Courage the Cowardly Dog

Aqua-Farmer / Food of the Dragon

Season 4, Ep 9, Aired 10/25/02
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  • Episode Description
  • Aqua-Farmer: Eustace, Muriel, and Courage go to Nowhere Wet World in which they watch the famous, Jojo the dolphin perform some stunts and tricks.The dolphin is mean to Eustace and spits popcorn in his face. Eustace complains about how he can swim better than Jojo. Eustace loses the first challenge. Eustace and Jojo then make out an agreement for the next day. If Eustace would lose, Jojo could keep Muriel, in which she would have to live as a mermaid with him. Courage and Muriel give him some training at their house to get him ready. Courage eventually succeeds in making Eustace a good swimmer. Eustace ends up winning the race against Jojo, because Courage hypnotized Jojo.Food of the Dragon: Muriel and Courage make the house look like a pirate theme, Eustace isn't too thrilled about it. Muriel and Courage are dressed up in pirate clothes. The three of them eat seafood, then all of the sudden comes a dragon. He eats Eustace, and chases after Muriel and Courage. The dragon tells them he wishes he could fly, and if Courage could teach him how to fly, he would not eat them. Courage, after many attempts, tries to make him fly, but fails. The dragon doesn't want to eat them, but has no choice, so he continues to chase them through the town of Nowhere, and into the jungle. Once Courage and Muriel get to a body of water in the jungle, another dragon appears, who is friendly because he is a water dragon who just eats seafood. The other dragon finds out this water dragon is his long lost brother, and he wasn't meant to fly since he is also a water dragon. Courage, Muriel, and the two water dragons eat some seafood together. The one dragon spits out Eustace, but a bad flying dragon flies overhead and eats him again.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Arthur Anderson (II)

    Eustace (2002)

  • Marty Grabstein


  • Thea White


  • Alan Neuwirth

  • John R. Dilworth

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Muriel: Oh, Eustace, isn't it exciting?

    • Eustace: (After the dragon throws him out of his stomach) Well, it's about time!

    Notes (6)

    • "Aqua-Farmer / Food of the Dragon" was originally shown as a new episode of Courage on Scare-Toon Scare-Toon Frightdays.

    • Cartoon Network has "Food of the Dragon" listed on their website as "Feast or Fowl."

    • The segment "Food of the Dragon" says that there are two different kinds of dragons: Flying Dragons and Water Dragons. Flying dragons eat people, and water dragons eat fish.

    • Two other people were sitting in the audience: Rumpledkiltskin and the Chicken from Outer Space (unfried).

    • In "Aqua-Farmer," in the audience sits Di Lung, the Chinese Empress, Shirley, the peasant woman who appeared at the end of "The Quilt Club," Kitty, and Conway.

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    Trivia (2)

    • According to the segment "Windmill Vandals," if the windmill stops turning, vandal ghosts will attack the farmhouse. In "Food of the Dragon," the windmill fell down and obviously stopped. But the vandals didn't attack.

    • How could the Chicken from Outer Space (who was sitting in the audience in "Aqua-Farmer") be unfried if he fried himself in the "Pilot" episode?

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