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  • Jeff: So, you dump her than see does this suggesting thing? Steve: Every time. I'll be about to leave, I'll be thinking, "I'm finally out." She'll lean over look me in the eye and say "I'm not wearing panties." Jeff: fiendish! Steve: And she's always worn panties before... always. I begged! Jeff: Skirt with no panties of pants with no panties? Steve: Skirt. Jeff: Well, there's no defense against that.

  • Steve: If I went around telling people I wasn't wearing underwear, would anyone care? Jeff: I might be a little uncomfortable.

  • Susan: Okay, which [breast]? Any preference? Jeff: Oh, either one. Steve: Yeah, doesn't matter. Patrick: Right one. Trust me. Susan: What's wrong with the left one? Patrick: Don't be that way. There has to be a second place.

  • Susan: You asked him out the moment I dumped him? Sally, you don't even like him. Sally: As every day goes by, my standards get lower.

  • Susan: You have a girlfriend. Steve: At the moment. Susan: At the moment? Steve: You're early.

  • Steve: How did you find me here? Jane: The usual. Steve: So you called my house. I wasn't home. Then you called all my friends. And then you called all the restaurants in the area until you found my reservation. Jane: Well, if I didn't do that, how would we ever see each other?

  • Jeff: Close? We're porn buddies. Susan: Porn buddies. Jeff: Yeah. You see, in the event of Steve's death, the first thing I'll do is go straight to his place and remove all the pornography before his parents can find it. And he's promised to do the same thing for me. That's how close we are. Susan: You guys have seriously made arrangements to destroy each other's dirty videos. Jeff: Who said "destroy?"

  • Jeff: All of a sudden, bam! We're kissing, grabbing at each other, tearing at each other's clothes. Rush into an empty office, lock the door... Steve: And...? Jeff: ...and I'm a gentleman, Steve, so I leave the rest to your imagination. Steve: Nothing, huh. Jeff: Wasn't my fault.

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  • Based on the UK episode "Inferno." It was a more faithful adaption of the original show -- which confused NBC executives. So they gave showrunners Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont and original series director Martin Dennis the heave-ho in February, 2003, along with Kaplan's husband, Breckin Meyer (Melissa George had been fired and replaced by Rena Sofer a month earlier), and brought in Phoef Sutton to redevelop it. Emily Rutherfurd was then dumped in their wake. Ironically, Rutherfurd and Meyer both wound up in ABC's Married to the Kellys (a.k.a. Back to Kansas).

  • Gina Bellman, who played Jane in the British version of the show, appeared in a cameo appearance in this episode.

  • This appeared in all TV listings and NBC's website as simply "Pilot," but the Library of Congress contains an actual title, "The Right One."

  • Pre-release cuts of this episode utilized Cake's 1996 version of "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" for its theme song. In that version, the guys and the girls start their respective conversations not in the apartment or the bar's bathroom, but as they are walking down the street to the bar. Some of the street conversation scenes were used in the promos, but the first 58 seconds of the teaser were retaped for the final aired version. The scene where Sally and Susan discuss marriage and getting older was slightly rewritten, with a couple jokes replaced. Completely deleted were the "One swallow does not..." exchanges. According to Sutton, test audiences weren't familiar with the "...a summer make" expression, reducing the double entendre to a single one. More likely, though, NBC executives simply took offense to the "...make her my girlfriend" punchline.

  • Based on the UK pilot of the same name... just with all the references to "unflushables" cut out.

  • The second and final part of the premiere of NBC's 1MMs (One Minute Movies), "The Pussycat Dolls," aired during the first commercial break. This was Jeff Zucker's uningenious way of getting viewers to stick around for regular-length shows they might otherwise not have watched. Jeff Zucker also hates all the programming he greenlights and puts on the air, so he subsequently flushed the rest of the 1MM segments down the crapper.

  • Reaired on Bravo! on September 30, 2003.

  • Aired at 9:27 ET/PT, due to NBC's "SuperSized" Thursday.

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