bill Cosby changed the plot and story to do something different and created a new backstory. So, when Telma was dropped as Ruth Lucas and Phylicia Rashad was cast she didn't know about the plot change and thought she would still be playing Claire Huxtable and when she heard the news she was devastated but still a little happy at the thought of doing something new with Bill.

  • Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad previously worked together as husband and wife on The Cosby Show. They played Cliff and Clair Huxtable for eight years together and continue with more four more years together.

  • Audra McDonald was originally cast as Erica Lucas but was dropped with Telma Hopkins.

  • Telma Hopkins was originally cast as Ruth Lucas but due to lack of chemistry between her and Bill Cosby the producers got Phylicia Rashad.

  • Thirteen episodes in the series have the word "Lucas" or a form of "Lucas" in the title.

  • Earle Hyman played Bill Cosby's father of The Cosby Show

  • Keshia Knight Pulliam, Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad previously worked together on The Cosby Show. Keshia played the youngest daughter Rudy.

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Trivia (5)

  • Cosby was actually a remake of the great BBC sitcom, "One Foot In The Grave".

  • This episode is based on the "One Foot In The Grave" episode "The Valley of Fear", in which Victor Meldrew forms a neighborhood watch organization. It also borrows an element from the episode "Warm Champagne" in which an elderly woman is wrongly brought from the hospital to Victor's house and is discovered sleeping in his bedroom.

  • The glass that Ruth uses in the kitchen while talking to her friend and while the dogs lays on the floor are the same glasses that are used throughout the Cosby Show series. They are little glasses with blue lines and decoration on them. You can see them in episode 152 "Bird in Hand" of the Cosby Show.

  • In this episode, Del seems very uncomfortable about discussing sex with Jurnee, but in "Love Intervention," it was shown that Jurnee had an older sister. Didn't Del have any talks with her first, and couldn't he ask Jurnee's sister for help in straightening Jurnee out?

  • Tom Poston and Dave Thomas also portrayed father and son in a number of episodes of Grace Under Fire during the same time.

Allusions (11)

  • The title alludes to the 1982 movie, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

  • The title alludes to the 1967 movie, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

  • The title alludes to the 1932 Aldous Huxley book, Brave New World.

  • The title is an allusion to the 1965 movie with the same name.

  • The title alludes to the 1992 movie, A League of Their Own.

  • The title alludes to the 1957 movie with the same name.

  • Gilbert Gottfried: David Letterman! Gilbert Gottfried's reaction everytime he hears David Letterman's name is an old Vaudeville act called "Slowly I Turned". It was also featured in an episode of "I Love Lucy" and a "Three Stooges" short.

  • The title alludes to the 1992 John Gray book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

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