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    90s Cartoon Network

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Few ep (02-03)

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    Wow, this show is just screwed up.

    By fosterfan123, Oct 29, 2013

    This show is not bad, but man is it screwed up. It's about a cow and a chicken who are siblings going on adventures with their nerdy human friends. But the devil is always trying to get them into trouble. Also their parents are human legs. I know, I sound like a mental patient but I'm not kidding. This is actually the show's plot.

    This show is one of the more weaker cartoon cartoons in my opinion, BUT that doesn't mean it's bad. It's actually enjoyable. That is if you're into sick, twisted and non sensical humour. So maybe, this show is not for everybody.

    But I'd rather watch this show than all the crap they put on CN nowadays.

    Overall, a decent show......... a sick, disgusting, screwed up but still decent show.moreless

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    By finnysohr, Mar 30, 2013

    This show lasted 2 seasons in 26 eps. Season 1 had 10, Seaosn 2 had 16. This show is sibling to IM weasel.

    Season 1 (1995 - 1996) Good.. 7/10

    Season 2 (1996 - 1998) 10/10

    Year summary:

    1995: Fair beginning (eps 101 - 105)

    1996: (eps 106 - 110) Going on to season 2 (eps 201 - 202)

    1997: Great. (eps 203 - 212)

    1998: LAST OF SHOW (213 - 216)

    Good show

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    Gay Related Cartoon. WTC??

    By 2006retro, Feb 17, 2013

    I think the man who created this program is a somewhat lesbian artist because I can never think of another artist that can animated characters that would constantly cross- dress. Such as female characters are wearing boy's underwear and that Red Guy transvestites constantly, acts as one sex to another and referring males as females (it makes me wonder if he is a lesbian). "The Buffalo Gals" episode got busted and shelved for spazzing out homosexuality. The new show called "Adventure Time" has characters that acted so gay and one episode revealed that Princess Bubblegum and that vampire chick are lesbians, which made that episode infamous.moreless

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    A cartoon for stoners

    By cartoonlover4, Sep 06, 2012

    This show is so boring not to mention its disgusting. Also, the writers were to lazy to explain the characters' backstories. Why does the red guy hate chicken so mush, NEVER EXPLAINED. how can cow and chicken be related and have human birth parents, NEVER EXPLAINED. The plots make no sense at all and it feels like David Fiess was to stoned to put any effort into this show. Overall, I'm glad this show got canceled and is one of the shows that made Cartoon cartooon fridays suck.moreless

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  • 7.0

    It's stupid, but HILARIOUS!

    By Frisby2007, Jul 13, 2012

    I remember when I used to watch this show, my whole family considered it 'duddy'! And you know what, they're right! This show is practically, & arguably ***ed. It's not even appropriate for kids (they eat pork butts). But you know what? As stupid as the show is, it is hilarious!

    I watched an old episode of this show (the one where Cow gets a pet fly) a few months back, & I was cracking up throughout the majority of it. I seriously never realized how hilarious this show really was, & as disturbing as it is as well.

    The animation stands out, the characters are blatant idiots, but funny idiots, & has some very disturbing things that are still NOT appropriate for kids.

    Overall, the show is stupid, but it is loaded with tons of hilarious scenes that will definitely make you crack up, even if you find the show ***ed.

    "Supercpw al rescate!! Ayayayayayay!!"moreless

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  • 4.7

    I thought it was going to be funny...

    By az_0k, Jan 07, 2012

    Since it's not an anime, I don't need to be that critical. Now I loved this show, along with I Am Weasel, when I was 7. I still remember the days when they showed it on CN everyday at 4pm. Then I switched to animes. In fact, I almost forgot about this show completely until last week when I saw it somewhere on the Internet. I decided to find an episode on youtube, and expected it to be funny. It was not. I found the jokes kinda immature, even the gross scenes which always made me laugh when I was young didn't strike me as funny but only gross. It's probably because I'm not a kid anymore. But I sure had a lot of fun with this show back then.moreless

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    i think David feiss has something to do with butts in this show

    By BareDerriere, Sep 05, 2011

    I used to watch this series when i was a child and i was always confused by the behavior of the red guy of why doesn't he wear pants and why does he love to show his butt and i noticed a lot of people's butt crack was always showing like flem always has his butt crack showing from his pants and earl some times i was so young but i got an inspiration from him i became to love to show my butt too in public it is so great it is such a turn on when i show my butt crack i usually wear short shirts and a loose low rise jeans and walk in the street with half or more of my butt showing if i didn't have a penis i would have walked pantsless like him .

    he is just so beautiful! i just love how he enjoy his butt andmoreless

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  • 8.5

    A really funny show that was obviously influenced by Ren & Stimpy.

    By CartoonKing50, Sep 05, 2011

    "Cow and Chicken" is Cartoon Network's 5th original series. It premiered in 1997 and ended in 1999. Like most of the Cartoon Cartoons, this one started out as shorts on CN's 2nd show, the animation anthology series "What A Cartoon!" in 1995. This show revolved around Chicken, a smart-mouthed, trouble-making chicken. Cow, a happy, girly, dim-witted cow. To me they seem like a mixture of Ren & Stimpy, and Dexter & Dee Dee. I have no idea what the heck was going on David Feiss's mind when he made this show. It's one of the craziest cartoons ever. Some examples of insanity, and surrealism in this show are:

    -Cow and Chicken are siblings, and their parents are human.

    -One of their favorite foods is a pig's butt, wich they call pork butts.

    -The Red Guy (The Devil in the pilot) runs around naked, and acts proud of it.

    And much more, but this show was hilarious for the craziness. I can see Feiss was trying to mimic the animation style of John Kricfalusi (creator of "The Ren & Stimpy Show"). I enjoyed the "I Am Weasel" segments as well. I.R. Baboon was the funniest idiot character since Stimpson J. Cat. But when Weasel got his own spin-off show it seemed a little...... mediocre.

    It's not as good as the show it was ifluenced by (Ren & Stimpy), but it was one of Cartoon Network's funniest shows. Chicken, Cousin Bone-Less and Red Guy were the best characters. Charlie Adler did a great job voicing those three along with Cow. "Cow and Chicken" was a fun show that was a little gross sometimes, and haters of surreal, and absurd humor may not enjoy it, but it was very funny, had great animation, hilarious characters, and a fair amount of insanity, wich all made it a great cartoon, and one of CN's bests. I reccomend it to fans of "2 Stupid Dogs", "The Ren & Stimpy Show", "Dexter's Laboratory", "Courage the Cowardly Dog", and "Invader Zim".

    Rating: 85% "Great"

    -Cartoon Kingmoreless

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