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    lolololol cow and chicken

    By JoshDench, May 12, 2015

    The episodes were so bizarre i was confused watching this as a kid but its ridiculousness made it awesome.

    Momma had a chicken momma had a cow. Dad was proud be didn't care how hahahaha so funny

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    The Apex of Perversion

    By twoodler, Dec 07, 2014

    Is there anyone who actually believes this is for kids? Each episode more twisted than the last. Stretched out nostrils, vulgar appendages, everything has pimples or ass/cleavage cracks, everyone & everything is a stone freak. Pretty much like real life far as I can tell! Even if they weren't stretching it as far past just gross as possible to way, waay over the top, Charlie Adler's voice alone would have me in stitches. It would figure this delightfully disgusting cartoon is beyond these dullards, but it was never really for you in the first place, was it?moreless

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    Ya see?

    By NostalgiaFaggot, Aug 05, 2014

    This is how you give a cow udders! Not like Black to the Barnyard! Those udders looks so fake, I wanted to barf! But this show is good because it's not a dumb late 2000s show!

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    90s Cartoon Network

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Few ep (02-03)

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    Wow, this show is just screwed up.

    By fosterfan123, Oct 29, 2013

    This show is not bad, but man is it screwed up. It's about a cow and a chicken who are siblings going on adventures with their nerdy human friends. But the devil is always trying to get them into trouble. Also their parents are human legs. I know, I sound like a mental patient but I'm not kidding. This is actually the show's plot.

    This show is one of the more weaker cartoon cartoons in my opinion, BUT that doesn't mean it's bad. It's actually enjoyable. That is if you're into sick, twisted and non sensical humour. So maybe, this show is not for everybody.

    But I'd rather watch this show than all the crap they put on CN nowadays.

    Overall, a decent show......... a sick, disgusting, screwed up but still decent show.moreless

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    By finnysohr, Mar 30, 2013

    This show lasted 2 seasons in 26 eps. Season 1 had 10, Seaosn 2 had 16. This show is sibling to IM weasel.

    Season 1 (1995 - 1996) Good.. 7/10

    Season 2 (1996 - 1998) 10/10

    Year summary:

    1995: Fair beginning (eps 101 - 105)

    1996: (eps 106 - 110) Going on to season 2 (eps 201 - 202)

    1997: Great. (eps 203 - 212)

    1998: LAST OF SHOW (213 - 216)

    Good show

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    Gay Related Cartoon. WTC??

    By 2006retro, Feb 17, 2013

    I think the man who created this program is a somewhat lesbian artist because I can never think of another artist that can animated characters that would constantly cross- dress. Such as female characters are wearing boy's underwear and that Red Guy transvestites constantly, acts as one sex to another and referring males as females (it makes me wonder if he is a lesbian). "The Buffalo Gals" episode got busted and shelved for spazzing out homosexuality. The new show called "Adventure Time" has characters that acted so gay and one episode revealed that Princess Bubblegum and that vampire chick are lesbians, which made that episode infamous.moreless

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    A cartoon for stoners

    By cartoonlover4, Sep 06, 2012

    This show is so boring not to mention its disgusting. Also, the writers were to lazy to explain the characters' backstories. Why does the red guy hate chicken so mush, NEVER EXPLAINED. how can cow and chicken be related and have human birth parents, NEVER EXPLAINED. The plots make no sense at all and it feels like David Fiess was to stoned to put any effort into this show. Overall, I'm glad this show got canceled and is one of the shows that made Cartoon cartooon fridays suck.moreless

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    It's stupid, but HILARIOUS!

    By Frisby2007, Jul 13, 2012

    I remember when I used to watch this show, my whole family considered it 'duddy'! And you know what, they're right! This show is practically, & arguably ***ed. It's not even appropriate for kids (they eat pork butts). But you know what? As stupid as the show is, it is hilarious!

    I watched an old episode of this show (the one where Cow gets a pet fly) a few months back, & I was cracking up throughout the majority of it. I seriously never realized how hilarious this show really was, & as disturbing as it is as well.

    The animation stands out, the characters are blatant idiots, but funny idiots, & has some very disturbing things that are still NOT appropriate for kids.

    Overall, the show is stupid, but it is loaded with tons of hilarious scenes that will definitely make you crack up, even if you find the show ***ed.

    "Supercpw al rescate!! Ayayayayayay!!"moreless

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