Cowboy Bebop

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)
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  • S 1 : Ep 27

    Knockin' on Heaven's Door

    Aired 9/3/05

  • S 1 : Ep 26

    The Real Folk Blues, Part II

    Aired 11/25/01

  • S 1 : Ep 25

    The Real Folk Blues, Part I

    Aired 11/18/01

  • S 1 : Ep 24

    Hard Luck Woman

    Aired 11/18/01

  • S 1 : Ep 23

    Brain Scratch

    Aired 11/11/01

  • Cast & Crew
  • Wendee Lee

    Faye Valentine

  • Steven Jay Blum

    Spike Spiegel

  • Beau Billingslea

    Jet Black

  • Melissa Fahn

    Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

  • Unshou Ishizuka

    Jet Black [J]

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  • show Description
  • Cowboy Bebop is an action-drama anime that centres around four bounty hunters and their dog. It first premiered when Cartoon Network launched a block of cartoons aimed at older audiences called [Adult Swim] on Sunday September 2nd, 2001. Japanese Title: 「カウボーイ・ビバップ」 Characters: Spike Speigel, Age 27: The protagonist of the series in which most of the show revolves around. He once belonged to a syndicate called the Red Dragons, but left for his own reasons. He now spends his time bounty hunting. Unfortunately, he finds his past starting to catch up with him. Jet Black, Age 36: The oldest member of the crew and owner of the star ship Bebop. He once worked for the I.S.S.P (Inter-Solar System Police), but left because of corruption. He is also known as the "Black Dog". Faye Valentine, Age 23: A master con-artist, Faye is a drifter with a mysterious past who just happened to come across the Bebop. There is a very large price on her head due to a massive amount of money that she owes to creditors. Beautiful, smart, and cunning, she is definitely one to keep both eyes on. Edward Wong Hau Pepalu Tivrusky IV, Age 13: The youngest member of the bunch. Ed is the genius, if somewhat bizarre, hacker that rounds out the Bebop. She is pretty silly and not really up there at times, though she is still a valuable member of the team. b>Ein: Ein, a welsh-corgi, was once a lab animal. As a test subject, his brain has been greatly enhanced. Due to this, he is actually smarter then the rest of the Bebop crew. Most of the time you'll see him hanging around with Ed during the series. Japanese Airdates While three episodes of Cowboy Bebop did not air on [Adult Swim] during the series first run on the network (see below under "Episodes"), more than half of Bebop, fourteen episodes in all, did not air during its first run in Japan on TV Tōkyō (Japanese: テレビ東京) in late spring of 1998. Cowboy Bebop was acquired in the summer by WOWOW Network and broadcast in its entirety in late 1998 and early 1999.moreless

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  • Quotes (218)

    • Jet: Hey Spike! It's Ready! Spike: I'm just about finished. What's cookin'? Jet: Special. Bell Peppers and Beef.

    • Jet: (Listening to Spike whistle) Nice tune. Real easy.

    • Laughing Bull: The swimming bird will meet a woman. The bird will be hunted by this woman. And then...death. Spike: One more time... Laughing Bull: What's that? Spike: I was killed once before. By a woman. Laughing Bull: You take women too lightly, my friend. Spike: On the contrary.

    • Spike: You know, it's better to just leave the water running. So you don't clog the drain.

    • Spike: I'm just an old fashioned cowboy.

    • Spike: Your boyfriend is sick; he’s a small fry. I don’t bother with his type. Katrina: A wise decision. (Katrina looks to her right) Asimov (throttles Spike from behind): Now who’s the small fry?!

    • Jet (looking down at Spike, who is only half-conscious): Having ourselves a little nap, huh? Spike: I had a sweet dream. Jet: That's heart warming!

    • Katrina: (as her last words) Adios, cowboy.

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    Notes (151)

    • Actor Commentary In the Remix Volume 1 DVD extra, Japanese voice actors Kouichi Yamadera (Spike) and Unshou Ishizuka (Jet) provide audio commentary on this episode and the effect of the series on their careers. They talk about related projects, the three old guys, and some of their ad-libs.

    • Original Japanese Airdate (WOWOW): October 23rd, 1998.

    • On the Remix version, the producers neglect to put up the title in English for the preview of "Stray Dog Strut".

    • This is the only episode where a character does not say the name of the next episode during the preview.

    • This episode is the first appearance of the three old men Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim, but not the last. They show up from time to time, just happening to be in the same place at the same time as the Bebop crew.

    • When Spike helps Katrina pick up her groceries, with the exception of the hotdog in his mouth, everything is some kind of chocolate or cocoa product.

    • Throughout the 2000 DVD releases of CB, it is listed on numerous internet shop sites that the 2000 and not the 2004 editions of the series have deleted scenes. This refers to the footage that was edited from the series when it aired on network television.

    • The handgun Jet Black uses throughout the series is a Walther P99.

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    Trivia (45)

    • The place "Zona Norte" mentioned by Laughing Bull is actually the real life red-light district of Tijuana.

    • The drug "Red-Eye" in this episode may be a reference to the fatigue and eye aggravation of an overnight airline flight, which is commonly referred to as a "red-eye flight".

    • Jet: Speaking of beef, they say in TJ, the carnitas are out of this world. Although carnitas are strongly associated with pork, they can also be made out of beef / chuck roast. They are only mentioned in the English dub.

    • When Spike talks to Laughing Bull, a Playstation can be seen on the floor.

    • At the very end of the episode, when Jet comes to tell Spike he has finished dinner, Jet is holding a nearly finished cigarette. When he sends it floating to Spike and Spike catches it, the cigarette has become much longer.

    • The store owner tells Spike that Ein is worth about 2 woolongs.

    • When a picture with data of Hakim is shown on the "Big Shot for the Bounty Hunters", the data says that he is 6 foot 2 inches, but on the measuring screen behind him he reaches to just above 2 meters, which is around 6 foot and 7 inches

    • Kanji on side of Space Gate structure: 龍門 (Ryūmon) - Dragon Gate.

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    Allusions (68)

    • "Asteroid Blues": El Mariachi This whole episode is an homage to the Robert Rodriguez El Mariachi series and the later Desperado movie. Asimov is the Antonio Banderas character El Mariachi and Katrina is the Salma Hayek character Carolina. Plus, the episode takes place in a desert, western setting like Desperado.

    • Cowboy Bebop: Lupin the Third The main cast of Cowboy Bebop is modeled after the classic anime Lupin the Third. Spike is Lupin and Jet looks almost exactly like Jigen. Other characters shown later will also resemble those from Lupin the Third.

    • Spike Spiegel: Bruce Lee/Johnny Woo In terms of fighting style, the use of Jeet Kun Do, Spike has similar qualities of both Bruce Lee and Johnny Woo.

    • Three "Gate Diggers": Antonia Carlos Jobim The three old men's names are Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim. They take their names from Antonio Carlos Jobim, a famous Brazilian songwriter.

    • Albert Einstein: Ein the data-dog is an allusion to physicist Albert Einstein. This can be concluded because Ein is a unusually smart dog.

    • The pursuing dog catcher truck has a license plate number of NC-1702, which is similar to NCC-1701, the serial number of the Enterprise in Star Trek.

    • In the Japanese version, the doctor mentions that the briefcase is big enough to carry a small woman inside. This is an in-reference to Sunrise's sister series, Outlaw Star, released earlier that year in 1998. Melfina, a teenage girl, is found inside a large briefcase early in the series.

    • On the DVD case for the Remix editon, the title of the episode is listed as Stray Cat Strut.

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