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    Funniest show ever!

    By kikkapi, Jan 02, 2015

    This is the funniest show i have ever seen, and i like anything that has a wit about it. I would like to let the people know that this show is hilarious, if you dont get it then you would never get "Friends" or "Manchild" or "monty python". It is like somebody mixed these shows in a bucket and produced COUPLING. It is six friends, composed of friends and ex-es, like "Friends" but it deals with issues most people have. Like saying something stupid to a woman you are attracted to, or getting caught with an adult video by your girlfriend. I thought it was hilarious and will continue to purchase the DVD's and watch it until the last episode.moreless

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    My all time favourite

    By misonostufato, Dec 15, 2014

    Seasons 1 to 3 are the most funny things that ever aired on tv. Tears every episode and some interesting things about relationships too.

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    The best comedy series ever made

    By CiprianTeodor, Mar 03, 2012

    This show makes you laugh from the first scene to the last one, its a great experience ;)

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    Sometimes 1st Impressions are not lasting impressions

    By filmgoer4life, Jan 13, 2011

    When I first started watching "Coupling" I thought that it was a UK/Friends ripoff. Silly old me.

    It was a rather witty look at the lives of a group of thirty-somethings who were navigating life and love in modern London.

    This was one of the first times that I was exposed to work of Steven Moffatt, whose work I continue to follow until this day. What he was able to do was give each of his 6 main characters their own unique voice and unique perspectives.

    The saddest part for me was having to see my characters part without substantial resolution to their character arcs. Unfortunately that was not meant to be. Mr. Moffatt's synopsis posted on a Doctor Who online forum was a nice touch from a showrunner as a tribute to his loyal fans.moreless

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    Yeah, who thought of this? It's hilarious!

    By monster_monster, Oct 21, 2010

    Every time I watch this show, I find my self laughing all the time, and feeling bad for one or several of the characters half of the time. There's so many embarasing sex related humourous scenes. The cast and the characters are amazing.

    I think there were made a similar sitcom in USA, but in my opinion it was not even half as good as the British one. I'm no fan of "The Office", but I think that show also was a whole lot better Brittish style. In other words: This series might not get the highest ratings in the US, but to me (European) it's one of the best comedy shows out there.moreless

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    By scrubsrox12312, Mar 31, 2009

    this show is absoloutely brilliant i love it and wish it would come back but with jeff obviously instead of oliver. it revolves around the stroies of 6 friends who meet up when someone is playing the field, and all ddeceide to be friends. jeff is by far the funniest charcter on the show, hippo, giggle loop arse/face nat, wooden leg, there are so many jeffisms, shame he left anyway he is well mad to put it best. patrick is the thick one fo the group who is the one with the most women, sally is in love with patricks thing, susan and steve are a couple and jane is by far the stupidiesdst a must wach the characeters were based on the writers steve and susan.moreless

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    I can't believe there's no more Coupling to look forward too. Bring it back, and bring Jeff back too.

    By kengkong, Sep 22, 2008

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.

    I loved this show from the first time I saw it. I've already gone through all released episodes 3 times so far and I still find it funny. I wish more was coming but that's not happening any more.moreless

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    Susan and Steven just started their relationship, so what happens when Steve's ex, Jane Susan's ex, Patrick and their best friends Jeff and Sally crash the party, watch to find out.

    By bnoblitt, Sep 04, 2008

    A hilarious show from Steven Moffat, of Doctor Who fame, this British comedy is everything that you could ask for. Often compared to Friends, this show blows friends out of the water. Since this show is from BBC, there is a bit more adult language and themes than American shows, but this makes the situations seem more real. You'll fall in love with the characters and keep coming back for more. The only problem with this show is its whacky season and episode numbers, but hey that's the BBC for you. Just track this show down and watch it you won't be disappointed.moreless

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    One of the funniest and charming British comedies.

    By Bizbeth88, Aug 31, 2008

    Ok so it misses out on a ten rating because I missed Jeff so much in S4 and Oliver just wasn't the same. But saying that I'll give it credit where credit is due, it survives losing Jeff just because Sally and Patrick, in my opinion, shine in S4. I am a huge fan of the Sally/Patrick dynamic anyway, I just love how different they are and yet how perfect for each other they are. The scene when she finds the ring and the elf song are just two of the reasons Season four can hold its own.

    Anyway enough of the Sally and Patrick loving, there are more than just the two of them that make this show hilarious. Steve's rants are just one of the many reasons I laugh my head off at this show, I love the one he does about women and throw pillows and teddies. I also, like everyone else, love Jeff and his odd ball little quirky beliefs and ideas. I guess I can't put my finger on exactly what this show does that makes me love it so - yes it makes me laugh, yes I love their friendships, yes I ADORE Patrick and Sally, but there is something more, something subtle I love about - I don't know maybe it is just something British that it has and that is why it never took off in America, and maybe it is how well casted the characters are, and how well each actor bounces off the other, but whatever it is 'Coupling' is one of my favourite things to watch when I really need a pick me up as it never loses its magic.moreless

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    Brilliant, showed once again the British can be extremely funny and produce a quality show. We just don't do it enough, up there with the likes of Men Behaving badly and The Office, but never received enough attention.

    By singionfoley, Jul 11, 2008

    Classic comedy / sitcom. Apologies for this analegy but it's apt, Coupling is sort of like the English version of friends. Six main characters, three male and three female. Get into some brilliantly scripted hijinks, sexual trysts, and unbelievably funny situations. Sarah Alexander (Susan Walker) plays the lead female role to perfection, her comic timing and believability in the role left her permanently endered to myself, well that and those strangly piercing eyes. Steve Taylor (Jack Davenport) the lead male role also played his character of the slightly dull, wet boyfriend to perfection. But the person who stole the show (Until he left and was replaced for season four was Richard Coyle (Jeff Murdock). He single handedly was responsibile for me waking up the whole house on numerous occasions laughing at his antics, the episode where he turns up at the pub forgetting he's wearing a gimps mask particularly sticks out in my mind. In fact the only bad thing I have to say about coupling is that in the last episode they have a very poor storyline invlving a Character "Jeffina" which I have to admit left a bad taste in my mouth for a while as I thought it was a particularly bad way to end the show. The rest of the cast are spot on, whoever assembled the cast knew what they were doing as they all gel perfectly. I just wish more episodes had been made.moreless

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