Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Uncommon Cold / Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted

Season 4, Ep 4, Aired 9/27/02
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  • Episode Description
  • The Uncommon Cold: Muriel gets a terrible cold, and after a while, she sees a talking slug that wants help. Following directions, Courage and Muriel go to a swamp where there are slugs that are ruled by a snake named Big Bayou. He sheds his skin and makes the slugs make statues out of them. They say Bayou has a magic book that will free them and cure Muriel. Courage gets the book and cures Muriel. Bayou then comes after him, and he bites the book, and his venom magically makes the snake-skin statues attack him. Muriel uses her nail-file to free the slugs.Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted: It's the first day of hunting season, and Eustace goes hunting to prove he's better then his dead brother, Horace. He uses Horace's old gun, a laser gun! Courage goes with him to makes sure he's safe. Eustace spots a bunch of deer and fails to shoot them. The father deer then gets his own laser gun and goes after Eustace! Courage says he can settle this by having a game show with the deer and Eustace called, "Hunt For Knowledge." The deer wins. Eustace tries to shoot him, but instead he hits a bear's lollipop. When he asks who shot it, Eustace takes the deer's antlers and says he's a deer. But then hunters come by and think he's a deer and shoot him. His head gets mounted on a car.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Stephen Root

    Basil the Burglar

  • Ringo Starr

    Additional Characters

  • Jim Cummings

    Additional Characters

  • Mary Testa

    Shirley the Medium

  • Kath Soucie

    Additional Characters

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • This is a great episode.

    By dumb_person1, Jan 29, 2007

  • 79 omg come on this episode rules

    By diablos06, Sep 07, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (13)

    • Muriel: Courage, I need a new file, but I got them all free! Little Slug: She's one big bayou Mama!

    • Big Bayou: Oh, you get it now, child, you get it now!

    • Big Bayou: What is going on in here? (sees Courage with book) You messin' with my Bayou magic?

    • Slug: Big Bayou's magic put us here, and only Big Bayou's magic can break our shackles!

    • Big Bayou: I'll think I'll go see how all the other mes are doing. But first... (sheds skin and puts it on a pile of them)

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    Notes (4)

    • In "Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted," when the deer won in the game show, you will see the Chicken from Outer Space lose a bet to a polar bear and get eaten.

    • This is the only alive appearance of Horace Bagge, Eustace's brother.

    • Cartoon Network listed the name of this episode incorrectly on their website. They had it like this: "Uncommon Cold / Farmer Hunter / Farmer Hunted." They have now corrected this on their website.

    • The raccoons from "Campsite of Terror" are seen cheering in game show audience in "Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted."

    Trivia (6)

    • During the game show, it seems that Eustace is not very bright.

    • One slug said that only Big Bayou's magic could free them from the chains. But later, Muriel frees them with just the her file.

    • In "Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted," how could the Chicken from Outer Space be in the audience of the game show if Courage fried him in "The Chicken from Outer Space" (the pilot episode)?

    • The one slug said,"You just have to get Big Bayou's Book of Big Bayou Magic." But the front cover of the book only said, "Big Bayou's Book of Magic."

    • In "The Uncommon Cold," Big Bayou's hat was always blue. In the scene where he bites the book, the top of his hat turned red for a moment.

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