Covert Affairs "Dead" Review: Brunettes Have More Fun

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Oct 18, 2013

Covert Affairs S04E11: "Dead"

Okay, I'm done with the fixation on Piper Perabo's hair. She's a brunette now. Hurr hurr. Whatever. GIRL, YOU DON'T MIX THAT STUFF IN A METAL BOWL, THOUGH. IT CORRODES. Actually, that might just be bleach, but what the H, Annie? You can't use the crappy little plastic bottle like the rest of us? 

Covert Affairs may have let us in on the secret that Annie isn't actually D-E-D at the end of the mid-season finale just a short four weeks ago, but certain key members in Annie's life aren't in the know. Like Danielle, who I guess just isn't on this show anymore, and maybe Joan and Arthur who seemed rather at ease considering that— man, where to even start with their issues. They're holding up really well, don't you think? 

Auggie is on the DL, however, which is a definite win for those of us who are still on Team Walkerson—especially since they've gotten way less annoying in their time away. Or apart. Or something. Annie is chillin' in Europe trying to snug up to Henry Wilcox's ex-wife and Jai's ex-mom, leaving Auggie to be awesome snarky bros with Calder. I kind of love Calder these days. Therefore, I'm preparing for his inevitable death. I'll miss his sass. He has such great sass!

As is appropriate for an episode with a title as blunt as "Dead," Covert Affairs' mid-season return didn't waste any time tossing us back into the frying pan of Annie's life. There was a montage that explained what she was up to. There was some short and sweet Campbell family exposition. There was a quick and dirty intro to the Auggie/Calder bromance. ("You make a convincing asshole." <3) And there was a delightfully focused mission—the lack of which was a huge problem for me last season. Last season the feel was very much "Okay, Lena's dead, now what?" and I cried a lot and it was sad and I think I even compared Covert Affairs to Glee at least once, which is a pretty big insult, actually. 

The moral of the story is that we only have five episodes left in this season and we're still engaged with the story and we know what the story is and the story doesn't suck. Boosh!

Annie is working the Jai's-Mom-Has-It-Goin'-On angle. Calder is cozying up to Henry back stateside. Arthur is under house arrest, and Joan not only really knows how to dress that baby bump but is surprisingly pleasant for a woman who was just super-demoted to the literal bowels of the building. I know that the endgame is most likely a full return to glory/power for Joan, but her graciousness with the awkward analysts was presh. 

Unnnnfortunately, it looks like Teo is really dead for real, but I'm still going to chase that statement with a "for now" because that whole situation continues to seem kind of fishy and odd. I groaned over Annie talking about her brother,"Theo," during counseling/stalking time, but at least the show is going with the "brother" angle and not that weird half-romantic thing they had going on in the mid-season finale. If we're even calling the previous episode a "mid-season finale." FOUR WEEKS IS BARELY A HIATUS, YOU GUYS. What even happens in four weeks? I killed a basil plant and got pulled over for speeding. That's about it. What about you?

And what about Covert Affairs' return? I thought it was a solid continuation of a generally solid season so far—ignoring Annie and Auggie being gross teenagers for the first handful of episodes eew. Alright, I'm outie. Later, gators!



– So much Fight Club this week (and this season, really)! "Where's My Mind" is the song from the end of the movie, and Annie hanging out in group therapy sessions for the hell of it/to stalk Jai's mom kind of reeked of Marla Singer. She even had that "I haven't showered in two days and probably got really high before coming-here" look going on. 

– I may or may not have been yelling at Annie to just electrocute her hostage already. BAMFy Annie with questionable ethics is my favorite Annie.

– Annie's landlord! <3


– Do you have any predictions regarding the rest of the season? 

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  • JT_Kirk Oct 21, 2013

    Danielle exists only as a figment of the imagination now, and heaven help her 2 children who were erased from existence as if Marty McFly went back in time and ran over their father.

    So are we just going to ignore that Annie's plan made no sense and ended up a complete failure from the beginning, or that it only worked as a story because of a deus ex machina and even THAT went horribly, ridiculously wrong, and also Annie's inability to interrogate ended up costing a man his life? Oh, but she's also exceptionally horrible at talking to Jai's mom Sana, who figured Annie out as a spy ON THE FIRST DAY OF THEIR TALKING! WORST. SPY. EVER.

    This show is off the rails still, but at least it was interesting to watch the top spin out of control finally. I have no idea why I ended up watching this.

  • Kallenprice97 Oct 20, 2013

    I always look forward to Covert Affairs. I always enjoy them. That doesn't mean I don't have problems with portions of the story. For this episode (Dead), here's what bothered me...
    * Why would Caldwell and Auggie assume they're safe to talk? When the CIA can spy on anyone from quite a distance, and when Henry is known to be hyper paranoid, a pathological liar, and historically 2 steps ahead, it just seems careless and stupid for them to meet at all, let alone discuss their plans so openly. They should assume Henry is having them both watched. That's MY assumption.

    * I laughed at Annie's "transformation". She looked exactly the same. She even wore the same make up.

    * It's clear she got a ticket on the motorbike, intentionally, but I missed what she got out of that. Who can enlighten me?

    * I totally didn't see the jump from down and out grieving sister to super adviser. Did Annie ever tell Jai's mom she was a highly qualified analyst? That just caught me totally off guard.

    * I think it was pretty stupid of Annie to take her hostage to her apartment. Risky. Seems there were plenty of alternatives without blowing her living quarters and risk getting seen with an unconscious man. And, she knew the torture sessions would be noisy and noticed. Dumb.

    * Does anybody else think Jai's mom purposely sabotaged the interrogation? It's too coincidental that she burst out just as Annie was about to make some progress. Jai's mom is in on it with Henry. She's helping Henry exact revenge on the CIA. THAT's what the dinner visit was about. He told her what he was doing. Not sure how her fiance is involved, though.

  • Blooner Oct 20, 2013

    I assumed she got the ticket so that the cop would check her ID against the database.
    She needed a way to test her new ID, whether it would hold up against cursory inspection, and it's better to do that during a road-side stop (in case it goes sideways you can just kick the lone cop in the junk and speed off on your motorbike).

    Totally agree with Jai's mom being in on it with Henry. The whole "Keep your friends close, enemies closer" was foreshadowing

  • Finn75 Oct 19, 2013

    That stairwell fight made me think of Casino Royale and made me wonder if it was a deliberate homage to it. If so, I would have loved to see Annie go change clothes, wash off the blood and down a shot of scotch before going back to the meeting all like "Sorry....where were we?"

  • gzeigler3 Oct 19, 2013

    • This episode made me think that Covert Affairs may have snatched up some of the writers from the now-defunct Burn Notice because Annie is finally bad-a** enough to roll with Michael Weston.
    • I love her as a Brunette! I don't suppose she's a bottle-blonde because this color looks much better on her.
    • Because of the two observations above, I have dropped all of my wariness about this show. I've always deemed it implausible because of the character's naivete and the ridiculous situations. But now...Bravo Annie Walker/Jessica Matthews!! Bravo!!

  • Derpanos Oct 19, 2013

    The pacing throughout the episode was pretty remarkable. It went from one sequence to the next, without getting too caught up in one moment or another. That said, I really think Eyal should be the main character in this series, because Annie--lovable and determined as she is--makes way too many mistakes; amateur mistakes, at that. The very instance Annie suggested restraining "Goodman" to the chair, I knew he would inevitably break free, because of how...well, cheap the chair looked.

    Apparently, Teo has been confirmed as having died, which wouldn't have bothered me too much, if not for the odd manner in which it was executed. Blood loss from a gunshot wound to the leg is hard to fathom in itself within the world of television, but even worse was how Arthur didn't even ask to see the body. I thought it was extremely unusual and perhaps an indicator that Teo actually did survive the ordeal. Oh, well.

    Where does the show go from here? At some point, Henry will be exposed and Annie, validated, but then what? A new villain suddenly emerges? Doesn't seem too right, unless there's been major buildup for next season's new antagonist that I've overlooked. It better not be the Mossad.

    Piper looks hot as a brunette. That's all.

  • safibwana Oct 19, 2013

    Think back a few years to the premise of the show: "Here is a new agent, watch her make mistakes."

  • Derpanos Oct 19, 2013

    I had forgotten about that. Four seasons later, she's still making rookie mistakes.

  • LiseLotteDive Oct 19, 2013

    I want the mossad agent back,,,bring sexy back. Other than that I think this darker turn of events suits the show...and I couldn't be happier and will keep on watching.

  • nikunjdixit37 Oct 18, 2013

    Teo is dead guys. Its already been confirmed by the writers and creators of the show. I really liked the Auggie/Calder dynamic in this ep. Their team up has the potential to be really interesting to watch. I hope they play a substantial part in taking Henry down and don't just wait around for Annie to return.

  • ClassyLassie Oct 18, 2013

    Yes. Teo is dead - the producers confirmed it.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 18, 2013

    well, if he's dead, the show killed him very badly - so badly that even knowing what you said, we are still going to be hoping for him to show up any minute until the end of the season! (ugg)

  • nikunjdixit37 Oct 19, 2013

    Well then gear yourself up for disappointment. I don't see what was so bad about Teo's death. Yes, he should have had a more serious looking injury but Arthur would not have been convinced of Teo's death unless he made sure of it. I think too many viewers don't think of what happens between scenes and eps. At the end of the midseason finale, the doctor tells Arthur that Teo's dead and in this last ep, Arthur is seen in lock down. Do people really believe that he would not have gone and seen his son's dead body in the time that passed in between those two episodes. I think if Teo had been alive and had escaped from the hospital, then Arthur would have found out about it. The producers have confirmed Teo's death so unless they are deliberately lying, I see no reason to believe that Teo is alive other than wishful thinking. The same thing happened last year with Simon. He was shot but no one saw his dead body and there were lots of viewers who were convinced that he was alive even though the producers said that he was dead.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 19, 2013

    This is about building up a full grown up spy character, even making him be Arthur's son, just to kill him in an uneventful situation during the same season. That is always a waste. Nothing to do with Simon, where we were all very sorry about his death, but he had a proper arc that ended in front of our noses in a way that made sense for the story (for the most part, anyways). And yes, it is wishful thinking, one that has been provoked and instigated by the creators, that left that story end up meaningless, after so much fuzz. And just so that we are totally clear, the creators of the show don't come in the show and tell us anything, you have to go and read about it elsewhere. So whatever they say doesn't make the story any better or more credible. That is a strong sign that they are doing something wrong if they have to complete the gaps during interviews! So I can be disappointed now, or just let Teo stay alive somewhere else, where he belongs, because otherwise I might need to just spit on Covert Affairs right now and go watch something else. That's my choice to make.

  • safibwana Oct 19, 2013

    Oh, my prediction for Calder is 3 episodes. To put the lie to my earlier statement there WAS the bionic woman, but I blinked and she was gone.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 19, 2013

    safibwana, in my opinion you have 1 good point, so let's go for that one and leave the rest: I am also tired that there are only male spies in this show! I am certain that Annie could put her heart at rest for a couple of seasons at least... but ok, even if they are only males, at least can somebody please let us have some spy alive, so that this can be an actual spies show? Annie will be fine, really, and she could use some competitors or friends or double agents, such as Eyal. How long do you think that Coulder will stay alive, exactly...?

  • safibwana Oct 19, 2013

    They didn't build up a full gron spy character. He was in a handful of episodes and hadn't earned an on=screen death yet. I'm noticing mostly girls wondering if he could still be alive, probably because he's attractive, whereas guys recognize he was just a guest character whose number of episodes went out, I'm sure I'll be just as oblivious next time a pretty girl guest stars. Oh wait, that won't happen, because Annie only ever meets sexy male spies.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 19, 2013

    oh come on, what canon? what convoluted piece of writing? it wouldn't even need to be as "convoluted" as the one that brought Annie to life from a "dead" situation, since they wouldn't need to show any of it - happened a million times and would happen another million. This guy was already a deep undercover agent! He can be anyone! It did serve its purpose for you? I think this show really needs more characters that are spies, and instead,keeps killing them all. Jay, Simon, even Leena, and now also Teo. We are always stuck with the stupid Wilcox father, though. It's like the show is worried that Annie would have too much competition around if there are more young spies or something. Was there ever another young female spy? Nah, but we prefer the crazy plot of Wilcox revenge on Arthur, because that makes a lot of sense and it is something we all need to worry about and is not "convoluted" at all. Now, THAT is an attitude that I have a problem with.

  • nikunjdixit37 Oct 19, 2013

    Well its your choice whether to like the creator's decisions or not. Its your choice whether to continue watching or not. I honestly don't think it was such an important thing to show Teo dying in front of our eyes. For me, I loved the scene of the doctor telling Arthur that Teo died with while Henry is talking about vengeance. It really gives the sense that Henry beat Arthur. I never had any doubt that Teo was dead. I thought his character had served its purpose. Which is why I find it confusing why others had such a problem buying his death. Its one thing to like a character and wish he was not dead and its another thing to blindly ignore the simple canon. I have no problem with the former but I disagree with the latter attitude. It would take a highly convoluted piece of writing to make Teo alive from the situation we saw in the midseason finale.

  • Llostris Oct 18, 2013

    First of all - Annie, Auggie and Joan are back!!! YAY!!! (ok, I know it was just 4 weeks break but Covert Affairs is one of my favorite shows and I need Piper Perabo in my life)

    1. Since Annie joined the brunette club (even if that's a temporary thing) I can finally identify with her. Yay!!!

    2. Lily - I can't understand either why Annie can't use the crappy little plastic bottle.

    3. I loved how Annie kicked that guy's ass. She's definitely more dark side then light side these days. She even tortures people! Girl, you're all grown up now!

    4. For me "Where's My Mind" will always be the song from the last minutes of the 4400 series final :(

    5. Bring back Theo dammit!!! :(

    Theo > Auggie > Simon > Eyal

    6. Looks like Calder joined Team Annie for good :)

    7. We can already see Joan's belly. That baby is quickly growing.

    My prediction - Annie is going to kill Henry in the season's final.

    Thanks for review MaryAnn! As always I can't wait for next episode.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 18, 2013

    Annie looks good as a brunette but I didn't understand the hair extensions thing... where did she put those exactly...? Because she looks like just the same hair but dark...

  • gzeigler3 Oct 19, 2013

    The extensions were longer than her actual hair. So she's rocking a darker, longer, curlier look, which I absolutely love. I've been bad-mouthing the Covert Affairs hair & makeup team all summer - until now. Before she "died" her hair looked like it had died first.

  • ElisaDiaz Oct 19, 2013

    I would have to check again if it was longer... I thought they would give her volume, since they were from the roots, but she had the same volume afterwards. What is great is that dark hair makes her look tougher and it goes well with the situation.

  • gzeigler3 Oct 20, 2013

    Yes, it does make her look tougher.

  • chris21fl Oct 18, 2013

    It was great way to get back into the thick of a pretty good season.
    Annie looks awesome as a brunette. Well she would look awesome with any hair color.
    I really hope Teo is still alive too. I kinda liked him. But I still would rather Annie and Auggie be together than Annie and Teo.
    I do love the Auggie/Calder bromance/shenanigans. It's gonna be fun watching them work together to bring down Henry. Although I too believe it will end with Calder dying.
    Henry is such a slimy asshole. Gregory Itzin plays such a good bad guy.

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