Crime Story

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Quotes (4)

  • Al Capone: Handwritten sign in Torello's office: You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can get with a kind word alone.

  • Steadman: Who are you? Who do you work for? Luca: Let's look at it this way, Mr. Steadman. There's an angel perched on your shoulder. We're looking after you, that's all. Steadman: Look, I was part of building this union. I stood on picket lines, I froze, I fought scabs--and dozens of punks like you. This union works for its membership. You got something to take up with it? You pay your dues, you do the job. And it's not for sale to no lowlifes. And I don't need anybody looking after me. Now you get out of here before you are carried out.

  • Torello (to hotel clerk): Now, listen. My wife and I are here to have a nice vacation. Either you accommodate us, or I'm going to knock you into the middle of next Wednesday.

  • Walter: This is the law that prevails all over the land! You're all under arrest!

Notes (10)

  • Miles Davis appears in the jazz club scene.

  • The episode ends with Hector's arrest and as usual comes the "To Be Continued" caption even though there was no follow-up to Hector's arrest.

  • This is the first episode which does not end with "To Be Continued".

  • It is on the season one DVD set as the last episode of disk 2. There are conflicted reports as to if this episode ever aired. Some sites list the airdate as 12/05/1986. Some say it never aired.

  • Al Kooper is credited as "Guy who picks music for the show".

  • Del Shannon's name appears on one of the Las Vegas marquees.

  • This is the last show to be filmed on location in Chicago.

  • Torello and his team don't appear in this episode.

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Trivia (7)

  • All the 1959 Fords the team drive have 1964 Ford poverty hubcaps. Also during the series run, you can clearly see many post 1963 cars in the background.

  • John Santucci, who played mobster and safecracker Pauli Taglia, was, in his real past, a notorious jewel thief. The museum score depicted in the pilot episode was based on a real heist in which Santucci participated. In his previous career Santucci had been arrested by both Adamson and Farina.

  • Before becoming an actor, Dennis Farina was a member of the Chicago police department, as was series creator Chuck Adamson. The two were partners in Chicago's Central Investigative Unit, the real-life counterpart to the "Major Crimes Unit" in the series. In 2004, Farina joined the cast of Law & Order; his character transferred to the NYPD from Chicago.

  • Julia Roberts appeared as a juvenile rape victim in this episode. It was her first TV appearance.

  • Deborah Harry appeared in the second to last episode of season 1, "Top Of The World", as the girlfriend of mobster Ray Luca. She did not sing.

  • Kevin Spacey appeared in second season premiere as a crusading, Kennedy-esque Senator. This was his first television appearance.

  • A Haagen Dazs sign is visible in this episode.