Cow and Chicken

Cow's Horse / Cow's a Beauty / Piano Lessons

Season 4, Ep 10, Aired 6/18/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Cow's Horse: Cow loves horses. While reading a book about a famous horse, Blackie, she discovers the famous horse in her front yard. Cow and Chicken then take the horse as their new friend. Cow and Chicken make sure that Blackie gets his way. Soon Mom and Dad tire living like animals and wearing horse shoes, and tell Cow and Chicken that Blackie has to go. Cow's A Beauty: Red Guy shows up at Cow and Chicken's house, claiming to be a beauty pagent scout. He then dolls up Cow, and enters her into the next beauty pagent. While Cow literally makes a mochrie up on stage, she wins anyway with her inner beauty. Cow then discovers that it was all a scam so Red Guy could wear the tiarara, and hold the roses, at least just once. Piano Lessons: Red Guy shows up at Cow and Chicken's house again, this time claiming to be a piano teacher. So now Cow and Chicken are his students, and tries to make them child-prodigy piano players, so he can be rich. Cow and Chicken's concert fail, and he starts banging his head on the piano, which amazingly, amazes the audience, and Red Guy is named a great piano player.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ron Myrick

  • David Feiss

  • Bill Reed

  • Rumen Petkov

  • Candi Milo


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Red Guy: OK gals this is piano boot camp, I'm going to turn you hairless grandmothers into pianists if it's the last thing i do.

    • Red Guy: Hello I'm a Sales Man

    Notes (2)

    • Red Guy shouted out "What's the damn problem!" Surprisingly, the censors didn't block this word even if they have censored similar phrases in the past.

    • The last three episodes aired after Cartoon Network took I am Weasel off, and gave it it's own half-hour show. The rest of the episodes were supposed to air this way: 49. "Cow's Horse"/"Red Butler"/(IMW)"The Baboon's Paw" 50. Cow's A Beauty"/"Piano Lessons"/(IMW)"The Sackless Games" 51. Duck, Duck Chicken"/"The Great Pantzini"/(IMW)"Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken?" 52. "The Cow and Chicken Blues"/"The Ballad of Cow and Chicken"/(IMW)"I Are Good Salesman"

    Trivia (3)

    • Unusually in the episode "Piano Lessons" everyone loves the Red Guy. This is because of the way he plays the piano. (smacking the keys with his face)

    • During the episode "Piano Lessons" The Red Guy wears a black and white striped t shirt. However when he falls asleep after trying to hypnotise Cow and Chicken his T shirt is just plain white.

    • The Red Guy's Roles: Sonja, Blackie's Trainer, Butz Galore, Piano Teacher

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